Stick War 3 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v2022.1.2235

Stick War 3 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v2022.1.2235

Updated on Monday, June 5th, 2023

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Stick War 3
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Download Stick war 3 to play for free – Strategy HOT game 

Following the success of Stick War: Legacy, Stick War 2, Stick War 3 is an upgraded version with many extremely attractive new features.

The most prominent of this tactical stick war 3 online game is that the players can participate in the 2v2 group war, inviting friends to join. Single players with friends will face random opponents that make for much more drama and fun for the players.

A brief introduction to the game stick war 3 online

A brief introduction to the game stick war 3 online
A brief introduction to the game stick war 3 online

Here will introduce some features of the hit strategy stick war 3 online game like such a game.

Introducing Stick War 3

There are quite a lot of game apk mod genres combined with pretty good staging, fighting and building genres that are only available on mobile.

If you want to find a hybrid game like this, but with cheerful graphics and witty gameplay, you should prioritize Stick War 3.

But in fact, what brings the appeal to this seemingly joking game lies in another small factor.


Name: Stick War 3

Package Name: com.maxgames.stickwar3

Game Publisher: Max Games Studios

Genre: Strategy

MOD Features: Free Summon, Unlimited Money in battle

Version: 2022.1.246

Size: 140M

Price: FREE

Requirements: Android

Interesting experiences only in stick war 3 appvn

Interesting experiences only in stick war 3 appvn
Interesting experiences only in stick war 3 appvn

There will be no stick war 3 appvn game that will have the interesting experience of this game somewhere, so if there’s something interesting, let’s find out with!

Building a strong base

In parallel with the fact that you have to line up, and then fight, the stick war 3 ios game also has a pretty good task for the player: Build a base depending on the status quo of the armies.

This is also a place for you to withdraw when you are at a disadvantage in battle, also a place to gather troops, recruit and train new soldiers or upgrade weapons for all teams. own army. The more bases you have, the more opportunities you have to turn the tide of the battle.

Game mode

Stick War 3 has a total of 3 game modes: campaign, tournament and countless zombies. Play campaign suitable for all new players. The game screen will be designed from easy to difficult with specific instructions. The rewards of this game are also very generous.

In Tournament play, each player will fight in turn based on the battle tables. The final winner will be the champion. The battle in the tournaments is also quite difficult and is usually for all of you who are more familiar with the game.

The Zombie mode is also countless and will spin you like a cricket. Each night, the players will only have a certain number of soldiers and have to arrange the smartest array to be able to participate in fighting the zombie army that has flooded more and more. And these modes will help you feel more interesting, not too boring.

>>> how to download stick war 3 beta

>>> how to download stick war 3 on computer

>>> how to download stick war 3 on phone

What does the free-to-play version of the game Stick War 3 MOD APK have?

The graphics are simple but very characteristic
The graphics are simple but very characteristic

This is a pretty good question, and below will also answer the question of this answer.

MOD features

After downloading the new version, in addition to the MOD feature, such a new version will have a lot of features worth experiencing when participating in this game, which are features such as:

Unlimited money

Infinite Diamonds

Unlimited Soldiers

The graphics are simple but very characteristic

Stick war 3 free to play has a pretty simple stickman graphic style. However, the game will also feature more maps for settings such as deserts, hills, coasts, and glaciers. Besides, the game also has many more unique skins that can be customized for your army. The effects and all combat skills will also be vividly described, making every match more exciting than ever. In addition, the sound of the game is also quite great, contributing to providing an endless source of inspiration for all gamers.

The character system of the game is very diverse

Just like in the previous two parts, Stick War 3 will give gamers a super diverse character class system. In it, it can be mentioned that all the most typical character classes such as archers, miners, healers, kings, and magicians.

Each character class will have very different advantages and disadvantages, determining their advantages on the battlefield. Besides, the skill effects of the characters are also very different, giving a very different feeling and also very very unique.

For example, archers will have their offensive weapons attack with bows and arrows, mages will have scepters and with it all the amazing magical skills, warriors for sure. will hold a knife.

>>> Also you can refer to Game Kingdom Rush You will take the role of commanding an entire army, starting to build defensive fortresses scattered along the roads leading to your walls, so that you can prepare for a clash between all the enemies. The attacking enemy troops want to flood inside your walls.!


Stick War 3 MOD APK will be extremely interesting and also a new experience for players who are really fans of the Stick War game. This is also a chance for all of you to demonstrate your strategic skills and all the experience you have in all the really intense strategic battles.

Gather armies of all different classes and send them to the battlefield through a variety of extremely new unique settings. You should also know how to diversify your squad so that you can surprise your opponents and also win high positions on the leaderboard.

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Stick War 3 v2022.1.2235

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