League of Stickman APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v6.1.6

League of Stickman APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v6.1.6

Updated on Thursday, June 8th, 2023

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League of Stickman
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Android 4.1

Hack Stickman – Attractive role-playing game

Hack of Stickman is known as an attractive fighting action game, released by Dream Sky. Coming to this game, you will be transformed into the same heroic characters as League of Legends. In particular, with the hack version of stickman battle fight full character Mod Unlimited Money, you will comfortably fight and upgrade your character without hesitation. Visit apkmody.biz to download the free mod version.

Introducing Hack of Stickman

General introduction to stickman hack
General introduction to stickman hack

Hack of Stickman is currently a popular fighting action APK MOD Game  on mobile. Based on the inherent characteristics of the MOBA series, the publisher Dream Sky has successfully created this game. Join the game, you will be able to choose your favorite hero and start participating in an extremely attractive battle.

Along the way, you will encounter many strange monsters. At first, they seem very docile. However, as time goes on, their power increases. Take off the mantle of honesty and they will attack you. Each type of monster will have its own pros and cons. Therefore, you need to skillfully attack to not be defeated. In addition to basic attacks, players can use 4 combat skills to damage enemies.

Many players believe that hack stickman battle fight full character is a game based on League of Legends. However, this statement is completely incorrect. Because the gameplay of these two game series is very different. If LOL has a MOBA style and is played on a computer, LOS is the ultimate fighting game series played on a phone horizontal screen.

Highlights of Hack of Stickman

Highlights of stickman hack
Highlights of stickman hack

Attractive gameplay

Hack of Stickman is a game built based on the law of fighting against the horizontal screen. At the beginning of the game, you will be playing a stickman hero to participate in battles. Each character will be equipped with 4 different skills. Depending on the difficulty of each level, you can adjust and use it flexibly. By all means, you need to survive and become the ultimate winner.

Besides, hack stickman battle fight 2021 has a lot of diverse fighting features, and satisfies the needs of players in the development process. Double-Hits and Levitation and Deadly Combos will be fiery arenas that help you fight people around the world or join them to conquer challenges.

Exciting game mode

Coming to how to hack a stickman game, you don’t have to worry about boredom. Hack of Stickman Mod APK will bring you 5 very special game modes. The difficulty of these game modes will increase gradually with the level. Not too harsh, players will experience from easy to difficult.

  • Daily Mode: The mode will be unlocked for players after chapter 3.
  • Campaign mode: Provides 4 new levels.
  • Event Raid mode: Brings 3 main options for players: event size, mission and arena.
  • Challenge Mode: Added 2 new types of experience: world boss and endless mode.
  • Ranked mode: Fight and upgrade your character to participate in the exciting ranked race.

Special character system

The hero character system in Hack of Stickman Mod is built based on the idea of ​​​​the LOL game series. However, with a special stick figure, this game has proven its own style. It can be seen that the characters in the game are extremely diverse. Players can freely choose options according to their own preferences.

Hack of Stickman has many heroes with different skills and powers. However, you will not be able to own them all at the beginning, but have to unlock them gradually. Initially, you will experience the hero Gus for free. After that, you need to collect more gems to recruit the next heroes. The hero system in the game includes: Athy, Bm, Santa Claus, Zack, Taoist, Rose, Pulse Girl, Samurai, Raven, Fish, Sven, Bane, Spatula, Ninja, Monkey, …

The truth is that the generals are available in the shop and you can buy them with money or diamonds depending on the adaptive strength. With the stronger champion, the more skills, the more stars, the more expensive.

You can earn money by conquering clones or many other activities. As for the generals with a higher number of stars, the player must use diamonds to own them. So how to earn more diamonds? Of course, diamonds will be harder to earn than gold, but you can absolutely collect them through watching ads or doing quests to receive more of this rare gem.

Equip a variety of weapons

Equipping weapons and support items for heroes is essential. Through this operation, you will help your hero become stronger. Each character will have unique equipment requirements. Therefore, players need to learn carefully to choose the right equipment. At that time, the strength of the heroes will be maximized, helping you to open combat easily.

Eye-catching graphics

Hack of stickman a 1.2.7 possesses an extremely eye-catching 2D graphics platform. All images of hero characters, weapons, items, etc. are depicted realistically and vividly. The image of the stickman character is probably the most special highlight of this game. Besides, the effects of skills are also meticulously elaborated. In particular, the sound emitted from the action scenes is very catchy.

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Today's top fighting game
Today’s top fighting game

If you are looking for a top fighting game on your phone, then Hack of Stickman is a suggestion. Join the fierce battle and destroy all the monsters to protect the world today. Download the Hack of Stickman MOD APK version at apkmody.biz to experience the extremely attractive unlimited money/gems version. Easy to play game, easy to earn gold coins and unlimited character upgrades. Don’t wait any longer without starting a battle!


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League of Stickman v6.1.6

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