Stick War Legacy APK + MOD (Unlimited Gems) v2022.1.30

Stick War Legacy APK + MOD (Unlimited Gems) v2022.1.30

Updated on Friday, June 9th, 2023

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Stick War: Legacy
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Stick War: Legacy v2022.1.30

Stick war Legacy hack – The great stick war

Stick war legacy hack is the version that helps you get the most entertaining and funny moments when playing strategy games. The Stick War Legacy Mod shared in the article is a version that is being loved by many players around the world and has also been appreciated by the tactical gameplay on mobile phones. Follow the article of mody apk to learn about the most detailed Stick war legacy hack game.

Overview of information about Stick war legacy hack

Learn about Stick War legacy with
Learn about Stick War legacy with

Let’s find out with the mody apk the most general information about this strategy game, Stick war Legacy hack!

Stick war legacy hack

Sure that you have also known many famous fighting stickman games before, right? It is easy to mention the best examples such as Stickman Legends, Stickman Revenge or Stick Fight… Most of them were very hot in the past and have also received high reviews. Today, you will also get to know a new strategy game about stickman fighting. That is Stick War – the war between stick people. This is also probably the most popular and highly rated strategy game.

General information of the version

  • Game name: Stick War Legacy.
  • Version: 2022.1.15
  • Size: 104MB.
  • Support in Android 4.4
  • Game Category: Strategy.
  • Publisher: Max Games Studios.

What does the new version of Stick war legacy have? What’s the background like?

The following mody apk will bring information about the new version and the context in the game.

Stick war legacy hack new version.

In some cases in Game APK MOD version, it will not show gems, however, you can use gems to purchase items even if you don’t have any gems. Just go to the Shop and buy any item you want, your gems will increase. Currently only available in the Mod version for Android 

Background of Stick war Legacy hack

Playing Stick War: Legacy, you will come to an Inamorta world consisting of many powerful empires. Each country has its own specialty, and for them, weapons are revered as a culture of death. They are all about to invade the country and you are a king. As a wise and very compassionate leader, of course, he will always favor peace. However, in the context that the country is always in a critical situation, it is imperative to build for itself a powerful military force to be ready to repel all attacks of the enemy. You will also have to grow to strengthen strong economic foundations. Transform into a leader of a country, join the game and download the play app at apk mody to be able to experience this exciting game genre!

Mission when playing strategy game Stick war Legacy hack

Many unique design points only in Stick War Legacy
Many unique design points only in Stick War Legacy

The article content of the mody apk below will bring the extremely attractive tasks of the game Stick war legacy hack.

Protect the kingdom

In Stick War: Legacy, you will transform into a king who rules a kingdom with both reason and peace. Weapons, violence and war are not your style. However, neighboring countries have a modern weapons industry and always want to wage war to be able to invade your kingdom.

According to mody apk you will command a powerful army with many stickman warriors. Control and build your squad according to your own strategies.

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Gold coins are also a resource

Sound and visual effects enhance the calculation scenario for players
Sound and visual effects enhance the calculation scenario for players

Just like in real life, it is true that the military powers in the world have great economic resources or a huge investment for the military. You will also need a lot of gold coins to be able to build a powerful army. Let’s exploit the resources in the territory. Pay attention to upgrading miners to fully exploit resources and optimize the amount of gold you can mine each day.

Fierce battles

The battles in Stick War: Legacy have a very high tactical character. The countries that want to invade you will have very modern and very specific war technology. If you win, you will be able to gain valuable loot as well as a piece of territory. Remember: “the strong are the winners”. If you have a reasonable strategy and have a squad of fearless warriors.

Multiple game modes

Stick War: Legacy has a lot of game modes for you to try. Fighting in the world of Inamorta is extremely attractive, but it will just be a very classic game mode. You can also play various modes such as Survival or Tournament. With a survival mode, your stickman army must survive in the world of zombies. If you are someone who wants to be more competitive, the Tournament mode when participating in mody apk will be where you clash with other players around the world.


With the above content, the Mody Apk has also reviewed the necessary information about the extremely interesting strategy game model and equally attractive parts of the game Stick war legacy hack. With missions and game modes to help you entertain after tiring working time. And thanks to such advantages, it will not cause boredom to gamers. I hope you have happy moments when playing Stick war legacy hack.


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