Monster Legends APK + MOD (Always Win 3 Stars) v13.1.1

Monster Legends APK + MOD (Always Win 3 Stars) v13.1.1

Updated on Monday, July 18th, 2022

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Monster Legends
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Hack Monster Legends – Latest Full Diamond 

Hack Monster Legends (Unlimited Money, Full Diamonds and Gems 99999) is a simulation game of the publisher Social Point. If you are bored with the gameplay of having to collect cards, which is common in some turn-based games, then try your own way with Hack Monster Legends. With this game, players can take care of, upgrade and breed monsters to create more powerful and amazing new species to defeat all enemies. Let’s find out with

About Hack Monster Legends 

About Hack Monster Legends
About Hack Monster Legends has combined all the relevant information about the game Monster Legends for you to learn through the following outline!!!

What is Monster Legends 

Hack Monster Legends is a famous strategy APK MOD Game . This is a game about fighting between monsters. Gamers can train and develop many different monsters. It sounds familiar here, right?

Hack Monster Legends Release Time – 

The shadow fight hack game was officially launched in June 2014, and this game is also considered the younger brother version of the extremely popular Dragon City game. Despite being a junior, Monster Legends still has a lot of interesting things waiting for you to discover.

The “HOT” level of Hack Monster Legends

Up to now, shadow fight 2 online game has been loved by many players around the world, and is developed based on both platforms  Android.

Although it is not a new game anymore, Monster legends has affirmed its attractiveness in the Vietnamese market in particular and the whole world in general. Living proof is that the number of registrations and game downloads not only did not decrease but also increased significantly.

Is Hack Monster Legends really more developed than Dragon City 

Hack Monster Legends is really more developed than Dragon City
Hack Monster Legends is really more developed than Dragon City

Indeed, unlike Dragon City, online shadow fight 2 actually has more development even though it is still based on a common foundation. So how has it developed over Dragon City, let’s find out with!

Hack Monster Legends’ new journey

The first is the number of monsters, there are already more than 500 different beasts and can be bred with many rare elements to discover new species.

Monsters will also have more skills depending on the type of element. The 3vs3 mode is replaced by Dragon City’s 1vs1 mode, which will increase the tactical level so you can fight your own way. There are also many other features and modes waiting for you to discover.

Graphic design with classic style

Most games today have eye-catching and popular 3D graphics, but in shadow fight 2 special edition hack, only 2D graphics are available. Simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

In my opinion, 2D graphics do not affect the game too much, but on the contrary, it brings the ancient and wild to the monsters that have been designed to create diverse, meticulous and very unique features.

Hack Monster Legends and GamePlay

Monster legends 2021 hack players will constantly change the monsters to battle for each battle to discover the most powerful monsters to fight. At the same time, it will also promote the stats of the monster when you are in battle. Each type of monster has its own system and skills to counter, it requires the player to catch it at the right time to be able to finish the opponent.

Hack Monster Legends Player Community

Building a community on the game will be very easy. Although the number of players in Vietnam is quite limited. However, when you have experienced the game, you will meet many experienced “leaders” with many professional, ingenious tactics and effective teaming methods.

You will work with your teammates to discuss the best strategy to win Team War and find the best allies. That is also the reason that many clans have been born such as: Monster Legends Vietnam, Monster Legends War Fighter, etc. have really created an extremely professional, serious, albeit small, but really high-quality community.

>>> Also you can refer to the Stick War: Legacy Game!

Monster Legends features for you to easily discover with 

Monster Legends features for you to easily discover with
Monster Legends features for you to easily discover with

Let’s explore the features of Hack Monster Legends with

RPG Features

This feature will be used to level up your monsters, using their cells ranked in the Lab to break their limits. Equip them with Runes and relics to bring their skills to the forefront.

Battle Monsters Features

Use it to strategize and set up your own attack and support monster teams. Then take them to battle through quests on the Adventure Map and events to receive many attractive rewards.

Multiplayer action

Join the all-out action to become a leader and team up with other leaders to win epic Team War and find rare and exclusive monsters.

Expand collecting and building a whole Paradise Monster

There are over 500 monsters for you to collect and breed new creatures and elements, Build a monster home on many amazing islands with Habitat, farm and spawn room.

As you level up you will discover more with: Dungeons, libraries, Monster labs, smithy and even Temples…

In addition, there are many attractive events such as: Halloween, Christmas … to increase diversity and many interesting activities.


The article about Hack Monster Legends has been put together by to give you the most accurate information for reference and learning. Hopefully, players will always have a good time experiencing themselves after every stressful study and work hour. Thank you for always choosing and accompanying during the past time!!


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Monster Legends v13.1.1

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