The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Energy) v1.10.681181

The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Energy) v1.10.681181

Updated on Friday, July 22nd, 2022

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The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout
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Android 5.0

Instructions to download The Escapists 2 Mod APK easily 

Escapists 2 Mod APK is an extremely interesting game with a very cute character creation that has exploded in the game market on PC and Mobile. The game content is humorous and strategic, you have to transform into a notorious prisoner trying to escape from the most strict prisons in the world with the help of other prisoners to find your own freedom.

The Escapists 2 APK
The Escapists 2 APK

Introducing about The Escapists 2 APK

Escapists 2 Mod Apk is a game developed and implemented by Team 17 Digital Limited. The character in this game is inspired by the very popular Prison Break TV series with two typical characters, Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield, players will feel extremely excited when imagining themselves as incarnated in the movie. This game is about a prison break with dramatic details, clear strategy, and the character’s intelligence and courage.

You will surely be satisfied when you choose this game The Escapists 2 APK for entertainment with the passion for freedom after hardships and challenges.

Brief about the game

The game in The Escapists 2 APK Mod is designed in a level-by-level mode, you will go through each level from low to high, followed by the level from the simplest to the most difficult. You will have to rely on your intelligence and talent to come up with extremely subtle strategies to be able to complete a game screen. Next, for some specific reason, you will be imprisoned again and start a new level but with a higher difficulty.

Brief about the Escapists 2 Mod APK
Brief about the Escapists 2 Mod APK

At each new level, you will be surprised by how much difficulty the game has increased. Prison in Escapists 2 Mod APK has an extremely strong security system, a system of monitoring equipment, guards, and guards is much enhanced and at the same time more sophisticated and aggressive. The content of the Game APK MOD is designed to be no different from real life, when you escape from the low-level prison, you will naturally become a more dangerous criminal and will be more closely monitored in the high-level prison.

 Interesting Challenges Are Waiting

These exciting challenges stem from you having to fully transform into the character in The Escapists 2 APK game to figure out what to watch out for and what the great opportunities to escape are. In this game, you will have a prisoner’s life with fixed time periods such as attendance, and side tasks to complete, .. and you must ensure that you strictly implement them on time to manage Hell doesn’t doubt you.

In addition to getting used to this daily life in prison, you need to know more about The Escapists 2 tips and tricks, which are sophisticated observations about possible escape routes in prison. When there is no work to be done, you can chat with other inmates or play some sport to build trust in the guard’s lack of vigilance, which will help you in your prison escape journey later.

 Interesting Challenges Are Waiting for you
Interesting Challenges Are Waiting for you

To create the most authentic feeling for players, prisoners who intend to escape from prison will have a great risk and even die if the action fails on the game screen. The design of 8 different prisons will make you feel new and more interesting when you make other plans to survive and successfully escape. Starting with prisons with a small security level like Centra Perk helps you get used to the prison system in the game. Finally, there are strict systems – places only for notorious criminals like in Rattlesnake Springs.

What you need to do at any rate is to observe and plan to make use of every nook and cranny of the prison’s confines such as countless rooms, ventilation holes, or even secret underground tunnels. Planning to find a path will demonstrate the intelligence and logic of your brain.


Character creation from pixel graphics makes you feel the loveliness and simplicity of this game. At the same time, this will help reduce the amount of space you will have to download, which is great. You are free to create a character with characteristics according to your personal preferences, this makes a difference and respects each player.

Besides, although made from pixels, every item, action, or expression of an individual character in Escapists 2 Mod APK is very vivid and beautiful as in the real world.

Is the Escapists 2 multiplayer mode?

In this game, you can choose 4 player mode to jointly plan the perfect escape from this strict prison. The Escapists 2 multiplayer mode facilitates cooperation between you and 3 other prisoners in taking advantage of every opportunity, dividing the work of exploring the prison and then working together to piece together the most important elements of the same. by bringing many different ideas to create the most perfect plan, with an almost absolute level of success.

The Escapists 2 multiplayer
The Escapists 2 multiplayer

In daily life in the prison, constantly collect items and hide them, and create a good relationship with the prisoners around so that they help you when needed.

Special features of the Escapists 2 MOD APK Version   

In this version MOD features will help you a lot, especially assisting you in setting the mode:

– Unlimited money

– Infinite energy

You will feel more comfortable and spend more energy on other things, and you will be fully equipped to carry out any plan you can think of. Let’s think together and play!

Instructions to download The Escapists 2 Mod APK android easily

The following steps will guide you to download The Escapist 2 APK android:

Step 1: Search for the name The Escapist 2 Mod APK on Ch Play or APKmod and download the game to your device.

Step 2: Allow third-party apps on your personal device

Step 3: Find the Download folder to install and run the File you just downloaded

Step 4: After completing the steps, the game is running, what are you waiting for, enjoy the game immediately

The Escapists 2 tips and tricks for beginner

 6 metrics that you need to track:

        Health: you will be taken to the infirmary when it reaches 0

        Stamina: split energy to exercise, study or dig

        Heat: the guard’s suspicion

        Strength: how much damage do you deal

        Stamina: affects Stamina

        Intelligence: affects the things you create

The escapists 2 tips and tricks
The escapists 2 tips and tricks

Other notes:

        Follow the rules in the prison

        Form a group to do the task

       Find out statistics on everything in the prison

        Regularly check other inmates’ desks for items

        Prepare the visor if the act is about to escape.

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The Escapist 2 Mod APK game will help you relax and increase your intelligence and logic when making grand plans to escape spectacularly from these strict prisons. Take advantage of every opportunity and opportunity, you will be surprised by your own abilities. Wish you have a great experience here!


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