Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes APK v1.13.147.681

Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes APK v1.13.147.681

Updated on Monday, June 5th, 2023

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Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes
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Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes Games APK MODY is a game that expertly melds role-playing and combat aspects. You’ll change into a powerful general with a huge body and impressive fighting skills. You can deliver enormous quantities of damage to adversaries if you have access to unlimited talents and special weapons. 

Let’s learn crucial details about this game in this article. Additionally, learn how to download games to your phone so you may play them wherever you are and whenever you choose.

1. What is Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes

Vietnamese mobile game publisher DIVMOB was founded in 2012. This publisher provides an outstanding selection of mobile games across all genres, but particularly action and role-playing games. The most well-known of these is a game called Heroes Infinity, which has more than 5 million downloads and a user rating of 4.4 out of 5. In order to increase its chances of success in the mobile game industry, DIVMOB constantly strives to improve its processes and roll out new, world-beating goods.

What is Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes
What is Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes

The most recent version was Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes edition. Real-time epic battles occur in Epic Heroes War, a strategic and action role-playing game. The game’s character and equipment systems are incredibly varied in the enhanced edition. It also boasts substantial advancements in graphics, sound, etc. at the same time. The fantastic experience that every gamer has been hoping for is therefore promised by this game.

1.1. Gameplay

Players in the video game Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes apk mod must assemble characters and send them forth to combat against various foes in each level. Keep in mind that each game character will have unique skills that will determine their strengths and limitations. As a result, each player must select the ideal characters for themselves, ensuring both assault and defense. The fight only becomes significantly less difficult after that.


The element that contributes to the diversity and allure of Epic Heroes War in particular and other strategy games in general is the variation in the major characters’ skills. Because your foes vary from level to level, you must have unique battle strategies. Additionally, the game screen will show a progressive increase in difficulty over time. You won’t fit in Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes if you’re merely “stomping on the spot” with your old battle strategies.

1.2. Character system

In Epic Heroes War, each character has four skills, including a basic attack and three extra specialized abilities. Each skill will require a specific period of time to replenish mana for the following use. Basic attacks, however, have a duration of 0, allowing the player to employ them repeatedly. The remaining 3 talents normally take 20, 25, or 30 seconds to regenerate mana. In particular, the ultimate talent has the strongest attack strength and the longest cooldown of all the skills. It is typically applied to defeat foes when their HP is nearly zero.

Character system in Epic Heroes War
Character system in Epic Heroes War

Although the exact number is unknown, Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes now boasts a huge and varied character collection. In-game characters with higher power stats than standard characters can be unlocked by the player. They are appropriate for boss fights and battles against strong opponents in challenging stages.

Note: The character’s strength can be increased by players, but doing so can be expensive.

1.3. Various game modes

In Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes, players can take part in a variety of modes, including the story mode, online PvP, Domination, Challenge, and Heaven & Hell maps. The most unique is the online PvP mode, in which every player can engage in actual bouts with any other player anywhere in the world. Each participant has the chance to learn new skills, gain expertise, and rack up points to move up the renowned rankings during competition. The victors will also receive priceless rewards.

Various game modes
Various game modes

1.4. Easy to control

Getting acquainted with the game’s controls is not too tough. There are only 2 crucial parts to be concerned about in the control mechanism of Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes APK mod.

At the bottom left of the screen, there are two arrows. They can direct the character to move forward or backward. Second, there are four buttons that correlate to the character’s four skills. To use their skills and battle foes, simply touch them. 

1.5. 2D graphics

The graphics of Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes APK are quite well done, from character traits to the combat environment. However, it only stops at 2D visuals, thus players can only view the full battlefield on the horizontal screen from the front. This might be a drawback for this strategy game, but it aids with controllability optimization and makes the game ideal for use on a range of mobile devices.

2D graphics
2D graphics

Additionally, DIVMOB, the publisher, always concentrates on upgrading and enhancing its offerings. As a result, the game’s graphical quality is continuously improving in addition to its features.

2. Features of the Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes mod apk mod include:

2.1. Keep this in mind when using skills and summoning soldiers.

Players must pay attention to talents when using and keeping track of the character’s health during the Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes combat. Mana will be used up in a particular quantity for each skill. Mana will be depleted over time even though it is eventually replenished. In a conflict, this puts you in danger. It is even conceivable to come under hostile attack when defenseless. You end up dying a lot as a result. Additionally, you might lose. They will also require a certain amount of energy each time you summon soldiers. You cannot continuously summon it, though.

Keep this in mind when using skills and summoning soldiers.
Keep this in mind when using skills and summoning soldiers.

2.2. The beginning of the war, the strength of the soldiers

Play as General Odysseus to begin the Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes Mod. You call forth an elite army and engage the opposition in combat. Attack the enemy army by employing special skills and the ax as a weapon. He has a huge shape with the intention of taking down the boss. The procedure will result in ongoing conflict between the two sides. Only when one of the two sides is totally victorious does the war come to an end. Although minions don’t deal as much damage as the vanguard, their sheer quantity might nonetheless cause the enemy to lose some health.

In particular, soldiers act as a shield to keep hostile forces from attacking you. On the battlefield, going up to the boss head-on can provide you an advantage.

2.3. Online combat mode

In addition to engaging in combat with foes, the Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes also transports you to online battlefields. You can pick between two different options here to engage in combat with other online gamers. You can demonstrate your general strength by winning battles in the ranking system. To engage all enemy forces, summon soldiers and make advantage of their specific abilities. Climb the list of successful generals’ accomplishments. Additionally, you can use your money to wager against other players when you’re in challenge mode. Win to receive a bonus that is doubled. In these online battles, though, exercise caution. because you can never be certain of their potency. is susceptible to being quickly beaten or loses a big number of bonuses

Online combat mode
Online combat mode

3. Download instructions for the mobile game Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes.

To play this really intriguing game, kindly follow these instructions:

  • Please first download the Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes APK mod file (MOD, Unlimited Money/Crystals).
  • Install the Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes APK file after copying it to the SD card of your smartphone. (Also, after installation, do not open it.)
  • The next step is to download the obb file. Then, copy the *.obb file with the name “” to the necessary directory, which is /SDcard/Android/obb/com.divmob.ageofheroes.braveheroes.battleheroes.epicheroeswar.epicheroes.en/. 

This path must be exact and absolute. On your SD card, manually create the folder if it doesn’t already exist.

Download instructions for the mobile game Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes.
Download instructions for the mobile game Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes.

>>>Also you can refer to the game Terraria is a game that emphasizes the hard work and fighting ability of players. You will be participating in the journey of digging in many different lands and receiving worthy rewards

4.Most common inquiries

We will address some of the following frequently asked questions so you can download the Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes quickly:

  • How much memory space is needed on an Android device to run Epic Heroes War?

The player must have a minimum of 100 MB of storage space to install this character role-playing game.

  • To what genre does the video game Epic Heroes War belong?

The player of this real-time strategy and action role-playing game must gather an army and annihilate their opponents as they approach.

  • How many characters are there in Epic Heroes War that I may play?

Players have the option to play with more than a hundred characters, including elves, melee fighters, defensive characters, and a variety of local and world bosses.

  • What kinds of problems might you face in the video game Epic Heroes War?

Epic Heroes War features a variety of difficulties, including player-versus-player combat, boss confrontations, and numerous dungeons.

Most common inquiries when downloaded the Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes
Most common inquiries when downloaded the Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes

5. Conclusion

So, the material in our above page has been updated with the most recent details on Epic Heroes War: Super Heroes. At the same time, we offer instructions to help players download this game to their devices successfully. APKMODY.BIZ sincerely hope the game gives you a lot of enjoyable downtime. Follow our website to find out more about a variety of fascinating games.

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