Marvel Spider-Man APK v1.1.5

Marvel Spider-Man APK v1.1.5

Updated on Wednesday, June 7th, 2023

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Marvel Spider-Man
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Spider Man – The latest free Spider-Man game for Android

Spider Man was previously an exclusive Game Apk Mod on Consoles, but because it was so fun, many people used “high skill and knowledge” to bring this game to mobile devices. The game looks pretty simple, but it’s fun to play and easy to get addicted to. Speaking of this, you certainly couldn’t hold back your curiosity, right?? Follow to find out detailed information about this Spider Man game through the following article!

About Spider Man game –

About Spider Man game –
About Spider Man game –

Do you like action games but love and admire Spider-Man? But can’t find a game that’s right for me? Rest assured, because will introduce you to the Spider Man game that will definitely not let you down through the following outline.

General information about the application

  • Name: Marvel Spider-Man.
  • Publisher: Under MARVEL.
  • Genre: Action.
  • MOD Features: No.
  • Version: 1.1.5.
  • Size: About 305MB.
  • Price: Free.
  • Requirements: Android device.

What is Spider Man game –

The original Marvel spider man android on console is one of all lighthearted, playful arcade games on Spider-Man theme and is loved by many for many reasons.

Which is basically because the game’s badass spider will not have to be stupid like in the movie, but this will have all the experience of an adult hero.

The swing mechanism is extremely attractive like stepping out of the movies. There’s also the space to live a life as Peter Parker, meaning you can be both a hero and a human and relive the character’s unsettling feeling in the movie when standing in the middle of life. secret life and ordinary life.

Ideas form

With the idea of ​​bringing an interesting experience from Marvel Spider-Man to Android users, some game fans have brought a basic mission of this game to the Android platform. And this is the game we are talking about today: Marvel spider man apk for Android.

Although not the original owner, a game product that fans themselves transferred from the original on console to Android, but Marvel Spider Man still retains the full sense of original great fun.

What makes Marvel Spider Man successful –

The inhabitants of the game are very friendly and welcoming to Spider-Man.
The inhabitants of the game are very friendly and welcoming to Spider-Man.

Why is Marvel Spider-Man chosen by so many players? What made the difference and success for this game? Let’s find out with!

Manhattan is very busy and lively

Playing as Peter Parker, also known by the nickname “friendly neighbor” Spider Man, players will discover a majestic Manhattan with skyscrapers, and kind people including … ferocious villains.

The inhabitants of the game are very friendly and welcoming to Spider-Man.

During the game, when these characters come across you, they will always greet you warmly, sometimes take pictures of you, sometimes even “show off” on social networking sites about meeting you.

Without exception, as a “friendly neighborhood guy”, players can have Spider-Man wave back with some “badass” lines of Spider-like character.

The sound of the game is very well designed

A special thing to mention is the voice of Yuri Lowenthal for the character Spider Man.

He has been extremely successful in portraying the character of Spider-Man, perhaps even better than the previous movie versions.

Other characters will also do well in their roles, the characters all have a certain emotion and personality through each of their words.

The sound effects side has also been meticulously done, with clear far and near sound ranges, combined with even Hollywood “bold” music.


This is an open world game. The gameplay will be quite simple: you will be playing the role of Spider-Man, and there are a variety of different suits, which can be arbitrary to use and perform the tasks given by the game.

The task here is simply to chase the cars of criminals on the road, and use your spider silk skills to make them stop. Each time you do this, the mission will be considered a success.

Join Marvel Spider Man – Freedom to experience like a real Spider-Man at

If you want to experience like a real Spider-Man, here’s all that Marvel Spider-Man has with the system as follows.

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How to play the game

Unique and novel gameplay design
Unique and novel gameplay design

As Spider-Man, you will press the button to throw the spider thread to swing around the city, throw the net to make a fulcrum to run fast on the road, use the spider net to stop the criminal cars from running on the road and stop them to perform the tasks. service. Although there is no diverse mission system like on the original console game, but Marvel Spider Man Android has also brought a lot of excitement to players with the main task of which is Car Chase.

Diversity in costume design

The game itself has more than 20 Spider-Man suits. Each suit will give Spider-Man a different appearance. Some are bright and lovely, some are fiery but fierce, others look dark like death. Corresponding to the suits, the surrounding contexts are also different. As with the “crescent brother” style suit, the whole city will now only be black, white, and gray to suit your taste.

Unique and novel gameplay design

Marvel Spider-Man is brought to Android quite detailed, with full interior maps for every building. You can freely move and explore not only on the street, on the walls but also inside the buildings. There is no limit to Spider-Man’s movement.

You can go anywhere you want in this world. The more proficient the move, the faster the ability to explore the city as well as track down criminals and prevent cars.


The Marvel Spider Man that introduces will bring a Manhattan and the image of the “standard” Spider guy as if he came out of the comics, with a simple plot but worth enjoying. Spider-Man fans, recommends you to experience it at least once.

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