Teamfight Tactics APK v12.9.4390127

Teamfight Tactics APK v12.9.4390127

Updated on Thursday, June 8th, 2023

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Teamfight Tactics
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Android 7.0 Network required

Download  latest version TFT APK for Android

TeamFight Tactics (TFT apk) is also known by many gamers as the Arena of Truth (DTCL) which is a chess strategy game apk mody with dignity. In tft apk  you will confront 7 other players in a circle and have to arrange the squad as well as activate the levels of the system and clan you are playing to own their power.

Good news for League of Legends lovers, especially Tactics, tft mobile apk latest version – Teamfight Tactics APK (DTCL Mobile, TFT) officially released by Riot Games. You can download the game and install it completely for free on under the article.

Teamfight Tactics – TFT APK download details

Join Teamfight Tactics - Teamfight Tactics apk Mobile
Join Teamfight Tactics – Teamfight Tactics apk Mobile

Join the game Arena of Truth – TFT apk Mobile, the player’s task is to build an elite army ready to fight for glory with League of Legends champions and the interesting thing is the random selections and events in the game. The game guarantees no two matches are exactly the same, download tft apk to fight and win.

Currently, the game has just released the BETA version on the Australian server. Players in other countries need to use a VPN app to change their IP if you want to experience this game early. You can use Turbo VPN, Hotspot Shield, ExpressVPN for stable connection…

Attractive TFT APK gameplay

Tactics Arena is an automatic chess mode of League of Legends. This game consists of 8 players in the same match, the one who survives to the end is the winner. Each player starts with 100 health. After each losing match, you will be deducted a certain amount of health (killing an opponent’s member makes you lose less health).

Basically, the gameplay of this game is like that. The controls are not too complicated. You just need to drag and drop to place the champions you want on the field. After that, your squad will automatically fight the other player’s army.

However, in order for your squad to be highly effective and have the power to defeat other players, you need to have a good strategy.

TFT APK graphics

Everything is almost the same as DTCL on PC. However, it has some changes to match the phone. When you tap Store in the right corner of the screen, it will display full screen instead of at the bottom. Besides, some information display interfaces have also changed to help you have a better experience.

Gold and experience

Gold and experience are two important factors that players need to pay attention to when playing Teamfight Tactics. You will receive an amount of gold every time you finish a match with another player.

You have two options to use gold, to level up or to roll champions. If you keep the losing and winning streak, it also gives you a pretty large amount of bonus gold. Therefore, you need to learn how to manage gold spending well to have a squad that you love to want.

The maximum number of champions on the table depends on your level. You can have up to 9 champions. If you level up before your opponent, you will have a slight advantage in numbers and surprise other players.

Hot Features TFT APK for Android

Sharing attractive features Tft apk for android
Sharing attractive features Tft apk for android

Although it is an Autochess game series, in each round, the generals on the field

You and your opponent fight extremely fiercely with realistic visual and sound effects. Let’s lead a reasonable squad to reach the highest Rank of the Dignity Arena.

Generals, clans and systems in TFT mobile APK latest version

As you all know, the current Tactics Arena has entered a new season with a completely new system of champions and systems. However, you need some time to reach.

It’s not easy to remember all the champions, systems, and items, because it’s almost completely remade from the original game. If you’ve ever played LOL, this can be an advantage. But if you have never played LOL, you need to know some more information before starting a match.

Heroes in the game tft mobile apk android 5.0 are divided into many types, priced from 1 gold to 5 gold (special case: Lux costs up to 7 gold). The price of each champion is divided by the rarity of that champion. When purchased at the store, you will receive a 1-star champion.

Match three 1-star generals to form a 2-star general, combine three 2-star generals to get a 3-star champion. In theory, the champion roll will depend on your “dignity”. But you can still have a perfect squad if you have a good strategy.

The generals in the game are divided into Attributes and Tribes. You will activate the power of the System if you reach the required number of heroes of that system. For example, when your squad has Brand, Varus and Annie, you will have the effect of Fire. Currently, the game has a number of systems such as Fire, Water, Forest, Jade, Steel, Earth, Sand … Besides, the characters are also divided into classes of Madness, Gunner, Ice Kingdom, Moon Tribe, etc. Darkness, Light, Soul…

Legend animals

Summoned beasts are extremely lovely creatures, they will replace you on the battlefield, helping you pick up equipment and pick up champions. In addition, they can “tease” your opponent if you want. Collecting lovely Beasts is also an interesting and attractive thing in this game.

Tft apk and Ranked Game Mode

When playing apk tft – Teamfight Tactics, you can participate in one of two game modes, Normal and Ranked. If you win a ranked match (which ends with a place in the top 4), you will get an LP boost.

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Some tips for new android APK TFT players

Some tips for new android apk tft players
Some tips for new android apk tft players

Don’t spend too much gold on rolling in the early stages. In the early game, you should save your gold. The strength of each squad depends a lot on rare generals. So if you have a lot of gold at a high level, you have more chances to get a rare champion.

An important thing that you need to know when playing tft apk android, the arrangement of the squad has a lot of influence on the strength of that squad. You need to learn the attack, ability and range of each champion to have a reasonable strategy.

You will receive bonus gold based on the amount of gold you accumulate (in each milestone 20, 30, 40, 50). Therefore, you save a lot of gold, you will have many advantages over your opponents.

Download game TFT APK Android 6.0 at

Above is some information about the game tft apk android 6.0 – Teamfight Tactics APK. With the mobile version, you can now play Teamfight Tactics anywhere, anytime. If you love League of Legends and want to participate in this “dignity” game, download the game via the link below the article and start a match.

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