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Battle Towers APK v0.9.4

Updated on Monday, June 5th, 2023

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Overview of Battle Towers

Battle Towers is an incredibly popular game that you definitely shouldn’t miss. These are considered the most interesting games with the most thrilling storyline and gameplay. You will surely be immersed in your own world. Find out more in the article below.

1 What’s new in Battle Towers Mod version 1.12.2, 1.11.2

According to player reviews and information provided by the publisher, Battle Towers Mod Apk version 1.12.2, 1.11.2 has added various dungeon-like towers with guards. Guards on each floor protect chests containing useful treasures for you.

What's new in Battle Towers Mod version 1.12.2, 1.11.2
What’s new in Battle Towers Mod version 1.12.2, 1.11.2

Once the player reaches the top of a tower, the Battle Tower Golems will begin to fight the players. Accordingly, you must proceed to kill the golem to officially defeat and restore the tower and loot the best chest at the top.

Once the golem is killed in Battle Towers , the tower will begin to collapse and be destroyed 2- 4 floors on top of the tower where you joined the battle. If the player is on the floor below the golem, it will immediately destroy the floors and chests on that floor that you have not taken.

Accordingly, this Battle Towers mod will randomly generate towers that can pierce your world and from there you can fight and overcome the beast to win rewards.

Randomly generate towers
Randomly generate towers

The towers in Battle Towers randomly spawn in your new world usually there are 8 levels that you need to beat and pass to win, then you will come to the boss level on the top of the tower, you will be The benefits are strong and the reward for destroying it is huge for you.

2. Features of Battle Towers

2.1. Types of resources in Battle Towers :

In this Battle Towers game apk mod, there will be several types of battle tower building materials. Accordingly, they are almost identical, see the listing below:

  • Cobblestone Resources (Double Stone Flooring)
  • Mossy Cobblestone Resources (Double Stone Flooring)
  • Fine Stone Resources (cobblestone floors)
  • Ice Resource (clay block floor)
  • Sandstone Resources (Sandstone Floors)
  • Netherrack Resources (Soul Sand Floor)
  • End Stone Resource [in Ending, rare]

2.2. Reversal of Battle Towers.

In addition to the normal circumstances you will see, there will be other cases where Battle Towers takes place in reverse order. Accordingly, these towers will be built in the same shape without windows.

So if you enter a tower without a window, you will identify this as the inverted tower in Battle Towers , because it has no other entry point. In the game, they are submerged underground and your starting point will be at the top of the tower, with a distance of about 20-30 blocks from the ground.

Reversal of Battle Towers
Reversal of Battle Towers

At the bottom of the Battle Towers , the Golem will appear and fight you ever since. After defeating them all, you will receive a victory message and the tower will begin to fall.

2.3. Battle Towers Ruins.

True to the name Battle Towers Ruins, the first type of ruined tower was born with a mix of common moss and cobblestone with some holes in the wall – these are not just ordinary windows intentionally made, they’re actually pretty big holes. However, looting is generally worse than normal battle towers, and of course there are no golems guarding these towers.

The second type of ruined tower that spawns in Battle Towers seems to have been conquered as it has only the bottom two floors left without a complete tower top, just like a regular tower after its Battle Tower Golem has been defeated. defeated by the previous player.

Battle Towers Ruins
Battle Towers Ruins

Unlike the regular Battle Towers you’re familiar with, ruined Battle Towers can be guarded by Creeper and Blaze, making them more difficult with less loot. However, this can be used on fire farms around the world if handled properly, it will all benefit you.

2.4. Battle Towers’ Netherrack

Another special tower type of Battle Towers is the Netherrack tower. This type is identical to brick and stone towers except that the walls are made of Netherrack, the floors are made entirely of Soul Sand, and the light source of the tower is glowing stone.

This can make it extremely difficult for players at Battle Towers to fight monsters with melee weapons as vision will no longer be clear.

2.5. Other towers

  • Rock – produced mainly in the Tundra biome.
Other towers
Other towers

You’ll find that they appear to be similar to the standard towers in Battle Towers , but with extra Ice walls and Clay Block floors, and no torches here as that can melt the ice.

  • Loot – A battle tower Battle Towers can have a lot of loot for you, currently known loot:

+ You can get Any kind of Tool and Armor

+ You can get All kinds of Scythe and Glaive

+ You can get Enchanted Books with random enchantments (maybe no enchantments at all)

+ You can get Rift Blade

+ You can get Any Gold Plated Shield or Shield

+ You can get Chai o ‘enchanted’

+ You can get a Lumber Ax (Bug Item, don’t pick it up or use it!)

+ You can get All Kinds of Swords and Giant Swords

+ You can get Diamond, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli, Iron Ingot and Gold Ingot.

+ You can get Any Item and Crops (including seeds)

+ There are others like: Magic Essence, Any Vanilla Mob loot, Anvil, Any Grenade, Any item from OffLawn, Any Vanilla base block (Cobblestone, sand, etc.), Backpacks, Chocobo Eggs (always yellow), Hexical Diamonds/Armor (rare), Special Tools and Weapons (rare) and Seeds

>>> Also you can refer to Game Stick War 3 that the players can participate in the 2v2 group war, inviting friends to join

3. Other trivia of Battle Towers.

Other trivia of Battle Towers
Other trivia of Battle Towers

You can open a chest on the top floor and the second highest floor will make the golem heavier (and instantly close the chest’s GUI). Accordingly, the chest can only be accessed after the golem is dead, and then you have very little time left to retrieve the treasure – the tower will collapse when the Battle Tower Golem maintains it until that point so be quick.

Battle Towers ‘ explosions also destroy the items in it, and in most cases the loot from the chests on the top and second floors will be completely lost.

If two Battle Tower Golems meet, they will fight each other, but this can be overheard by outside forces as one appears to be regenerating when the other dies in battle.

Battle tower can spawn at your house location
Battle tower can spawn at your house location

Battle towers can spawn at your house location, it can erase all your loot and your hard work if you return from a dimension. This is due to block error because when you move from one dimension to another. This almost always happens to you if the area you’re returning to has a block from the Chamber of Secrets.

4. Conclusion

Above is the most general information and the most thorough description of Battle Towers so that you can comfortably participate in the game without fear of being lost or confused. I Hope you have a great experience when conquering the towers.

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