Liên Quân Mobile APK v1.45.1.7

Liên Quân Mobile APK v1.45.1.7

Updated on Friday, July 22nd, 2022

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Liên Quân Mobile
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Android 4.1

Lien Quan APK – Multiplayer MOBA Strategy Game

Lien Quan APK is a team-based strategy moba game from the famous game publisher Garena, which has constantly caused a fever in the Vietnamese gaming community. Several hundred million people all over the world have downloaded the game on and play the game every day because of the unique gameplay, showing individual skills, and coordinating with good teammates to defeat the enemy main house. and get the win.

This gameplay started to appear in 2012 and until now is still extremely good performance and appears on mobile has an extremely large number of players. Quickly download the coalition apk app on page.

About Union Army APK

Learn the game coalition apk
Learn the game coalition apk

In this League of Legends apk, you will play as one of the many generals in the game that the publisher has released, along with 4 more teammates to protect your buildings and destroy the enemy’s buildings to win the battle. win.

Because of the game’s coordinated gameplay with teammates, each player will be in a different fighting position and support each other in a very good way to be able to handle extremely smooth and methodical phases. If you are a good player with top-notch skills with clever moves, then you will be able to carry all your teammates on your shoulders to defeat all the enemies to bring you victory.

As a game apk mod that requires a high level of teamwork, but if you have a superior skill level, you can completely handle all enemies, download the appvn apk on this to get extremely expensive advantages and shoulder all teammates.

Different game modes

League of Legends apk latest version has a lot of different game modes so you can unleash your entertainment choices without being bored. The national mode that is chosen by many players is the 5 vs 5 mode, you can choose to fight normally for fun or join the rank to have the opportunity to show your level through the ranks. of the game.

Because each player’s level depends on the team’s fight, you will fight with other players in a map with 4 moves that are bot, top, mid and jungle if you play really well in the game. Your position can help a lot in the team’s strategy. in addition to 5 vs 5 mode, there is 1 vs 1 match mode and other event modes, in this 1 vs 1 mode, you will only solo with 1 opponent, using skills and moves of your chosen champion to defeat the enemy champion.

Graphics and sound

The graphics of coalition apk for ios is something that is better equipped with other games of the same genre. Equipped with 3D graphics to help players move the target extremely flexibly without any delay.

Design the generals in the game in a different style with extremely detailed investment in costumes, the map is also extremely vivid in detail to each blade of grass.

As for the game sound, the extremely majestic voice overs of the generals all have a voice that matches the character and appearance of the generals. The sound of forest monsters or extremely sharp large targets shows their usefulness.

Vast game system

The game mission system in the game is extremely large
The game mission system in the game is extremely large

The game updates the coalition apk on with daily quests and gifts as well as accumulating a lot of time to make us play the game extremely attractive and enthusiastic.

A system of nearly 100 generals allows players to freely choose the generals that suit their playstyle and practice together. Divide into generals with distinct features such as:

Various generals

  • Gunner Champion: Has great hand damage, high attack speed but low health. Usually fights from a distance.
  • Assassin champions can finish off enemies very quickly but with low resistance
  • The team’s gladiator champion will have an extremely large amount of health and armor against the normal attacks or skills of the enemy team’s generals.
  • Hero’s Assistant: Usually assists other teammates in teamfights
  • Tank Champion: Has high health, buffalo armor and control skills. Usually protects the Gunner.

Each champion has a unique feature to blend together and create a team with extremely high quality defensive attack.

Equipment, rich items

There are many things to talk about while talking about this topic such as Gems, Skins, Chests, etc.

Gems help the character dominate in the early stages of the battle, depending on the type of champion you set up the appropriate rune table. The costume changes part of the form to be more beautiful and unique, not everyone can own it. Collect items with the highest level to improve the strength and appearance of the general.

Should I play Lien Quan APK or not?

Should I play League of Legends apk or not?
Should I play League of Legends apk or not?

In general, Lien Quan apk is like a miniature version of LOL, with full features and even though there are many mobile games imitating League of Legends, only when Lien Quan apk Mobile is released can we experience a new version of the game. true LOL Mobile game.

The game regularly has large and small professional tournaments with teams from all over the country competing in and out of Vietnam. If you are a lover of MOBA games, do not hesitate to try to download the Lien Quan game to your computer and try it out, download link for Android on I believe you will be addicted to this game.

Highlights of the Coalition Apk on

  • Vietnamese language support makes it easier for players to manipulate and experience.
  • MOBA mode PVP 5vs5, 3vs3.
  • More than 100 generals and divided into 6 different categories including: Gladiator, tank, damage, gunner, mage and assistant.
  • The opportunity to prove your bravery in constant skirmishes.
  • Improve the fighting spirit and bravery of talented generals.
  • is free to experience, play anytime, anywhere, whenever free.
  • Simple gameplay, easy operation and familiarity.
  • Communicate with friends at home and abroad easily by convenient Voice chat.


Lien Quan APK is a place where many talented guys come together to compete to prove their bravery. Team spirit is also one of the factors that help determine your victory or defeat. If you want to experience a new feeling, you can use the free versions of Lien Quan on


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