Terraria APK + MOD (Immortal, Unlimited Items) v1.

Terraria APK + MOD (Immortal, Unlimited Items) v1.

Updated on Monday, June 5th, 2023

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Terraria APK Vietnamese version mobile – Unlimited Immortality MOD version

Terraria APK is a game that emphasizes the hard work and fighting ability of players. You will be participating in the journey of digging in many different lands and receiving worthy rewards. However, do you know anything about terraria apk Vietnamese version or not???

If not, don’t worry, because APKMody.biz has compiled for you all the information related to this game through the following article for you to refer to and find out already!!!

About Terraria APK Vietnamese version 

About Terraria APK Vietnameseization
About Terraria APK Vietnameseization

Are you passionate about the adventure game genre??? Do you like new things??? But do not know where to meet your needs? APKMody.biz is pleased to introduce to you the Vietnamese version of the terraria apk game as follows.

What is Terraria apk vietnamese version mobile – Learn together with APKMody.biz

Join the game terraria apk vietnamese mobile, you will step into an extremely exciting adventure journey. Use tools to dig everywhere and the journey to discover new lands will also begin.

All will not be tasteless if you just dig and meet money or diamonds because challenges will always appear at any time. We will have to fight with monsters with completely different strengths on each stage. Of course, the journey will be easier when you first join, this is an open game that brings many new things, and the difficulty will increase over time.

The Birth of Terraria APK – APKMody.biz

This game apk mod was originally only available for PC. However, after the unexpected success, 505 Games decided to cooperate with RakNet and CodeGlue to develop a mobile version of this game in August 2013.

Immediately the game terraria apk has attracted a huge fan base, and is rated as one of the top paid games in the app stores.

What’s new with Terraria apk version

MOD Features

  • Immortal: You will be almost immortal, unless you die underwater and die from poison.
  • Unlimited Items: You can Split any item in your inventory, after splitting, you will have a lot of those items.

How to use

MOD features have been added as a Menu that can be turned on/off at will.

Game modes included in Terraria apk android 4.0 – APKMody.biz

Game modes included in Terraria apk android 4.0
Game modes included in Terraria apk android 4.0

What makes Terraria apk android 4.0 successful is probably the extremely rich and unique game modes. Find out with APKMody.biz now!


When playing at Softcore, the level of punishment for dead players will be relatively light. You will only lose about 1/3 (sometimes 2/3) of the items in your inventory and about half of the gold you have.

This penalty will be relatively light if you compare it to Mediumcore (you will lose all items in your inventory and gold), or to Hardcore (you will be banished from the world immediately).


True to its name, Pre-hardmode is a relatively simple game mode to bring experience to new players.

In Pre-hardmode, the number of Spawn enemies (randomly generated) is relatively low, the enemies will also often have less health and less aggression. It will be very easy for players to learn about the game mechanics without having to worry too much about the enemy.


With an extremely large number of Spawn enemies and more frequent, Hard Mode is the mode for those who like to experience combat, where both the health, attack and number of enemies will be greatly increased.

You will have to use all your knowledge and skills to survive in this mode. In addition, Boss in Hardmode will be more difficult and with a larger number than in normal mode, if you are passionate about fighting, Hardmode will be a perfect mode. So do you think you’re ready for Hard Mode now?

>>> Also you can refer to Game Roblox is a famous adventure entertainment game right from its launch!

What you will enjoy when coming to baixar terraria apk + obb 2022 – APKMody.biz

You will be adventure and explore with an open world full of fantasy
You will be adventure and explore with an open world full of fantasy

You will be adventure and explore with an open world full of fantasy

APKMody.biz commits you will not be disappointed by what you will experience in baixar terraria apk + obb 2022.

Play Style

Dig, explore and fight! Those are the main activities when you participate in the open world of baixar terraria apk + obb 2022. Through these activities you will have an adventure and explore an open world full of fantasy, creatures, strange objects, fighting zombies or demon eyes…

Infinite creativity

The main purpose of the game is exploration, creation and adventure. Explore every nook and cranny of a vast, unfamiliar world filled with strange landscapes you’ve never seen before.

Besides, construction and crafting is also a factor that makes this game attract millions of players every day. With the resources you collect, you can create everything to help your life in the game.

Craft weapons, clothes, vehicles, walls, bases or even an entire village. Of course, you can’t finish it overnight. This will require your own patience and creativity.

Survival in the open world

Like a day on Earth, the world of Terraria will also have a day / night cycle. If you are a new player and like to be safe, remember one basic rule, which is not to explore at night.

Night is the active time of monsters and zombies. If you don’t have a lot of weapons and strong enough armor, you won’t be able to do anything but run away.

During the day, you can freely go for a walk, mine resources, explore caves and even kill some weak monsters.


Terraria APK Vietnamese mobile will allow players to adventure and do everything in a simulated world. The fun of this game lies in the way you explore and create it, so in an APKMody.biz article it will be difficult to cover the entire content of the game. Download this game to your phone now and join the adventure of warriors.

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Terraria v1.

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