Beholder APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v2.6.260

Beholder APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v2.6.260

Updated on Friday, September 23rd, 2022

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Download Beholder MOD APK for super appealing private detective roleplaying.

The point-and-click adventure game Beholder MOD APK was created by Creative Mobile Games. Despite only having been available for a brief period of time, this independent hit quickly amassed more than 100,000 downloads and hundreds of thousands of favorable ratings from players on the mobile platform. To understand this game better, read that post from APKMODY.BIZ.

1. The plot of Beholder is basic but interesting.

Beholder Apk Mod is located in a metropolis where we can clearly sense the gloom, imprisonment, and darkness it brings. You will always be under the watchful eye of covert organizations, no matter what you do or where you go. Players will assume the role of a new apartment complex manager who takes over from the outgoing manager, who was jailed.

The plot of Beholder is basic but interesting.
The plot of Beholder is basic but interesting.

You will be responsible for maintaining authority over everyone inside the facility, keeping an eye on them, and informing the authoritarian organization above of any transgressions. You won’t always believe the rules since they are so ridiculous. Those who violate them will be banished to an unknown location from which they will never again be able to return.

Every member of your family will be made responsible if you are violated. The player’s conscience becomes apparent at this point. He occasionally has to violate his moral principles in order to defend his family or himself. It won’t go well if you resist.

2. Beholder APK MOD information.

2.1. Beholder’s gameplay

The player will remain in the building with his wife and kids as a normal person, but he will have to act covertly to carry out the orders of his superiors, which may include watching over inhabitants, gathering intelligence, or worse. They expelled them from the court, called the police, and had them arrested. You may occasionally feel bad about kicking an elderly person or locking up a nice, peaceful family.

Beholder’s gameplay
Beholder’s gameplay

Every person in the building will have a different circumstance, personality, and difficulties. Because the plot’s finale is composite, all of your interactions with these people will have an impact on how the story develops. Your actions during the game.

It appears to be quite straightforward, but if you make even one mistake, just think of the repercussions it will have on you and your loved ones.

2.2. Character-based system

  • Carl Stein: The central figure in Beholder is a building manager who carries out the duties of a totalitarian institution in order to make a livelihood and pay the bills for the entire family. Depending on the player’s choices and objectives, Carl might be dishonest or corrupt.
  • Carl Stein’s Family: The player will raise Carl, his wife, and their two children. The thing Carl cherishes the most and will always defend is this.
  • Bruno Hempf: During the course of the game, Carl Stein’s boss—a representative of the dictator organization—will pay him two visits, and it is Carl’s responsibility to inform him of the conduct of those inside the building. The player will obviously have to spend some money in this part to bribe Bruno, as he did the first time to introduce the building and the second time with an offer to help Carl pass the test.
Character-based system
Character-based system

In order to hide negative news or in response to indications of populist unrest, Carl Stein can call government cops.

Added tenants Every person or family renting a unit in Beholder will have their own issues or characteristics. The players must keep an eye on and engage with these

  • Others renting in Beholder: Every person or family who rents there will have their own issues or characteristics. Players must keep an eye on and communicate with these individuals.

2.3. In-game equipment

The tools and equipment utilized in Beholder are genuine, and they are frequently employed in daily tasks. There are many different kinds of things that help players while being monitored. They are useful for a variety of things. 

The Government of the Beholder Has Weird Laws Apples are a prohibited fruit. Anyone who stores or consumes apples will be deemed to be in violation of the law and may face imprisonment, and all apples in the city must be destroyed. 

It’s against the law to read in public, own a book, or wear jeans. Jeans will also be burned. No sobbing and no groups larger than three individuals outside: Gatherings of more than three individuals are likewise forbidden, as is crying, which is regarded as harmful.

In-game equipment
In-game equipment

2.4. Sound and graphics.

Beholder is extremely dark in addition to being tough. All throughout the game, there are dismal walls, depressing pathways, and roaming about figures who only perceive shadows, giving everything the appearance of a soulless corpse. Combined with the dull sound of squeaking. The tragedy of the people who live here can already be imagined by viewing the images and listening to the audio.

Black, white, and gray are the game’s primary color palettes, as one might expect. Only the deep shadows and the large, dead eyes may be seen by the characters rather than the nose, lips, and angles on the face. Anyone can work for the corrupt government as a spy or hound. Such a life is incapable of believing in or being able to trust anyone. Every progression in the game proceeds in the same manner. I experience suffocation frequently. To be honest, those sights and those eyes can “overwhelm” a young person like me at times.

Sound and graphics.
Sound and graphics.

2.5. Make choices while playing.

Even if being in charge of monitoring can be a heavy and exhausting task, if the goal is to win the Beholder, it really cannot be contrasted. Carl does not come from a wealthy or poor background, but he is the family’s primary provider, which puts a lot of pressure on him to pay for everyone’s living expenses, daughter’s medical care, and his son’s school tuition.

Our main character has to actually think very carefully before using the very modest quantity of money received from reporting to the authorities. Carl occasionally finds himself in a pickle when he can’t accept everything, from the cash to install tracking devices and video equipment to the aforementioned family expenses.

It must be acknowledged that the challenge in this situation is that you must continuously find ways to be busy with your monitoring work while maintaining stability for the entire family. To make enormous illicit profits, players can even threaten, deceive, or demand money, but the results are always unexpected.

Make choices while playing.
Make choices while playing.

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3. Beholder MOD feature.

  • Unlimited money.
  • Unlimited diamonds.
  • Unlock all for free.
  • God Mode.
  • Onehit.
  • License removed.
  • Fix bugs.

4. Conclusion

Not only do they continuously watch for odd actions, they decide whether or not to report them to the boss. Beholder then presents Carl with a steady stream of difficult questions to answer. He must continually inquire about each person’s personal information because of his work as building manager in order to learn about their past, interests, aspirations, and hidden thoughts. You will need to be able to use observation, searching, and leafing through data, books, photos, and documents to find answers during that process. Sometimes these actions are taken openly with the subject’s approval, other times covertly or even secretly without the owner’s consent. To use it right now, get the Beholder games APK MOD from APKMODY right away.

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Beholder v2.6.260

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