Minecraft Trial APK v1.19.20.02

Minecraft Trial APK v1.19.20.02

Updated on Monday, June 5th, 2023

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Minecraft Trial
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What is the Minecraft Trial Version? Easy instructions for downloading the Minecraft trial

The popular Minecraft game has a different version called Minecraft Trial that lets players try it out for free up until a point. What exactly is the Minecraft Trial Game? Simple Minecraft Trial Apk Mod download instructions. Discover everything in this essay!

1 The Minecraft Trial Game is what?

The video game Minecraft is well-known throughout the world. However, players must pay a set sum of money if they wish to experience it (about 180,000 VND). For this reason, Mojang has made the Minecraft Trial game available for download. Players can try out this free version with limited functionality before deciding whether to purchase the Minecraft game

Minecraft Trial game is a trial version of Minecraft
Minecraft Trial game is a trial version of Minecraft

2 instructions for the game Minecraft Trial

Players who are seeing the Minecraft trial Apk Mod for the first time will undoubtedly notice right away how similar the interface is to the original Minecraft version. However, the text “Unlock the entire game” is also there on the screen. Then press the PLAY button to launch the game.

  • Prior to dusk, players must first construct a secure haven for themselves. In order to make the game rich and diverse, players must also exploit and gather a wide variety of resources.
  • Go in quest of trees, and once found, the player should chop them down to gather wood. Use the crafting board to create any in-game goods the user desires. To safeguard their own safety, players should design their own pressing table.
  • After that, the player will start making the first tool using their wood and press board. The main tools that appear in the Minecraft trial are: pickaxe, ax, shovel, sword, …
  • In particular, the player needs to mine coal and pick an appropriate location for the construction.
  • The player needs to get food to survive after finishing the first night of self-defense. Killing animals is a quick way to find sustenance. Alternatively, you can cultivate crops using a variety of seeds.
Instructions for the game Minecraft Trial
Instructions for the game Minecraft Trial

3 Download and installation guidelines for the trial version of the video game Minecraft.

3.1 Using a computer

  • Step 1: You must first download and set up the BlueStacks app on your PC HERE.
  • Step 2: After the Bluestack software has been successfully downloaded and installed. After that, visit PlayStore and log into Google.
  • Step 3: Enter a search term in the box in the top right corner of the trial search screen for Minecraft. Click here to download the Minecraft trial version.
  • Step 4: Following the completion of the Minecraft trial installation. You can launch the game by clicking the Minecraft trial icon on the screen.
Instructions for downloading and installing Minecraft Trial game
Instructions for downloading and installing Minecraft Trial game

3.2. On Android phones

The Minecraft trial version is a completely free version of the original Minecraft. Only Android-based mobile devices can use this version. The simplest tutorial for installing the Minecraft Trial for Android devices is provided below.

  • Step 1: Launch the browser on your Android device and type in “apkmody.biz
  • Step 2: Next, use the search bar to look for and download the Minecraft Trial game apk mody file.
  •  step 3: Wait a few minutes for the file to fully download. then choose the mod apk file for the game Minecraft Trial from the downloads folder.
  • Step 4: A message board that you may choose to install or not will now be displayed on your phone’s UI. To initiate the download and begin playing, you click “yes.”

4 What distinguishes Minecraft Trial from the original game?

Here are several key distinctions between Minecraft Trial and the main version of the game.

While the full edition of Minecraft costs money to download, users can download the trial version for free.

  • The original edition of Minecraft allows for unlimited play, whereas the trial version has a 90-minute time limit.
  • The trial edition of Minecraft has few features, and doesn’t allow you to play on the company’s servers or connect to your friends online.
  • Even if a person spends money to purchase the full edition of Minecraft, the world they have created in the trial version will not be carried over
Minecraft Trial has some differences from Minecraft
Minecraft Trial has some differences from Minecraft

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5 Notes for the trial version of Minecraft

Every game has its own restrictions, and the free version of Minecraft has some restrictions as well. For players to more easily grasp this game, we have compiled the following notes:

  • The Minecraft trial edition of the game is totally free, and purchasing a license is not necessary.
  • At the moment, the Minecraft trial is only available on Android.
  • Players may be restricted by some features because it is merely a trial game for the Minecraft software.

6 Conclusion

It can be said that Minecraft trial is a very attractive version of the game that is also completely free. Help gamers to experience the Minecraft game before deciding whether to buy or not? So, if you’re debating whether or not to get a license for Minecraft, the trial version is the best option. Try it, then tell us what you think!

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