Bistro Heroes APK + MOD (Immortal, One Hit) v4.5.0

Bistro Heroes APK + MOD (Immortal, One Hit) v4.5.0

Updated on Saturday, June 3rd, 2023

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Bistro Heroes
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Bistro Heroes – super cute role-playing game has arrived APK MOD

For a long time, role-playing games have attracted numerous players because of the creative elements in the game’s plot and the increasing challenge to gain experience and level up. One of those hit games is Bistro Heroes APK MOD

It is not simply a fighting role-playing game, Bistro Heroes become unique and special for many players thanks to the idea of ​​the game. Although produced and developed by a young candidate in the field of online games, Bistro Heroes has confirmed its position when it was just released. Why do characters in games fight? Fight for what? It will clarify all answers below.

1 The overview of Bistro Heroes

Produced by the publisher Team Tapas – a young candidate in programming and online game production, Bistro Heroes apk mod has created many impressive achievements when becoming a game that is chosen by the editors of Google Play and apk mody, included in the list of typical games of this app store.

1.1. Context programmed in the game

Bistro Heroes apk mod takes place in a fantasy world, with two main characters, Coq au Vin and Ayran. These two girls were exhausted after going through a long journey, leaving the magnificent capital and removing to the countryside.

Context is programmed in the game
Context is programmed in the game

They could not hold on any longer. The two girls suddenly smelled the smoke of food emanating from a roadside restaurant. The delicious food of the beautiful owner saved Vin and Ayran from hunger, they stopped and helped the owner rebuild that small restaurant, and this is where the story begins.

1.2. Integrating features to build your restaurant

Instead of fighting to protect the villagers or world peace like other action role-playing games, the purpose of fighting of the characters in Bistro Heroes is just to collect and store materials, bringing it to their owner. The owner prepares dishes to help their restaurant expand and upgrade.

Players collect cooking ingredients by going to the forest to hunt. Each area in Bistro Heroes apk mod will have from 1 to 2 ingredients, usually including foods such as mushrooms, chicken, pork, seafood,… which are enough to process dishes for their restaurant.

1.3. Making a great team together

To complete the mission favorably, players need to find for themselves great teammates, depending on their strength to defeat the strongest enemies in the jungle. 

Making a great team together
Making a great team together

Usually, a team will have a maximum of 4 members, each member possesses unique skills and strengths. By working together, the members support each other to destroy monsters that appear on their way, collecting loot and money to build their restaurant.

2 Tips to play basic Bistro Heroes for beginners

There are many things that you need to do when you first play Bistro Heroes apk mod. One of these important things is to invest and upgrade your character. As mentioned above, each character in Bistro Heroes has different skills. For example, a character with the role of a gladiator will fight differently than a mage or gunner character. By using crystals, players can help their character increase attack power and blood counts, making the character invincible in the hunt.

Tips to play basic Bistro Heroes for beginners
Tips to play basic Bistro Heroes for beginners

Next, building your strong team is also the key to speeding up the victory in missions.

Be careful and use your attacks at the right time, because each attack after use takes a while to refresh.

And last thing, do not forget to do daily quests to get free gems and items. Those low-value items will help you have a good foundation before becoming a strongest warrior.

3 Downloading and installing Bistro Heroes to your smartphone

Download and install Bistro Heroes games apk mod on your phone is very simple and does not take much time.

Downloading and installing Bistro Heroes to your smartphone
Downloading and installing Bistro Heroes to your smartphone

Step 1: Go to website, go to the search bar and enter the name Bistro Heroes (or you can type Bistro Heroes apk mod at Google);

Step 2: Carefully read the game information and instructions, select download;

Step 3: The download process takes a few seconds. The game file will appear in the folder manager. You select that file, click YES when the window installation appears;

Step 4: After completing the installation, the game icon appears on the phone screen. You log in (or register) to experience the game.

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4 The advantages of roleplaying in Bistro Heroes version available at

Compared to the original version released by Tapas, Bistro Heroes apk mod available at has the MOD feature that helps your character become invincible against enemies, even if it is the boss. You do not spend a lot of energy and blood counts. You stand out from your team members when you defeat hordes of monsters easily.

The function of cooking dishes from ingredients got from hunting also makes players enjoy this game. Thanks to bonuses, ingredients and materials, players upgrade the diner into a more beautiful restaurant.

The advantages of roleplaying in Bistro Heroes version available at
The advantages of roleplaying in Bistro Heroes version available at

Another impressive point is that the publisher fixes the game modes in Bistro Heroes. Fishing mode, helping players relax mentally. Dungeon mode, with countless attractive rewards, helps players get rich easily.

Besides, graphics and sound also contribute significantly to the success of the game. Players can clearly feel the sound of birds singing, the insects in the forest, and especially the sounds and effects when the player turns on the battle mode.

5 Conclusion

Bistro Heroes apk mod is the first game released by Tapas when this studio was just established. By using familiar RPG gameplay and innovative game ideas, the game has defeated many formidable opponents during the announced period. Besides creative ideas, lovely character creation, attractive sound and graphics, the game also steals the player’s taste with delicious and eye-catching food images.

If you are a food lover, passionate about fighting games but want to relax more than thinking, choose Bistro Heroes at from today.

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