Zombie Tsunami APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v4.5.116

Zombie Tsunami APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v4.5.116

Updated on Monday, June 12th, 2023

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Zombie Tsunami
MOD Features
Android 4.4 Can play offline

Hack Zombie Tsunami – Unlimited MOD

Hack Zombie Tsunami is a very attractive game, especially it will be much more interesting if you immediately use Hack Zombie Tsunami (Full diamond, gold and max level, unlimited brain). In addition, you can also download the hacked version of zombie tsunami MOD Full Menu (Unlimited money, brain, not explode. Even unlock All birds, call Tsunami waves, call UFOs in the game and don’t get bombed. exploding,…). To download for free and understand better, read and share in the article below of APKMody.biz right now!

About Hack Zombie Tsunami 

Introduction to the zombie tsunami hack game
Introduction to the zombie tsunami hack game

What is Hack Zombie Tsunami do you know about this game or not? If not, please refer to the following outline system of APKMody.biz!

General information about Hack Zombie Tsunami

  • Game name: Zombie Tsunami.
  • Publisher: Mobigame S.A.R.L.
  • Size: Approximately 72MB.
  • Operating system: Android 4.4+ and above.
  • MOD features: Full level 197 or Full pet, Gold, Brain,…
  • Game price: 100% free.

Find out what Hack Zombie Tsunami is with 

This is a game apk mod with quite simple gameplay but extremely attractive to players. It has attracted thousands of downloads on Android phones. Especially, today APKMody.biz will share with you the Zombie Tsunami MOD Hack with unlimited money and diamonds. Through it, you can use it to upgrade the game, unlock eggs, .. when participating.

If usually the only way to survive is to kill Zombies, Zombie Tsunami is completely the opposite. You in the game are the Zombies to destroy humanity and destroy the city. You will have to move non-stop, with obstacles and prey in front. The higher the Level, the more difficult the difficulty will increase and challenge your ability to control Zombies.

What’s attractive about the Hack Zombie Tsunami version?

In this MOD version, there will be many new attractive advantages. As follows:

  • Controlling the entire Zombie crowd is simpler with just one button.
  • You will have the opportunity to receive great rewards such as: Ninja, Dragon, UFO, …
  • Many upgrades are waiting for you to unlock to experience exciting things.
  • New feature to raise Zombie birds and use their power to join the game more easily.
  • Provide a system with more than 300 different missions waiting for you to conquer.
  • Provide up to 11 different backgrounds on your way.
  • More optimized for speed, smoother gameplay than all previous Android models.

The skills in Hack Zombie Tsunami game – APKMody.biz

Skills required in the zombie tsunami hack game
Skills required in the zombie tsunami hack game

The skills in Hack Zombie Tsunami game – APKMody.biz

You can use one of the skills listed below by APKMody.biz. They will help you survive and destroy vehicles extremely quickly.

Basic Features

  • GiantZ: All Zombies will turn into a giant zombie, destroying everything through his Laser eye. You can upgrade to let the Laser shoot more rays with greater destructive power.
  • Ninja: Your Zombies will turn into Ninja possessing a sharp Katana that can cut everything with just one slash. You can control Ninja to jump twice by tapping twice in a row on the screen.
  • Gold: Zombies will turn into gold with the ability to turn everything into gold coins to collect, but they can still die if they fall into the abyss.
  • Quarterback: Zombies will wear oval suits, immune to all dangers but they will be afraid of wormholes.
  • Tsunami: This is also the most powerful skill. Zombies will summon a tsunami and then ride on them and destroy everything. In this state, you will be completely immortal. Tap repeatedly on the screen to keep the tsunami as high as possible.
  • Dragon: Dragon will have the ability to fly for a period of time, you should press continuously to create jumps for the dragon. At the first level, dragons still take damage if you hit a bomb, but you can upgrade to overcome this.
  • Balloon: Help your Zombies hover overhead, avoiding vehicles or deep pits under the road.
  • U.F.O: Will continuously increase the number of Zombies for you.

Two more add-on features:

  • Mecha: It’s a robot with a saw blade in hand, cutting everything on the road.
  • RiderZ: This is a skill that requires a high level to unlock. Zombies will drive racing cars and can climb up if they accidentally fall into the pit. When you upgrade, they also become invincible.

Interesting experiences when playing Hack Zombie Tsunami – APKMody.biz

Immediately experience the exciting feelings when participating in the zombie tsunami hack game
Immediately experience the exciting feelings when participating in the zombie tsunami hack game

You will experience very interesting and attractive things in the Zombie Tsunami MOD version that has been listed by APKMody.biz as follows.

The rules of the game are simple but very attractive

Starting the game you will only have a single Zombie. After the cannibal missions, you will have more and more Zombies. And if you have money, you can open more Zombies for yourself, so that your army will be more.

They will only stop when you have no more Zombies. To survive, you will run and overcome obstacles, eat people to increase the number of troops. The gameplay is very simple, surely for newbies, it will not be as long as you imagine!

There are many ways to own more Zombies

To get more Zombies, the easiest way is to eat people on the way. In addition, you can destroy vehicles that will also help you get more Zombies. Large vehicles will be proportional to the number of Zombies received.

Benefits of playing Hack Zombie Tsunami Game

When you play, you will use the zombie tsunami MOD Full hack, all of which will have more advantages. MOD will help you have unlimited money and diamonds. Thanks to that, you can buy items, buy Zombies, buy eggs, … and upgrade your game.

More specifically, you can open Max Level to conquer difficult and attractive challenges ahead.

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Hack Zombie Tsunami is confirmed by APKMody.biz as a game with simple gameplay and high entertainment. When you use this Full MOD version, it will make it much easier for you to participate in the game. Hope you will install successfully and win many victories!

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Zombie Tsunami V4.5.103

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