CCleaner APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) v6.4.1

CCleaner APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked) v6.4.1

Updated on Thursday, July 21st, 2022

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CCleaner Pro MOD APK (Professional Unlocked) download simply

When using your phone or computer, you may notice that it lags or takes a long time to load. Because, after a period of time, the system will accumulate a growing number of garbage files. Duplicate files, as well as those containing viruses, can cause the computer to crash. The publisher Piriform has created the CCleaner Pro Mod Apk program market to address this issue. This is an Android device cleaning and cleaning app apk that assists users in troubleshooting and improving the functionality of their device. Let’s look at some general information about Cleaner Master Pro Apk and how to get it on your phone in today’s article.

General information about Cleaner Pro Mod Apk:
General information about Cleaner Pro Mod Apk:

Introducing CCleaner pro

CCleaner Pro Mod Apk is a popular program that many people are familiar with right now. It assists the device in detecting and removing trash files from the system, ensuring that the machine’s performance is as reliable and smooth as new.

CCleaner pro can scan and analyze hard drive space status

CCleaner will first let you scan the entire phone and report the current capacity condition thanks to the integrated AI recognition technology. They keep track of which parts take up the most space, which parts have the most frequency, and so on… The information serves as the basis for removing superfluous files, folders, and albums and storing them in a filter list. uninstalled in order to free up space on your phone

Ccleaner master pro apk will automatically discover duplicate and useless files and begin searching for the owner after reporting the status.

Features to clean up redundant files in smart devices 
Features to clean up redundant files in smart devices

Duplicating files, images, and movies, repeatedly downloading files, and having a large number of files that are constantly present but never (and will never) be opened are all reasons why phones are always in use. operation takes a long time As a result, too much capacity is squandered, resulting in slow yet aged devices. The primary function of CCleaner is to eliminate superfluous files.

CCleaner pro mod apk can intelligently scan, filter, and search for files such as duplicates, garbage files, and long-saved but inactive files. If you give CCleaner permission, it will automatically erase these files in the quickest time possible.

After running the CCleaner Master Pro apk‘s full capacity analysis, users should employ the automatic garbage removal feature. Examine the rarely used file sections carefully before deciding whether to let CCleaner do the work for you or to do it yourself. Make sure the program doesn’t erase crucial files by accident because it takes too long to forget about them on the device.

CCleaner pro removes the application completely

On the phone, deleting a file, folder, or application is more complicated than simply deleting the icon. If you do it manually, you’ll have to figure out where they came from and then delete them to make them fully disappear. When users download ccleaner pro apk, however, the file is removed completely at the root, leaving no trace. This will ensure that the device’s clean capacity is recovered.

App censorship

CCleaner pro mod apk can be used by normal users and they do not care much because most people think that the machine is heavy due to many files. But in fact, this feature is extremely necessary. It will help limit programs running in the background (of course we can’t see them) from arising in the process of browsing the web or doing tasks on the computer. Therefore, helping to save space and improve the working performance of the phone a lot, sometimes the space cleaned from this section is more than from deleting files, images, and videos.

CCleaner also has a Hibernate hibernation feature, which allows you to stop applications from operating in the background until they are manually opened. This functionality can also be used to actively select applications while using your device while still conserving space.

The software has a smart auto-censorship feature.
The software has a smart auto-censorship feature.

What is CCleaner master pro mod apk?

Users that download Cleaner Pro apk will be able to take advantage of a number of unique features.

Outstanding features

  • Premium Unlocked

You don’t have to pay a dime to use the exclusive features of the ccleaner pro mod apk premium subscription as it is completely modified from the ground up for the benefit of the users.

  • Remove ads

CCleaner is known for its quality services to its users, but at the same time, irrelevant ads create a lot of confusion. Therefore, we have removed all ads from CCleaner Mod Apk for a better user experience.

The remarkable feature of CCleaner Pro Apk Mod is automatic cleaning. You need to set it up once to automatically clean unusual things. The app will then do the cleaning work on its own without any manual action until the feature is enabled.

  • Some other features of CCleaner Pro

Automatic record saving.

You can optimize various settings as you like.

Great features of ccleaner pro apk free download
Great features of ccleaner pro apk free download

How to use software effectively

The ccleaner pro mod apk allows users to manage all programs installed on their computers by clicking Tools and selecting Uninstall.

A list of installed programs appears. You can uninstall them, fix errors, rename them. When performing these modifications, the Control Panel on the computer also changes accordingly. Besides, we can save the program list to a text file for easy control.

Once you’ve set up CCleaner, you can run the program automatically or create a shortcut or hotkey to run the program silently.

CCleaner pro mod apk download easily

Users must remove the original version of Google Play if they have previously installed it in order to download the ccleaner pro mod apk version to their phone.

Only then will you be able to download the modified APK and set your device to enable installation of unknown apps.

Begin installing the APK file you just downloaded. Wait until the procedure is complete. As a result, you can use the ccleaner apk pro application on your phone right away.

Ccleaner Pro Apk Download for Android Mobile Devices
Ccleaner Pro Apk Download for Android Mobile Devices

>>>see more this apk application when installed will help you use network resources better, more stable, play games with faster speed.


CCleaner’s premium features not only provide better functionality for users but also take device performance to the next level. We hope that the above information about ccleaner pro mod apk will help everyone in their search for the perfect app.

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CCleaner V6.4.1

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