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Updated on Tuesday, July 19th, 2022

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Download APK – VPN MOD APK simply and easily VPN Mod APK  is a mobile DNS of Cloudflare, this service company also provides DNS for computer users. And after long considering the outstanding features, this company has brought DNS 1.1 1.1 VPN Mod APK to the mobile platform through the app store on Android, this app apk when installed will help you use better network source stability, play games at a faster speed and can access networks that block you from connecting.

Chi tiết hướng dẫn về APK
Detail instructions on APK

Introduction about APK

From the above superior effects of Mod APK, let’s also learn more about this application before searching for its name and downloading it. You will definitely be convinced and feel this app apk is completely worthy of being in your own app store.

Exceptional speed with WARP APK

If the VPN services you are familiar with such as ExpressVPN, Panda VPN Pro or Psiphon Pro, but their speed still does not make you feel satisfied or does not have any outstanding attractive features, please find out the VPN APK – outstanding speed. VPN APK‘s speed is fast because instead of going through the process of hiding your original IP to create a separate network tunnel, WARP just encrypts the end-to-end traffic between your devices and Cloudflare, while creating a layer of protection against external threats.

In addition, the protocol used is also important. It directly affects the speed and performance of information transmission between the browser/application and receiving immediate responses from that Server. WARP creates packets of information sent and received without complicated checks, that’s because WARP is built around the UDP protocol that Cloudflare has optimized for your mobile device.

One thing to keep in mind when using WARP to access the Internet is that the default traffic that Cloudflare gives you is limited. You can continue to use the app by sharing the app with friends and acquaintances to get 1GB back for each share or pay $4.99 per month to buy the premium version with unlimited traffic when you use the WARP APK.

Vượt qua tốc độ với APK WARP
Exceptional speed with the WARP APK

Is it okay to not use WARP VNP APK?

Whether you choose to use it or not, it does not affect the existence of Mod APK. This application has a completely free connector for users. However, the speed when accessing the Internet will be significantly slower because this protocol has not been optimized thanks to WARP. Instead of just encrypting from your device to Cloudflare’s server, you need to encrypt the entire transmission, so it will take more time to perform.

Comprehensive security

Security of VPN APK is very reliable. Cloudflare has a strong DNS network leading the world, so Mod APK has taken advantage of this reputable resource to fully protect you against the threats you may face while using a mobile device.

This is especially useful when you use Wifi in public places and with the warning that they are not secure. These routers are not really secure and you cannot hold anyone responsible when your device is hacked by hackers taking away important personal information or illegally installing tracking software without you even knowing.

So, you should connect to VPN and bad actions will be prevented by DNS and WARP encryption layer.

APK toàn diện bảo mật của VPN
Comprehensive security of VPN APK

Protect privacy

One of the other strengths of Setup is Absolute protection of user privacy. If you are annoyed when others see your Internet browsing history, use this app as a lifesaver. VPN APK will delete all data, search history, or traces as long as you request it, including in Session and Cookies that are passed back and forth between the device and the server receiving the query.

You can choose to schedule them to be deleted for a certain period of time when you don’t want to lose all your data as soon as you turn off the VPN. All these functions are aimed at comfort and usefulness for each user’s purpose.

Browse apps and games

VPN APK is not only used for Web browsing, but you can use it to play all the games you want without worrying about being restricted by the policies of each country, and you will feel the speed and smoothness when playing games at the same time.

MOD APK version of

In this MOD version, you will receive the utility of Unlocking Free WARP +, you will not worry about the limitation of 2G like before, but you can use unlimited capacity for free and the functions are still guaranteed at 100%.

MOD APK phiên bản
MOD APK version of

Features 1.1 1.1 VPN MOD APK compared to APK Pro:

The common feature of these two types is that you can use WARP+ unlimited capacity without worrying about interruption while using.

The difference is how you get this infinity. With the APK Pro package, you will have to top up ($4.99/month) to enjoy the above function. While you will be completely free to use 1.1 1.1 VPN Mod APK. With this difference, you certainly have the right to use this wonderful application in the best and most economical way.

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To download this application safely, you should:

         Visit the Website: APKMod.

        Or use AppStore, and Chplay on mobile devices.

        Then click Download APK MOD, this App will appear immediately for you to download.


Tải xuống APK WARP không giới hạn WARP unlimited APK download


Above are all the features that make 1.1 1.1 VPN MOD APK so popular around the world. You will be completely assured of the safety and usefulness that it brings. At the same time, you can also find how to WARP unlimited MOD APK Download. Wish you have a pleasant experience using this great app!

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