TextNow APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v22.31.0.1

TextNow APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked) v22.31.0.1

Updated on Saturday, June 3rd, 2023

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Textnow: International free phone and messaging service 

A software called TextNow offers limitless free texting and calling. This application specifically aids users in connecting and communicating with friends and family members in the US, Canada, and many other nations. So let’s clarify what TextNow is and how consumers may download the TextNow apk mod. Let’s learn more by reading the article below!

1 Introducing the Textnow app

The Textnow app was introduced in 2009 by two college students with the goal of reducing phone charges. To provide consumers with a texting and calling app that is entirely free, all they need is a WiFi or 4G network connection.

TextNow is a free texting and calling app
TextNow is a free texting and calling app

Updated and released for more than ten years Numerous operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Android, support Textnow. On various platforms, Textnow received 100 million downloads in 2017.

2 The advantages of Textnow

2.1. Free texting and calling

You can send free texts and calls when utilizing the Textnow app. For a new phone number with the chosen area code, users can download and register TextNow. This phone number allows users to send and receive an endless number of messages. Additionally, TextNow allows users to send messages that include images, animated GIFs, etc. Particularly, recipients can still receive messages via the conventional method of sending ordinary SMS; they are not required to use TextNow.

2.2. Cost savings from new technology

Users will no longer be responsible for paying international roaming fees when using TextNow. Instead, consumers can use WiFi wherever to connect with family members in other nations. It can be said that TextNow is the first choice for foreign tourists.

The advantages of Textnow
The advantages of Textnow

Users of TextNow are given a toll-free area code number that they may use to make free phone calls, video calls, and text messages in order to stay in touch with friends and family wherever they are. Just enable WiFi or network data to charge.

2.3 Give you a second phone number.

Using a phone number can be extremely inconvenient at times in life. You desire greater personal solitude and like to keep your personal and professional lives apart. The best option in that case is Textnow. You can utilize a free second phone number you create to communicate discreetly with loved ones.

The best part is that TextNow allows users to call any phone, computer, or device outside of their network, in contrast to other calling services that only let you initiate video chats with others using the same application. All that is required is an Internet connection on any tablet or PC.

2.4. Global communications

The TextNow software enables users to communicate with about 240 different nations in addition to the two main supported nations, the United States and Canada. Users can call friends and family members who live abroad, however the connection time will be lengthier than with conventional calling.

Textnow has a lot of outstanding features
Textnow has a lot of outstanding features

With the TextNow app, you can make international calls for roughly 0.01 USD per minute, which is far less expensive than regular calling rates. Additionally, TextNow can help you save money and earn additional calling time by having you complete certain tasks. As a result, this application is worthwhile to try out because it is both fascinating and quite practical.

3 installation guidelines for the Textnow Apk mod

3.1. Download Textnow Apk mod for phone and computer:

Textnow is currently accessible on all 4 operating platforms, including Android, Windows, and macOS. The Textnow app apk mod must be downloaded by users in order to continue with the installation because this application is currently unavailable on Android smartphones in Vietnam.

installation guidelines for the Textnow Apk mod
installation guidelines for the Textnow Apk mod

To get Textnow on both computers and mobile devices, follow these simple instructions from apkmody.biz

Step 1 is to launch the browser on your computer or mobile device and look for the Textnow mod apk download.

Step 2: Next, click download and wait a little while for the file apk mody to fully download. After downloading, choose Textnow from the downloads folder.

Step 3: Right after that, your computer or phone’s interface will prompt you to decide whether to install it or not. You select “yes” to begin downloading and utilizing.

>>> Also you can refer to the Google Voice Application is a free Google service. It supports the integration of all mobile phone services as well as the simultaneous forwarding of calls to multiple devices. You can quickly make both domestic and international calls from there.

3.2. What features does TextNow MOD APK have?

  • Credits Premium Unlock Unlimited
  • No advertisements

The mod apk version of Textnow will unlock nearly all premium features that were locked in the original version. Therefore, stop waiting and download it right away!

4 Conclusion

The information provided above is helpful in understanding the Textnow program, which offers users a wealth of exceptional capabilities and is really convenient. Please install it and use it; you will undoubtedly appreciate it. Additionally, if you have any inquiries, kindly leave a remark below so that we may assist you!

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TextNow v22.31.0.1

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