Total Commander APK v3.40b2d

Total Commander APK v3.40b2d

Updated on Sunday, August 28th, 2022

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Total Commander
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Total Commander – Effectively manage and change data.

Total Commander APK is a well-known desktop file manager app. To keep things organized, you can now use the Android version of the same app on your phone and tablet. Let’s look at the great features and how to get this useful app.

1. How does Total Commander play a role?

It might not be required to store all the different file types in a specific order. However, if you don’t take efficient management measures at this point when your device contains hundreds of thousands of huge and little files for style, form, work, and personal objectives, it will be quite simple to become disoriented. You may encounter the following issues as a result of messy and disorganized mobile files:

How does Total Commander play a role?
How does Total Commander play a role?
  • I couldn’t find what I was looking for or still, however this process takes a while.
  • The load on the equipment is increasing both literally and figuratively.
  • Some files may even be repeatedly replicated without your knowledge.
  • It uses a lot of battery life each time you open a file to edit it.
  • At some point, it won’t be feasible to work and view videos at the same time.
  • Each item is saved with a kind and name, but the file is unable to identify their current location.
  • Because it takes a long time and is simple to become confused, finding the file each time causes the task to stagnate.

You’ll probably need to find a clever, practical, and attractive file management program for your device, like Total Commander, to resolve nearly all of these irritating problems.

2. What is Total Commander exactly??

One of the top file managers on the market right now is Total Commander. It includes features that are stated in other programs as well.

Total Commander app apk mod capabilities can extend beyond conventional bounds in addition to regular functions. And plugins assist in accomplishing this. On the Internet, you can typically find a description of this app as a file manager. But this tool is actually capable of much more.

What is Total Commander exactly?
What is Total Commander exactly?

There is an Android-specific version of Total Commander.

Important Information: There are NO advertisements in this Android app. However, the home directory does have a link that says “Add plugins (download)”. Due to the links to other apps, the Play Store views this as an advertisement (plugins).

3. Total Commander has what features?

3.1. Files can be copied, moved, and compared, including compressed file formats.

Total Commander Apk Mod software allows you to rename, move, copy, and compare files between two windows. Furthermore, the software allows you to search for files within the entire system as well as text formats. Not only that, but Total Commander can convert compressed file formats like ZIP, ARJ, LZH, RAR, UC2, TAR, and so on.

3.2. Transfer and upload files to hosts that support the FTP protocol.

The software assists users by uploading and transferring files to and from the network via FTP client software. It also supports a large number of FTP-enabled hosts; all users need is an account.

Transfer and upload files to hosts that support the FTP protocol.
Transfer and upload files to hosts that support the FTP protocol.

3.3. Use keyboard shortcuts to work quickly.

Shortcuts (from F1 to F10) make it easier for users to use, and if you are unfamiliar, you can change the shortcut at Option.

3.4. Allows for the installation of additional plugins

Total Commander supports the installation of additional plugins to make the software easier to use. And the majority of these plugins and tools are free to use. You can install and use free versions by downloading them online.

3.5. Both command line settings and drag & drop functionality are supported.

Total Commander also has a drag-and-drop capability to make things simpler for users. This feature eliminates the need to shift the pointer to the icon in order to drag files from one cell to another. 

Users can also set and command file movement, copy and paste, and remove files and folders using the command function in Total Commander. Users won’t need to utilize a mouse when this functionality is enabled; a keyboard will suffice.

Both command line settings and drag & drop functionality are supported.
Both command line settings and drag & drop functionality are supported.

3.6. Interface support for several languages and Unicode Fonts

Total Commander now supports several foreign languages in addition to the functions listed above. The user will choose the appropriate language during software installation. Additionally, users have the flexibility and ease to change the language interface while using. Additionally, this app has the ability to set documents in a Unicode typeface.

The six capabilities of Total Commander that we listed above will make managing folders on Windows much simpler and easier.

4. Shortcuts on the keyboard for Total Commander:

  • F1 to support
  • F2 to open the source window once more.
  • F3 to launch a file
  • F4 to change the selected file currently
  • F5 to copy File and Folder
  • F6 to rename or move a folder.
  • F7 to make a new folder.
  • F8 to remove files and folders.
  • F9 to open the menu bar with commands above the source window.
  • F10 The left command menu bar is enabled
  • Alt + F1 The left window’s drive should be changed.
  • Alt + F2 The right window’s drive should be changed.
  • Alt + F3 Utilize different file viewers.
  • Alt + F4 to exit Total Commander.
Keyboard shortcuts for Total Commander:
Keyboard shortcuts for Total Commander:
  • Use Alt + F5 to compress files and directories.
  • Delete the source while pressing F5, Alt, and Shift.
  • Pressing Alt and F7 will search
  • Alt + F8 See the list of commands that have been used.
  • Alt + F9 Remove the zipped file
  • Shift and F1 to open the current directory’s directory tree.
  • It opens the command menu so that columns can be presented in the window in a variety of ways.
  • F2 and Shift Compare the list of files in two windows.
  • If many files are chosen, F3 + Shift will show only the files underneath the cursor.
  • Shift and F4 to make a new text file and use the editor to write in it
  • Shift and F5 Duplicate and rename the file in the same folder.
  • F6 and Shift. Renaming files within the same directory
  • F10 and Shift Show context command menu

>>> see more Microsoft OneDrive apps is a cloud storage app, used to store and sync files, images, videos from one device to another when they are connected to the internet. Therefore, users can easily access and view such data at any time, and with any internet-enabled device.

5. Instructions for beginners on how to install Total Commander

Instructions for beginners on how to install Total Commander
Instructions for beginners on how to install Total Commander

Configuration for the entire commander

  • Operating systems include Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.
  • This requires 1 GB of memory (RAM).
  • There must be 100 MB of free storage space.
  • Processor: An Intel Pentium 4 or later.

Follow these instructions to get the app.

  • Step 1: Launch the tc1000x32 64 b5 file after you’ve successfully downloaded Total Commander 10 to your computer to get ready for installation.
  • Step 2: To choose the language, a new window will open. You click the next button after making your language selection.
  • Step 3: A new window requesting your decision to install all languages will open. Next, select the Next box.
  • Step 4: Verify the operating system version number you are using. Next, choose Next.
  • Step 5: The Install button will finally show up. Just click it.

6. Conclusion

In other words, you should download it if you need smart file management on mobile devices like phones and tablets to relieve the stress of having each file in an unorganized area and need many other tiny, practical assistance features. Total Commander will soon be put to use. When used, APKMODY.BIZ expects that everyone will find them to be beneficial.

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