Microsoft OneDrive APK v6.63 (Beta 1)

Microsoft OneDrive APK v6.63 (Beta 1)

Updated on Saturday, June 3rd, 2023

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Microsoft OneDrive
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6.63 (Beta 1)
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Get started with Microsoft OneDrive for beginner 

Technology develops, requiring people to constantly improve and being flexible in managing records and documents at work as well as in daily life. When the volume of files is massive, the device memory is not enough to meet the storage needs, computer algorithms have been born, creating cloud storage services with unlimited capacity.

One of the prominent services among them is Microsoft OneDrive, which comes from the famous company in the field of computer software development, Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft OneDrive APK MOD, the utility version for mobile devices, is now available at

1 The overview of Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive apk mod, also known as OneDrive, is a cloud storage app, used to store and sync files, images, videos from one device to another when they are connected to the internet. Therefore, users can easily access and view such data at any time, and with any internet-enabled device.

The overview of Microsoft OneDrive
The overview of Microsoft OneDrive

Apart from the method of operation similar to popular cloud storage software such as Box, Mega, Google Drive,… Microsoft OneDrive apk mod also has distinct features that make it popular among many users.

Microsoft OneDrive apk mod is not unlimited outgoing file, massive free capacity and pre-installed on devices which use Windows operating system. Therefore, users wanting to flexibly control data, they just download Microsoft OneDrive at the app apk mod, the number one mobile app store in Vietnam.

2 Download and setup Microsoft OneDrive on your device

As mentioned above, because it comes from the top company of Microsoft computer software development, Microsoft OneDrive is installed by default in computers using Windows operating system.  

Download and setup Microsoft OneDrive on your device
Download and setup Microsoft OneDrive on your device

If you own such devices, the only thing you need to do is download and install OneDrive for your mobile device.

Step 1: Going to website on Google and surfing to the search bar;

Step 2: Entering the Microsoft OneDrive keyword then searching;

Step 3: When the cloud logo of Microsoft OneDrive apk mod appears, selecting download, waiting for a moment; 

Step 4: Finding the downloaded OneDrive file, choosing YES to complete the installation process.

After performing all the above operations, the Microsoft OneDrive apk mod icon will appear on the main screen of your mobile device. Your mission is to log in and wait for the sync results.

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3 Why should we use Microsoft OneDrive apk mod at

Mody apk is the most famous and prestigious app store in Vietnam, with hundreds of apps and games, containing many attractive offers.

Most users of apps feel concerned when they see the high cost of using such apps. Microsoft OneDrive apk mod at is one of the important apps that working people should try to use. 

Why should we use Microsoft OneDrive apk mod at
Why should we use Microsoft OneDrive apk mod at

Using Microsoft OneDrive apk mod at will help you save costs, increase sync speed faster, login easier. With just 4 simple steps, all storage problems are neatly solved.

Moreover, you can rest assured that the app apk mod is the original version of the Microsoft corporation, which is constantly updated with new versions and possesses all the features a OneDrive needs, ensuring the full user’s app experience.

4 Microsoft OneDrive mastery guide

Before using app apk mods that contain personal data, the first thing users need to do is log in. Accounts backed up and synchronized on one device can be shared and accessed on another device (when that device also uses the same account), and that is one of the typical advantages of the cloud storage service.

Microsoft OneDrive mastery guide
Microsoft OneDrive mastery guide

In case you do not have a Microsoft OneDrive apk mod account, please click on the “create account” box. Microsoft will require subscribers to use their personal email and phone number to secure their account, so that users do not need to worry about forgetting their password or login information.

After having an account, you can create new folders, upload data to OneDrive, share data with others,… The features which are able to download multiple data files with high capacity and view documents, images and videos directly on OneDrive with high quality, helped many businesses to be flexible in exchanging information and storing large amounts of documents.

Sharing files with many users via Microsoft OneDrive easily
Sharing files with many users via Microsoft OneDrive easily

Simple to use, the process of downloading documents to the device does not take much time, Microsoft OneDrive is considered a huge archive of thousands of big and small companies today.

5 The pros and cons of Microsoft OneDrive

When discussing an app, we often consider both advantages and disadvantages. And so is Microsoft OneDrive apk mod. Beside convenient uses to help users be flexible in their work, OneDrive also has some small shortcomings. Although it is not significant or greatly affects the main function of the app, we cannot deny that these defects cause loss of points while experiencing.

5.1. The advantages of app apk mod

In terms of advantages, it is clear that Microsoft has succeeded in capturing the insight and needs of users in the age of technology.

The pros and cons of Microsoft OneDrive
The pros and cons of Microsoft OneDrive
  • Quick and easy creation, upload, sharing, synchronization;
  • Free to use with larger storage limit than many other cloud services;
  • Unlimited file upload size;
  • Use offline mode when there is no internet connection;
  • Automatically backup and sync Microsoft applications;
  • Most importantly, users can fully use the integrated office computing apps in OneDrive.

5.2. The disadvantages of app apk mod

Because it is a software developed by Microsoft corporation, Microsoft OneDrive apk mod works best only on devices using Windows operating system. Another disadvantage is the integration of too many utilities in a common app, making OneDrive complicated and affecting new users.

6 Conclusion

Branded as the “big boss” in the computer software development industry – Microsoft, Microsoft OneDrive apk mod defaults to the world’s most modern software quality and features. Saving time exchanging data, being a high-security storage source, including many office computing applications, being convenient to share and synchronize at the same time on many devices and cloud storage service, this cloud has become an essential part of many businesses around the world.

Download Microsoft OneDrive now at to experience the full and best of this app from today.

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