ZArchiver MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) v1.0.4

ZArchiver MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) v1.0.4

Updated on Tuesday, July 19th, 2022

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What is Zarchiver APK? Zarchiver Pro MOD APK Latest Download

If you are a person who always has to work with an Android phone which has a lot of important data files that must be stored, you will probably need an application to help you manage this data. Compressing data will make it easier to control and find documents. 

Read the article below of APK Mod to learn about the Zarchiver Pro MOD APK application that can solve all your storage difficulties!

1. What is ZArchiver APK?

ZArchiver APK is an application with a feature that allows users to compress and decompress files to facilitate data management on their Android phones. You can completely download this free application from Google Play. It is compatible with most versions of Android operating system.

ZArchiver has a simple and functional interface. In addition, it also supports most compressed files, for instance 7z (7zip), zip, bzip2 (bz2), gzip (gz), XZ, tar formats, along with 7z (7zip) decompressed files, zip, rar , rar5, bzip2, gzip, XZ, iso, tar, arj, cab, lzh, lha, lzma, xar and many more types of data files.

Simple interface of ZArchiver APK
Simple interface of ZArchiver APK

2. Special features of ZArchiver Pro APK

Similar to the features of other decompression applications on PC and smartphone, ZArchiver APK also provides you with special features dedicated to manage and security of data sets. We will list the functions of this App apk for you:

2.1. Create your archive files with ease

ZArchiver APK gives users the ability to create files in compressed formats with arbitrary numbers based on the individual needs of the user. A multitude of document formats are allowed to be archived to best facilitate users to store different types of information. 

What’s more, you can completely name data files according to your wishes and preferences. This feature makes it easier for customers to find information and data.

2.2. Decompress files at the fastest speed

In this decompression function, ZArchiver Pro APK focuses on improving the decompression speed. This application which is trusted by many users is rated as having a fast decompression speed, displaying the decompression progress for users to understand the time it takes to do this. Besides, ZArchiver Pro APK also displays the compressed folder size and after decompression.

2.3. Easily view your archive files

ZArchiver APK download gives users an easy experience to directly read stored documents such as PDF files, listen to music right on your device without having to use any other support tools.

With a simple and intuitive interface, users can control all stored information as a whole. An accompanying feature is that you are allowed to edit data files directly through the application, which is very convenient for users.

2.4. Create password to secure your files

Not only promoting flexibility and convenience for users, but ZArchiver Pro APK also integrates with the security function for important data files by setting a password. Users always feel safer and more assured that all their personal information is absolutely secure by the application. The case of information being stolen or leaked will never happen.

Một số tính năng của ZArchiver APK cho Android
Some features of ZArchiver APK for android

2.5. Interesting themes to play with

In the Pro version, users can change the light theme or dark theme to suit their preferences and needs when working with the phone. The simple color theme and the easy-to-find arrangement of files are a prominent feature of this mobile data storage application.

3. What’s different about the ZArchiver Pro MOD APK version?

To evaluate the difference of ZArchiver Pro APK, we will compare between Zarchiver Pro MOD APK and Zarchiver APK main version. There are some obvious differences between the two. 

Some of the newly improved features in Zarchiver Pro MOD APK which are not present in the main APK version will be listed below:

3.1. Flexible light and dark themes

This is a newer point of ZArchiver Pro MOD APK than the non-pro version. This function creates comfort for users when choosing a theme suitable for the surrounding light and dark space to avoid eye strain. 

There are many different light – dark modes for you to choose when using the Zarchiver pro APK application. For example, if you work late hours or do night shifts, you should choose dark and AMOLED mode to best regulate your eyes, avoiding eye pain. This cannot be done by the standard Zarchiver APK.

3.2. Password Archive

This new function helps you to store all the passwords you have set and used since you downloaded the app to your device. Your number of stored passwords is not limited on Zarchiver Pro MOD APK for android. Absent-minded people won’t have to fear forgetting their passwords anymore.

3.3. Permission to preview images in the archive

Another new feature of the pro version is the preview of the images in your archive. You can access and preview images in any file on the pro version, this is also a feature that hasn’t been added in the main android APK file.

Một số tính năng của Zarchiver Pro MOD APK cho Android
Some features of Zarchiver Pro MOD APK for android

3.4. Edit files in the archive

This is the last updated smart feature in Zarchiver Pro MOD APK. Users can easily edit files in the data contents stored on your Android phone. Not only can you edit the file content, but you can also edit the order of the files.

Data file editing tool is not included in the main APK version. So to experience these new features, we highly recommend you to download the pro version instead of always using the main APK version.

4. Zarchiver Pro APK Mod Download easily

Step 1: Open the Google Play application, type the name ZArchiver APK in the application search box.

Step 2: After the application you are looking for appears, click  ZArchiver APK download the application and wait a little while for the device to finish downloading the application. If the phone shows a message asking for access to the data stores on the phone, choose to allow it.

Step 3: Open the downloaded ZArchiver Pro APK Mod app and start archiving your data.

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5. Conclusion

So APK Mod introduced you to useful information about the features and how to download the Zarchiver Pro MOD APK application in the above article. Hopefully, this tool will make it easier for you to store, control, edit and synthesize the necessary data for the job. At the same time with the compression function, your phone will also save storage space, solving your memory capacity shortage problem. Good luck.

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