Citampi Stories APK v1.73.012r

Citampi Stories APK v1.73.012r

Updated on Tuesday, September 13th, 2022

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Citampi Stories
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Download Citampi Stories MOD APK ( no ads) for PC.

In the life simulation game Citampi Stories: Love Life RPG MOD APK, the player will experience leaving the family of the main character in order to pay back his parents’ debt. You will set aside some time to travel to a new city and discover it on your own in search of a new life. You will simultaneously travel to the locations you desire and locate the key locations that closely mimic real life. So read this post from APKMODY.BIZ right away to learn more about the game and discover how to install it on your device.

1. Describe the plot of the Citampi Stories.

The parents of the main character owe a sizable sum of money in debt. However, the borrower must be paid within 10 weeks. If the lawsuit cannot be settled soon, you will wed the gorgeous lender’s daughter. Finding a job in Citampi City, working hard, and then sending money back to your parents is your only option.

Describe the plot of the Citampi Stories.
Describe the plot of the Citampi Stories.

Players will encounter people here with a variety of personalities. However, they all have the traits of friendliness and kindness. By introducing yourself to them each day, you will win their friendship. In addition, participants can deepen their relationship by giving expensive gifts. To pick a sensible one, though, consider your personality and preferences.

For instance, Dr. Dimas would be reluctant to consume coffee due to his concern for his own health. Or perhaps Tigor, the main character, is a gym rat and dislikes fast food.

Players will have the chance to get to know seven stunning beauties in more detail. You’ll find the love of your life with one of these girls. To locate their true love in Citampi Stories Apk Mod, players should put in a lot of effort when giving gifts and chatting.

2. Citampi Stories’ free gameplay.

The main character of Citampi Stories: Love Life RPG must leave his family in order to pay back his parents’ debt, and the player will go through this experience. You will make the time to visit a new city and discover it on your own in search of a new life. The crucial locations that mimic actual life will be found while you go in the directions you desire. 

This implies that you can practically travel everywhere in the game. Investigate the city and engage in a variety of pursuits, including fishing, hiking, and employment. Furthermore, you can communicate with various people in various settings. In your story, what will you do? You receive assistance from a variety of persons in this city, including the police officer, the hotel, the restaurant owner.

Citampi Stories' free gameplay.
Citampi Stories’ free gameplay.

You are adored by many people in an unfamiliar city because you have a nice heart, are willing to learn, and are not frightened of challenges. Take every job that comes your way, assist others, carry out cute activities, engage in pleasant chat, and create fascinating connections. Alex, Elder Sen, Arpat, Brother Seno, Cleric Didi, Madame Lela Each newcomer brings with them a predetermined bond, an interesting tale, and fresh possibilities.

Then, one by one, you get to know seven stunning girls. Where the love boat docks will be one of them. It was the proper choice to leave and travel to Citampi. You not only pay off your parents’ debt, but you also get rich, amass a ton of life experience, lead a free and independent life, and accomplish some goals. And lastly, locate the woman of your dreams, fall in love, wed her, and start a happy family.

3. The Benefits of Citampi Stories MOD

3.1. Explore the city’s diverse job opportunities.

The instruction document will expressly state the player’s workload. Players can search for various jobs on the board by opening it and selecting from a range of topics. Of course, you should read the materials needed for this job. If your personality and your area of expertise do not mesh, you will then switch to a simpler career right away. Starting with jobs that don’t need a lot of expertise, players should gradually advance.

Explore the city's diverse job opportunities.
Explore the city’s diverse job opportunities.

When compared to real life, Citampi Stories‘s division of the time into day and night is accurate. Time will go swiftly when the player completes a task, and you will be paid when it is finished. As a result, you do not need to be concerned about running out of money to support your lifestyle.

3.2. Go beyond friendships and establish relationships. 

In order to improve our social skills, it will also be crucial to interact with our neighbors (and to buy them gifts). As a result, we will be able to meet some single women, strengthen our bond, and eventually flirt with them before getting hitched and starting a family. 

If possible, one should avoid selling their children. Your choices during the story will determine one of several possible outcomes. We will also be able to enjoy winks and parodies as the journey progresses, which will make us smile.

Go beyond friendships and establish relationships. 
Go beyond friendships and establish relationships.

3.3. Interact with enigmatic women.

You will get the chance to engage with seven female characters who have utterly alluring looks, which is an intriguing aspect of Citampi Stories. You can find the first chick in a McDonald’s fast food establishment. 

From there, you can engage with this individual, but you shouldn’t make the decision to feel anything just yet. Find the female you like by looking for other girls. When you may marry and start a family with the female you adore, the developer will provide you with a real life.

You will continue to work tirelessly, better yourself, and do not be afraid to do all the hard work in the family, such as opening a home shop for your wife, bringing her fish and vegetables while she is pregnant, being by her side whenever she is sad or worried, buying her beautiful clothes, taking care of all electricity and water bills, and bank bills. The number of good days is undoubtedly unlimited, but life is different from being frequently single.

Interact with enigmatic women.
Interact with enigmatic women.

3.4. RPG-style graphics. 

Fans of the RPG subgenre will find Citampi Stories to be particularly appealing due to their 8-bit graphics. You will appreciate each and every aspect of this game because it is so wonderfully made. Just for the graphics, if you enjoy Pokemon games in general, you will adore this one. Additionally, it’s entertaining because of the pleasant, cozy atmosphere that the lifelike effects and background noise create.

4. How is the Citampi Stories APK installed? 

From, get the Citampi Stories: Love and Life Sim RPG APK, then perform the following: 

  • Visit APKMODY.BIZ Files and select the Citampi Stories Games APK MOD file you just downloaded. 
  • When prompted, select “Install”. 
  • Your device will install the APK file you downloaded.
How is the Citampi Stories APK installed? 
How is the Citampi Stories APK installed?

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5. Questions and answers to Citampi Stories

The questions about the game that follow are meant to assist gamers have the greatest experience possible. Players with experience have reviewed, rated, and shared these solutions.

5.1. Is it possible to play Citampi Stories offline?

You can play the game without an online connection. This unique feature makes it incredibly simple and convenient for you to join. You can play the game and participate at any time, no matter where you are. Space and time have no bounds.

5.2. Is it simple to play Citampi Stories?

The controls in Citampi Stories are easy to use; all you have to do is steer them in the desired direction. The player then just chooses which residences or personalities to interact with. There are also other buttons that can be customized. You will be directed by a very intricate algorithm as you play. You don’t need to worry too much so you can enjoy the event.

Is it simple to play Citampi Stories?
Is it simple to play Citampi Stories?

5.3. Is there a cost for Citampi Stories?

Downloading the game is absolutely free. You can shop and use money limitlessly at the same time.

6. Conclusion

Citampi Stories replicates the existence of pixel graphics while paying close attention to both the visuals and audio. The way the game immerses you in someone’s life and allows you to witness both its highs and lows will cause you to automatically look back on your own life and consider many worthwhile things. Download the game right now and play it now.

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