Fap CEO APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.107

Fap CEO APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.107

Updated on Monday, June 5th, 2023

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Fap CEO – Become a real CEO

Have you ever wished to become the CEO of a leading entertainment company in the world? Surely this will be the wish of many people. However, not everyone can do it because of many different factors.

But today, apkmody.biz will let you try with the feeling of becoming a talented CEO in the entertainment field. By participating in the game Fap CEO, you will begin to develop your entertainment company.

About Fap CEO

A detailed introduction to Fap Ceo
A detailed introduction to Fap Ceo

In this game, you are a CEO of a small company, responsible for hiring employees, managing them and finding ways to grow your company. If this company is real, apkmody.biz can confirm that you are the luckiest man on Earth.

Why? Your staff are all extremely beautiful and hot girls. Of course, you will be the only man in the company. Besides growing your company, you can also find ways to flirt with them and invite them to dinner.

Great experiences at Fap CEO

Great experiences at Fap CEO
Great experiences at Fap CEO

Building a company

Like Game apk mod Dev Tycoon, the gameplay of Fap CEO basically revolves around managing and developing a company owned by you.

Starting a business, you do not have much capital in hand, do not have many employees and the whole office has only one employee. Your task is to constantly work to develop for the company, when it is profitable you can hire yourself new employees to grow stronger.

But what industry does your company operate in? And how to make more profit? Your company is in the entertainment industry, you will hire these beautiful, hot girls and let them live stream images via social networks, attracting viewers to bring in revenue.

You just have to control the girls to talk and sing along with the people watching, thanks to their beauty and charm, these girls will bring you revenue. So you need to constantly develop your company.

Expand & Hire Staff

If your company is successful, famous beautiful girls will automatically come to apply for jobs, but you don’t have to look. It’s great that you can choose beautiful and extremely attractive girls with hot bodies, you can talk to them to recruit anyone to work for your company.

In addition to working in the company, you can flirt and chat with your employees, you are a happy CEO. With hiring more employees to work for the company, you need to expand the office. and build new recording and recording studios for the girls to do their jobs.

Expanding your company and building new studios requires a certain amount of money. Generate a lot of revenue, from which you can grow the company in your own way. Also, you guys have to upgrade your staff, they can bring more money.


Fap CEO is developed with 2D graphics that are not too prominent but still appreciated by many players for the image. Because the girls in the game are very beautiful. Each girl has her own beauty in hair color, skin color, eyes, … that makes you fall in love. So the new game Fap CEO allows you to chat and flirt with them via email messages. Game Fap CEO if invested in high quality 3D graphics, it will be much better.

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Some frequently asked questions when playing and downloading Fap CEO

Some frequently asked questions when playing and downloading Fap CEO
Some frequently asked questions when playing and downloading Fap CEO

Does Fap CEO have an iOS version?

Game FAP CEO is only released on the Nutaku platform or downloaded from apkmody.biz. The game is only for Android devices. Even on Google Play there will not be this game.

I often miss events, so how do I not miss them?

Events are created regularly, you can play the game every day so you don’t miss it. Or you can also re-join old events so as not to miss interesting stories.

I wonder if Fap CEO is a 2D or 3D game?

At first glance, you will think it is a 3D game because the character creation in the game is 3D style. But in fact, this is just a game with 2D graphics quality.

How to quickly unlock cutscenes?

Please play the MOD version of apkmody.biz, it’s not too easy but will help you quickly unlock the photos you want.

Why install the Launch file to install the game?

For FAP CEO alone, you need to download this file to be able to install it on your Android phone. Even Android emulators.

How to make MOD features work?

Extremely simple, you just need to download the game to install and experience, no need to activate the MOD feature.

Will my phone not get a virus from the APK file?

Of course not. APKmody.biz APK file has been thoroughly checked, it does not pose any threat to your phones!


Fap CEO is a really great simulation game, the game not only helps you get used to running the company but also helps you relax with beautiful and extremely hot girls.

If you really have such company in real life, you are an admirable man who is both a successful man and loved by many girls. Fap CEO MOD APK version of apkmody.biz will have unlimited monetization, allowing you to freely develop for your company. What are you waiting for without downloading Fap CEO immediately to your device to experience.

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Fap CEO v1.107

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