Dead Cells MOD APK (Unlimited Cells) v2.7.9

Dead Cells MOD APK (Unlimited Cells) v2.7.9

Updated on Wednesday, September 14th, 2022

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Dead cells
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Android 7.0 Can play offline

Dead cells apk Vietnameses version – Mobile dramatic action game

Dead Cells APK (Unlocked DLC, Unlimited Cells) is now a game apk mod with platform-action gameplay, an extremely perfect blend of classic and modern elements.

If you love all classic metroid-vania genre games, you won’t be able to miss a great dead cells apk 1.70.9 like this one. And if you have not yet grasped the information of this game, please follow the article of offline!

Some details about the game dead cells apk Vietnamese version mobile

Some details about the game dead cells apk Vietnameseized mobile
Some details about the game dead cells apk Vietnameseized mobile will update the useful information below, hope you guys enjoy it!

A brief introduction to Dead Cells

Currently, the mobile game dead cells apk has been praised by experts for Motion Twin and is now available on Google Play.

Indian games have grown in popularity and are loved by players across the globe.

Motion Twin is a prime example of this. A young and enthusiastic team with 10 members, always turning all the unique, novel and even weird ideas into extremely impressive games.


  • Name: Dead Cells APK
  • Package Name:
  • Publisher: Playdigious
  • Genre: Action
  • MOD Features: Unlocked, Unlimited Cells
  • Version: 2.7.9
  • Size: 723M
  • Price: FREE
  • Requirements: Android 7.0
  • Play without internet

What do dead cells APK have?

Dead Cells is constantly looking for ways to keep you alert.
Dead Cells is constantly looking for ways to keep you alert.

Dead cells apk what this game has, let’s find out with briefly!

Dead warrior

Dead Cells is both “good in wood” and “good in paint”, thanks to a combination of smooth action with intense challenges and replayability.

The name Dead Cells of the game talks about the main character: a parasite in the form of mucus enters the body of a dead warrior, revives him and so the game is over. wake start. And how wonderful the new life will become! You may be just a bunch of green slime, but the body of the warrior where you reside has extremely flexible movements, thanks to the responsive and very smooth control mechanism.

Dungeon Exploration

As you explore the winding and dangerous labyrinths, you will encounter countless loots and dozens of enemies and traps. The weapons you find will have all 3 different variations (classified by colors), and the scrolls will help you increase the damage of your weapon and increase your health.

Sometimes you will feel confused because there are so many options, but boldly try new weapons to discover new techniques and combinations. Dead Cells is constantly looking for ways to keep you alert. Each level will be automatically generated, so each game will bring a different experience.

Between regions, you can trade the cells you’ve collected to earn special items: for example, your healing potion can be upgraded so you can drink more times each time. when you’re almost out of blood..


Here, you can also submit the weapon design diagrams that you have found, which you can unlock to be able to buy. If you have skills that keep a certain amount of money – otherwise, you will be empty-handed after dying – you will quickly accumulate to be able to buy useful equipment and pass the game screen. initial.

In addition, if you defeat some special enemies, you will unlock mystical powers that will last forever.

Gameplay and controls of dead cells apk vietnamese android

Gameplay and controls of dead cells apk vietnamese android
Gameplay and controls of dead cells apk vietnamese android

Below will talk more about the gameplay as well as the control method of this android Vietnameseized dead cells apk game.

Dead cells gameplay apk

Scenery games combined with adventure and action are now not too strange for players. You start the adventure with a weapon as the beginning. Explore dungeons, upgrade weapons, unlock new weapons, fight enemies. In each level, there are mysterious stories and all the weapons and energies are opened to the player.

The map of this game will be divided into many areas. Each area will split into many branches. You are free to explore each area without having to follow the existing motifs like other normal scene games.

How to control dead cells apk

The virtual handle on the left of the screen has the role of controlling the movements, while the buttons on the right side help you perform some actions such as rolling over arrows or rolling over narrow walls, jumping, tossing. grenades, activate traps and use weapons.

These buttons are a bit small, but very well arranged. You can still edit the position and size of the buttons to your liking.

Moreover, the mobile version of dead cells apk also has a completely new auto-attack mode, which makes the character fight in close combat whenever an enemy enters a certain range. .

>>>Also you can refer to the Grand Theft Auto V action game!>>>


Dead cells apk will satisfy all types of gamers. The perfect example to illustrate this is the special doors that you can only open if you have achieved certain goals. There are times when you have to complete the goal within a rather tight time limit, giving you more goals to pursue after you are strong enough to play well the first few levels.

Sometimes the goal is to kill a certain number of enemies without getting hurt. Experience dead cells apk and leave feedback to!


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Dead Cells v2.7.9

apkmodUnlocked, Unlimited Cells

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