Teaching Feeling APK v2.5.2

Teaching Feeling APK v2.5.2

Updated on Monday, June 12th, 2023

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Teaching Feeling
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Teaching Feeling – A super hot game

Teaching Feeling is a game apk mod of the Visual Novel genre with bold images of the country of cherry blossoms to help you immerse yourself with the girl Sylvie. Teaching Feelings 2.6.1 Vietnamese version is a game labeled 18+ with a simple, but attractive plot.

The gameplay is just a way to choose different action options but still bring many great experiences to players. Let’s learn more about this game with bandishare and know how to download Teaching Feeling APK on Apkmody.biz to your phone to play for free.

Details of Teaching Feeling

Download game 18+ to teach feeling
Download game 18+ to teach feeling

Teaching Feeling is a creepy 18+ game developed by RAYK. Before that, it was also known as Life With a Slave and Dorei to no Seikatsu. Currently, this game only supports 2 operating systems: Android and PC. Therefore, if you are using, you have to wait a little longer to experience it.

Are you feeling lonely? Are you looking for a slave for yourself? Do you love the 18+ game series? Download the latest Vietnamese Teaching Feelings APK on Apkmody.biz to experience what it’s like to own someone.

Interesting storyline

Teaching Feeling is built with a short, easy-to-understand plot, the purpose is to help players easily understand the experience process. You will be transformed into a doctor and will be given a little girl named Sylvie by a patient (who you saved in the past).

But before that this girl had to go through a series of extremely painful days with her former owner and now she is trying to forget all those days. The player’s task is to care, talk, and try to build trust with the girl.

After spending 15 days living in fear, the ending for her is a “love” that many people have secretly wished for.

Diverse gameplay with many choices

Players enter the world of teaching feeling vietnamese pc on Apkmody.biz, you will become the main character, in the role of a doctor. You have saved many of your patients, including a male patient after being saved by you, I am very grateful to you.

Then one day, the same patient gave you a huge surprise gift, which is Sylvie. This slave girl has had a very painful past before and it is your duty to take care of her.

Every day in the game, you will be living with Sylvie and your treatment will affect different details in the game. You have 3 options to take care of her such as: patting her head, talking, touching her body.

Each care will correspond to each of Sylvie’s mood swings. For example, rubbing her head will not bring any results, but talking to her, maybe she will tell you about the past, pain, … that she has experienced. via. About how choosing to touch her body could lead to rather sensitive actions…

Review the game

Although this game belongs to the 18+ genre, hidden deep inside is the humanitarian value that the publisher wants to convey to gamers. Little Sylvie used to be a slave and contained a lot of hurt, but you can help this girl through with loving deeds and actions.

In my own personal opinion, the latest version of teaching feeling android contains a beautiful meaning about feminism and child protection law. A perfect 18+ game both in terms of its gameplay and content.

How to download Teaching Feeling game on Android Apkmody.biz

Instructions on how to download the game teaching feeling on Android
Instructions on how to download the game teaching feeling on Android

Teaching Feeling is a game with a style that is not new, but still very attractive. 2D images mixed with creepy colors bring players curiosity as well as create a unique feature for the game.

The teaching feeling android apk is a choice game, you can choose whatever you want. If you’re here to conquer the game, act like a gentleman, and if you’re just here to satisfy yourself… you know what to do.

Instructions on how to open the game Teaching Feeling

For English version:

  • Enter the game -> Press Menu -> Skip.
  • Wait 1 hour.
  • Press Menu -> Skip again.
  • When the Menu reappears, press Menu -> Auto.

Some good Teaching Feeling tips

Revealing some good teaching feeling tips
Revealing some good teaching feeling tips

You will have to go with little Sylvie through 15 difficult days. If she doesn’t make it, she will die of illness, and you will, of course, lose. To be successful, you should apply some great tips when playing Teaching Feeling game on Apkmody.biz as follows:

You should not choose the action of “Touching” the girl. If you have lust for her, it will be one of the causes of her getting sicker and dying. It is best to choose the action of “Robbing Head” or “Chat”.

It was a way of showing care that allowed Sylvie to open up to herself.

The level of intimacy between you and Sylvie will be assessed through the intimacy bar. To increase the level of intimacy, you need to meet her needs.

At the same time, always make sure to keep the intimacy score above 50. On the 15th day she will get sick, use medicine to cure her to help her overcome difficulties! That is the secret to help you win this game.

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With gameplay that follows the plot, downloading the Vietnamese teaching feeling game will lead the player to each extremely attractive scene, in order to help the player increase the excitement, the game also adds a little element to the game. +.

If you are a fan of 18+ oriented games, then Teaching Feeling mod will be one of the choices not to be missed. Download the game on Apkmody.biz to your device and experience it now.


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