Novelize APK + MOD (Free Premium Choices) v51.0.2

Novelize APK + MOD (Free Premium Choices) v51.0.2

Updated on Monday, June 5th, 2023

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Download Novelize apk – role playing game for your android device

Many people are passionate about the content of novels and look forward to once becoming the characters in those stories. To realize that wish, the interactive novel game Novelize was born. If you are also a novelist and are intending to try playing this game once, then you definitely need Novelize apk. Once you have this application in your device, you have not one, but hundreds of novel options to experience role-playing. Follow the fastest and easiest way to download Novelize APK below!

1. Introduction to Novelize apk

Novelize  is a game apk mod from the manufacturer Tortuga Ltd, is one of the most prominent products today in the genre of simulation combining plot elements. Currently on the Google Play platform, this application has owned more than 1 million downloads and is becoming more and more popular with the novel community.

In order for the game to be suitable for all different interests of each audience, the game developer has repeatedly added and perfected to bring almost all genres of novels and in-apps to both genres. 

Introduction to Novelize apk
Introduction to Novelize apk

The beginning of the story has a high reading rate. Your job is just to determine which story you want to embody and the character of the story and enter its simulation world through Novelize apk. You have the right to decide the direction of the story by choosing the dialogue and actions for your character.

2. Outstanding features when using Novelize

2.1. High quality graphics and sound of Novelize apk

Novelize Mod Apk owns a lot of novel stories that attract players from the moment they read the title. Besides, a big plus for this game, the graphic style is beautifully designed with a variety of well-organized contexts and vivid sound.

Novelize Mod‘s 2D graphics have let players feel the liveliness and authenticity in each frame. Depending on the context, the character’s emotions and costumes are varied and appropriate. In addition, in terms of dialogue, players will have to immerse themselves in skillfully leading through carefully invested but equally emotional situations of behavior and communication to help clearly reveal the thoughts of each figure. In addition, a flexible sound system coordinated for each specific scene, at times gentle and dramatic, really matches the rhythm of the novels.

Thanks to the above characteristics, players can easily find and immerse themselves in a story that matches their interests. You will need to develop your imagination to see if you are a character, what is the most appropriate action in this context and then lead the story in the direction you want.

High quality graphics and sound of Novelize apk
High quality graphics and sound of Novelize apk

2.2. Choose your own story

Novelize Mod is like other game applications of the novel role-playing game genre, the series is built relatively short but full of content and depth. Players can find a lot of titles in the genres of adventure, magic world, horror, romance, etc. Here are some standout examples for plot of Novelize :

K-POP: This is a word to refer to the Korean music scene which creates many famous idol groups and idols. But meeting and dating an idol seems to be just a girl’s dream. However, in this game you will get the best, including the love of a famous male idol. Surrounding the character you play at the moment are crowds of your lover’s fans, flashy stages, TV interviews, secret dates,… Quite interesting but you It is necessary to give the right path for the character to keep his love in front of the lavish and flashy status.

The Witch: For gamers who are passionate about fantasy novels, it will be difficult to ignore this type of plot. Although born from darkness, the witch character has a pure and sweet soul. She is constantly subjected to disparaging rumors about wrongdoing that she has never committed. No one else is you. How will you decide? Will you suffer and try to whitewash, reconcile or use your power to destroy everything? It’s all up to you to decide.

Tulip: A girl brought into the harem to be a concubine for the king. Although she was surrounded by splendid palaces and flashy costumes, she still felt lost in the midst of a royal life. Moreover, things won’t be as peaceful as it seems. The war between the kingdoms has begun and players will not be able to escape it. Adjust the story and protect your kingdom and find true love in the palace.

Choose your own story
Choose your own story

2.3. Create and build relationships

One of the main activities when playing Novelize mod apk is that you need to communicate with the characters in the story regularly. The plot will determine which direction the interaction between the characters goes, it causes negative or positive feelings for the character. But besides that, the player has a part that can change the course of the story, which is to make decisions from the character.

Therefore, it is possible to play the same story, but players will receive different endings depending on their choices. Other characters appear in the story for the purpose of leading the player and are an integral part of the story’s appeal. What’s more, with each extra character that appears, there’s an interesting story to explore.

2.4. Play with simple clicks

Just like games of the same genre, players in Mod Novelize only need to tap the screen to answer questions. These questions will appear throughout the player’s adventure, but not often. Thus, the following story progression is not interrupted or interrupted. Even if you don’t click, the story will automatically continue running as soon as you select it without any action.

Play with simple clicks
Play with simple clicks

3. The way to download Novelize mod apk for your Android

In addition to downloading the game on PC, you can completely install the APK file of the Novelize Mod game from the browser on your Android device (phone or tablet). Here are the steps to download the game to your Android device in detail:

Step 1: Open the browser on your Android device and search for website

Step 2: Search for the APK file of the Novelize apk mod game on the search bar to download it to your Android device.

Step 3: Wait about 1-2 minutes for the device to finish downloading the APK file. Then open the Downloads folder on the device, find and click on the Novelize APK file.

Step 4: The phone interface will now ask you if you want to install the game, select Yes to start the installation process.

The way to download Novelize mod apk for your Android
The way to download Novelize mod apk for your Android

4. Conclusion

Through the introduction above about the game as well as how to play and how to download Novelize APK MOD to your Android device, surely readers also know the information they need to know about this game application. If you are passionate about novels of many genres and want to play as the main character once, you should not miss this interesting free game!

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Novelize v51.0.2

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