Fishing and Life APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v0.0.179

Fishing and Life APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v0.0.179

Updated on Saturday, June 3rd, 2023

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Fishing and Life
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Android 4.4

What is Fishing life game? Instructions to download and install the simplest Fishing life game

For those who like light and simple games, to relax after every hard working hour, Fishing life is a perfect choice. With simple and gentle gameplay, entering the world of this game you will experience moments of fun and excitement. So what is a Fishing life Game? Instructions to download and install the simplest Fishing life apk mod. Let’s find out through this article

1 What is Fishing life game?

In everyday life, everyone has their own pressures and not everyone knows how to relieve them. But when you come to the game Fishing Life you will experience an extremely interesting fishing game. The gameplay of Fishing Life will help you relieve your mood and reduce the stress in daily life.

Fishing Life is a relaxing fishing game
Fishing Life is a relaxing fishing game

When entering the story of Fishing Life, you will be close to an ordinary guy. And you are too tired about life and work. But when you think back to the old days when you went fishing with your father on the sea. That’s when you feel most comfortable.

2 Why is the game Fishing life so attractive?

2.1. Stylized image

The image in Fishing Life is very carefully stylized, from small to large details are completely reasonable. The fish in Fishing Life are designed realistically, the boat and fishing rod are also very simple to help players understand and relax, without having to stress about complicated details.

2.2. Sound has its own color

Not as dramatic as other fishing games. Fishing Life has a clear and gentle sound color. Music without lyrics will be played continuously to help players feel comfortable. True to the purpose of this game is created to help players relax.

Fishing life is attractive because it gives players a comfortable feeling
Fishing life is attractive because it gives players a comfortable feeling

2.3. Light and simple gameplay

Fishing Life has a very simple gameplay and is suitable for all ages, when you just need to control the boat and release the mouse, you can start fishing. The fish will take random bait and the deeper you go, the more special and expensive fish you will encounter.

3 How to play Fishing life

How to play Fishing Life is very simple, including only 3 basic steps:

  • Step 1: The player will move the boat to the appropriate place and drop the fishing rod
  • Step 2: Players just need to wait for the fish to come in and take the bait
  • Step 3: When the fish has taken the bait, pull the lever up, at this step there is no need to rotate or pull quickly. Because if the fish has already bitten, it will stay there and wait for you to pull it up, not run away like other games.

When the fish has come ashore, the player will have 2 options. It’s raised and sold right away. If raising the player will sell for a higher price, but it will take more time to wait, if sold, the player will get money immediately.

How to play Fishing life
How to play Fishing life

4 The easiest way to download Fishing life

4.1. On the computer:

Step 1: First you need to download and install BlueStacks on your computer HERE

Step 2: After downloading and installing Bluestack successfully. You need to complete login to Google then go to PlayStore

Step 3: You type the search Fishing Life on the search bar located in the right corner of the screen. Then click to install the game Fishing Life in the list of search results

Step 4: After completing the installation of Fishing Life. You can tap the Mobile v icon at the home screen and start playing

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The easiest way to install Fishing Life
The easiest way to install Fishing Life

4.2. On Android phones

The following is the most detailed guide to install Fishing Life apk mod on your android phone

Step 1: Open the browser on your phone and search the website

Step 2: Then you type in the search bar the Fishing Life apk mod game file

Step 3: Wait a few minutes to finish downloading the APK file. Then on the download folder select the game file Fishing Life

Step 4: Soon your interface will show you whether you want to install or not. You click “yes” to download and start playing

5 Tips to play the best Fishing life

5.1. Get the Treasure Chests of the Sea

The first trick the player needs to do when playing is to get all the treasure chests that the player sees in the sea. They will bring in gold, which players can use to upgrade boats, fishing rods, nets…. Although gold chests will give you a large amount of gold, you’ll need to watch ads to get them. . The silver chest will have less gold but no need to see ads. Regardless of the type of treasure chest, it is still recommended to play because it will need to accumulate gold for different activities.

5.2. Find The Ideal Fishing Place

Finding the ideal fishing spot gives players many advantages when playing Fishing Life. Depending on your boat, you should find a spot with lots of fish and try to catch the big fish. It may take some time for the player to find the most valuable fish from that point, but if you are patient, the opportunity will come quickly.

5.3. Use Small, Low Value Fish as Bait

When fishing, players will often catch some small fish that are not worth selling. So use the fish as bait because other larger fish will like this dish. Really the appearance of small fish in Fishing Life is for that purpose. But if you happen to catch a small but valuable fish, you should keep them to sell for money.

tips to play the best Fishing life
tips to play the best Fishing life

5.4. Watch Ads For Free Upgrades

In the game Fishing Life, players can choose to watch short promotional videos to be able to upgrade some things for free instead of using gold. So, if you want to upgrade items without losing money, the simplest and easiest way is to watch ads.

5.5. Unlock New Fishing Characters

In Fishing Life, players will be able to unlock new characters to catch fish. The first character can be a novice angler, the player unlocking the amateur angler will help increase the amount of money by 10%. And if the player unlocks the professional angler with gold coins. higher it will help increase the amount of money earned by 20% and especially the legendary fisherman will increase the money by 40%.

5.6. Complete Missions To Get Rewards

On the top right of the screen in the game Fishing Life, the player will see a quest that says that if you collect certain fish species, you can earn a lot of gold. If the player wants a way to collect more gold, then the in-game quests should not be skipped.

6 Conclusion

Fishing Life is a pretty good game and worth experiencing, especially for players who love the indie game genre. The game is quite suitable for relaxing after tiring working days. So what are you waiting for, download and experience this game right away!

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Fishing and Life v0.0.179

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