Turretz APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v3.0.9

Turretz APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v3.0.9

Updated on Friday, August 19th, 2022

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Turretz apk mod, role – playing hero to rescue your planet

Still keeping the minimalist programming style, the graphics are nostalgic and retro, but no less attractive to players, 111% is extremely skillful when bringing the theme of saving the world – one of famous topics in the online gaming community and the television area into their game.

If anyone has ever been fascinated with dramatic fighting games like BBTAN or Tower Break published by 111%, which available at the apk mody game store, it is certainly impossible to ignore the name Turretz APK MOD, the “brother” whose father is the same with them.

1 Overview of Turretz apk mod

Turretz apk mody is an attractive fighting game, currently available at apkmody.biz, the number 1 free game apk mod store in Vietnam. Turretz is programmed and released by the app publisher based in Korea, 111%. The current version is 3.0.9 and comes with many rewards waiting for you to discover.

1.1. The background of Turretz game apk mod

In the middle of the vast galaxy, when life spreads to other planets, along with the development and progress of humans, fearsome enemies appear. They take the form of a yellow bug, which is used to shoot high-damage rockets. The ultimate boss is an eye, surrounded by armored drills that can destroy a planet quickly. They bring with them the desire to conquer the universe, destroy the flourishing of humanity and the living planets by advanced weapons.

Overview of Turretz apk mod
Overview of Turretz apk mod

Without letting the invaders take over, the planet’s bravest heroes banded together to figure out how to move their planet, arming them with more weapons to fend off their enemies.

1.2. Hero roleplay to rescue humanity

When opening Turretz games apk mody, it will give you the default hierarchy, becoming the owner of a planet. Your mission is to protect the planet from the attack of aliens.

With the available arsenal, you can choose to use hierarchical skills to destroy enemies or recharge coins, collect and build your own defensive turrets. From there, shaping and creating your own modern, massive and stylish turrets.

To become the hero, it depends on the control style and tactics you devise to protect the planet.

1.3. Subjugating galaxy by an ultimate arsenal store

When role-playing in Turretz apk mod, the game will give you the Basic Turretz gun with moderate damage, aimed at mid-range enemies. However, when the rank increases or you have enough budget to stockpile more advanced guns such as Multi Turretz, Y Turretz, Missile or Rapid Laser, you will be confident and sure of victory. Not only has there been a strong increase in damage, even the bullet speed and the number of bullets fired are also superior.

Subjugating galaxy by an ultimate arsenal store
Subjugating galaxy by an ultimate arsenal store

For example, if you use a Multi Turretz, the barrel can release 3 bullets in a row, pushing enemies to death faster. Or if you use Rapid Laser, the enemy will be burned to death by a powerful electric spark.

Besides armament, asteroids and teleporting satellites in the vicinity of your planet also play an equally important role. Turretz apk mod allows players to spend coins to buy them because they function as perfect shields, helping your planet to reduce damage caused by enemies. For level 1, the moon is one of the cheap “armor” but useful to protect you. You need to upgrade your level early to improve its speed and shielding ability. 

2 How does Turretz apk mod run?

  • The turrets with different levels of destruction, the type of ammunition changes with each level;
  • The axis of rotation of the planet scatters the trajectory of the projectile;
  • Confronting directly with the waves from low to large, finally encountering the ultimate boss, successfully rank up for your planet;
  • Learning to take control of a planet battling countless evil creatures.
How does Turretz apk mod run?
How does Turretz apk mod run?

All elements create the uniqueness and variety of Turretz game apk mod. It may be easy but not easy criteria that require players to be skillful, quick-witted and calm to find a powerful strategy to attack your opponents. After you kill the ultimate boss, you will receive a victory celebratory bonus and a cooldown before facing the next enemy.

3 How to download Turretz apk mod to your device?

Turretz apk mod is a series of games for smartphones, with the latest version being 3.0.9 and available now at apkmody.biz – a famous game apk mod store in Vietnam.

How to download Turretz apk mod to your device?
How to download Turretz apk mod to your device?

Following the steps in order to download and install Turretz apk mod to your device quickly:

Step 1: Using your smartphone or tablet with Android operating system, accessing apkmody.biz;

Step 2: Finding Turretz in the web search bar or in the mod apk game store at the top of the homepage;

Step 3: Selecting “download”, waiting a few seconds to finish downloading the file;

Step 4: Dragging the summary and finding the downloaded file, or clicking on the management file in your phone to find the Turretz apk mod file;

Step 5: Continuing to click on the file and pressing YES, immediately the game icon will appear on your device screen.

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4 The advantages of using the Turretz version at apkmody.biz

When downloading Turretz apk mod at apkmody.biz to the device, players will receive an unlimited amount of money that exists in their account. Apart from the advantages of simple play and the method of setting up and arranging an arsenal, players can remove ads, double the coins received during the task and have a chance to get many attractive rewards through each game level.

The advantages of using the Turretz version of apkmody.biz
The advantages of using the Turretz version of apkmody.biz

In particular, for players who love the unique, the Skin category will be an interesting destination. The planet in Turretz’s basic version has a very monotonous blue color. You build turrets and protect your “house” when you feel it’s boring, don’t you?

Why don’t you equip a more eye-catching and fashionable look for “your child”. It may be a glittering, diamond-covered planet, or a planet with whirlwinds that terrify opponents?

5 Conclusion

Simple, beautiful interface, equipped with a diverse arsenal of weapons, gameplay with many difficult challenges, requiring players to be patient to level up, break the limit, collect many rewards and skip the ads trouble easily, Turretz apk mod is a great entertainment method to relieve stress and relax mentally. 

Download now Turretz apk mod at apkmody.biz and enjoy the beauty of the vast universe through this game on your phone. 

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Turretz v3.0.9

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