Adorable Home APK + MOD (Unlimited Hearts) v1.22.6

Adorable Home APK + MOD (Unlimited Hearts) v1.22.6

Updated on Saturday, June 3rd, 2023

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Adorable Home
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Android 4.4 wifi_off Can be used offline

Overview of Adorable Home MOD APK – a game you must try 

If you want a relaxing and nice graphics included game, Adorable Home is definitely your first choice. When you download this game to build and grow your own family with many cats, but you run into financial problems? Let Adorable Home apk mod remove all worries for you with the unlimited money function in this game.

1. Brief introduction about Adorable Home apk mod

Adorable Home Mod is a game of the simulation game genre provided by game publisher Hyperbeard – where the released games always have an interesting style. Players will be playing the role of a wife/husband. With the daily task of making money, preparing meals, playing with the cats, and decorating the houses. 

Brief introduction about Adorable Home apk mod
Brief introduction about Adorable Home apk mod

Since its launch, the game has attracted a large number of players, partly because of its simple and very adorable gameplay. Currently, the game has been developed based on both iOS and Android platforms, making it easy to reach a large number of users and download for free. Besides, if only on the Google Play platform, the game has attracted more than 10 million downloads and also received nearly 500 thousand reviews from users worldwide.

2. What are the outstanding features that attract players of Adorable Home?

2.1. About the gameplay of Adorable Home

In the early stages of playing Adorable Home Mod, there are only a couple with an empty house. At this point, you can only earn money from feeding the cats and caring about the house. In addition, the equipment and facilities are sketchy. The house has nothing in it and a garden with nothing decorative. The same amount of money to buy the necessary equipment is not much, and you are only given a cat to make money from it. 

So the only way you can build your home is to work hard and wait patiently for the results. After a while, when the cats are enough and the home is filled with sufficient household facilities, you can make other things such as making meals for your husband or your wife to bring to the workplace. 

The gameplay of Adorable Home
The gameplay of Adorable Home

Moreover, you also need to be aware of the penguin which can steal anything from your house. You can also sell your household things to make sure that you have enough money to pay for the necessities. 

2.2. Getting so many cute visitors. 

One of the most attractive things you can find while playing this Adorable Home apk Mod, especially for those animal lovers, is that you can find home visitors in each room of the house. The house has a lounge, garden, bedroom and those rooms have many visitors. You could see a dog accidentally lost in your house, a bird singing on the tree or a frog on your coffee table. 

Getting so many cute visitors. 
Getting so many cute visitors.

The longer you play the game, the more animals you can find. Keep playing and you will feel like you are truly owning a house with so many lovely things around.

2.3. The attraction gained from arranging furniture

To see those pretty animals in Adorable Home, you have the list of visitors as well as some furniture and decorations that each one can be attracted to. Given the number of available objects in the game, it will be a challenge to collect them all. You also need to spend time being aware of how to make the house become more stunning. 

The attraction gained from arranging furniture
The attraction gained from arranging furniture

In any case, feel free to switch objects in and out of rotation especially when you have more types that attract the same visitor. The game launched with the aim that they can make those home lovers and animal lovers feel comfortable while being drowned in the game. 

2.4. Making meals for your partner

Different from other games, Adorable Home makes you feel like you are in real life by giving you chances to make meals for your partner. You can choose a lot of food from various eatables shown in the shop. Rice is a great idea for lunch or sandwiches is not a bad choice for breakfast. 

What’s more, you can also choose the color and the shapes of your lunch box. The better and more beautiful lunch boxes are, the more expensive they are. Therefore, you must consider what you really need at that time, avoiding the fact that you will run out of money when you need some.

2.5. Making money from cats

Starting with Snow, the player can collect up to twelve cats, with the others to be purchased in the “Cat Boxes” section of the Shop for 600 Love each. These cats can give Love to the player as a reward for feeding them food or playing a mini-game with them.

Making money from cats
Making money from cats

In Adorable Home game apk mody, There are 3 mini-games that can be played with each cat the player owns: stroking the cat, cutting nails and taking a shower. When the players succeed in completing the mini-game task, they are rewarded with 80 Love (doubled to 160 Love when the player willingly chooses the option to watch a random ad)

3 Instructions to install Adorable Home mod apk quickly and effectively 

When installing with the phone the Adorable Home mod apk application, players need to follow the following steps to install it quickly and successfully:

Instructions to install Adorable Home mod apk quickly and effectively
Instructions to install Adorable Home mod apk quickly and effectively

Step 1: Users access their browser on their Android smartphone or tablet and search for website.

Step 2: Open the browser and find the “Adorable Home apk mod” file you want to download.

Step 3: Click “download” and wait for a few minutes for the download to complete.

Step 4: After successful download, open the Download section, click on the Adorable Home apk file and click Yes to install the file. Soon the game will be installed in your desktop background.

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4. Conclusion

Through the above article, players can see that Adorable Home is a very good and interesting game in the modern era. The game is a place to help you both entertain and still show your talent in managing your house. Moreover, when downloading the game, you will absolutely not have to pay a fee on both iOS and Android operating systems. You can download Adorable Home apk mod to your phone to enjoy fun moments with the game!

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Adorable Home v1.22.6

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