My Talking Angela 2 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.7.4.15710

My Talking Angela 2 APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.7.4.15710

Updated on Tuesday, August 30th, 2022

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My Talking Angela 2
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Download My Talking Angela 2 Hack – Interesting Angela Cat Care Game 

Although the situations forbid it, you enjoy animals and want to care for them. Visit My Talking Angela 2 Hack to indulge your desire. The renowned developer Outfit7 Limited created this game. The very cute Angela cat will be available for you to pet and play with. Along with nurturing, Angela will show you how to live a vibrant existence. Learn all the details about the content in this article from APKMODY.BIZ.

1. About My Talking Angela 2 hack.

A mobile virtual pet product called My Talking Angela 2 Hack was created by Outfit7 Limited. This version includes a lot of incredibly intriguing adventures in the bustling city where Angela lives in addition to basic pet care. On Google Play, the game has received more than 100 million downloads. This will be an entertaining game that many people may enjoy, especially kids!

About My Talking Angela 2 hack.
About My Talking Angela 2 hack.

The gameplay in the My Talking Angela 2 Hack is similar to that in the original versions. Basically said, it adds more new and exciting features for players.

1.1. What has surprise meant to you the most?

My Talking Angela 2 Hack is extremely well-liked and well-known for its straightforward gameplay and lasting experience. The game’s only goal is to make everyone a gorgeous, amicable friend while also trying to comprehend the minds of the females and provide them with enjoyable experiences.

The connection between the player and Angela, who engages in a variety of behaviors or activities to deepen the love, is the game’s most amazing feature. Future gamers will be able to shop with Angela on crowded streets and experience what it’s like to be a vibrant, energetic girl in the modern world.

What has surprise meant to you the most?
What has surprise meant to you the most?

1.2. Contact Angela on a daily basis.

To keep Angela content and healthy, you must speak with her daily. Then you can join Angela in her enjoyable activities.

  • Brushing and bathing: Angela’s hygiene will impact how she looks. In this manner, you may combine Angela with gorgeous outfits. You don’t want Angela to constantly feel bad about herself because she isn’t tidy, right?
  • Feeding: Angela will become hungry as a result of her activity. It’s time for you to feed her cake, fruit, and meat. They can be purchased from a store and stored in the refrigerator.
  • Rest: Angela was too exhausted, so you let her rest. Shut the lights down and give Angela some time to recover!
  • Rubbing her head: If you give Agela’s head a daily pat, she’ll be happier. There will be a notable increase in your friendliness.
Contact Angela on a daily basis.
Contact Angela on a daily basis.

1.3. Play mini games

Angela enjoys pushing herself in My Talking Angela 2 Hack! In brand-new indoor mini-games, discover wacky riddles and odd bugs. Play the puzzle and pet-filled sticky rice game Donut Spin! As you progress, there will be more pet games and oddball cat games where you may hone your reflexes, skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Aside from that, you can play a ton of fun games. You’ll gain a lot of money after finishing the game to use for purchases. In addition to merely shopping for furnishings, you may also purchase meals and create a home. Together, let’s beat all the challenging games!

1.4. Support Angela with designing her LOVE HOUSE.

Although Angela is a cat, she nevertheless exhibits the energetic personality of a young girl, thus the player must fulfill various requirements and frequently look after her in order to increase her degree of sympathy. 

Support Angela with designing her LOVE HOUSE.
Support Angela with designing her LOVE HOUSE.

My Talking Angela 2 Hack will feature an environment design feature where players may spend resources to create the most beautiful homes.

Additionally, the house will be arranged into a variety of rooms with a range of uses so that Angela’s players can amuse themselves with a variety of pastimes. Players will have a variety of creative possibilities to customize their homes as the game is updated each week with new, exciting material.

1.5. Help Angela with daily beauty routines.

In My Talking Angela 2 Hack game apk mody, the virtual animal universe is very expansive. This time, you are free to coordinate your outfit for Angela. Every event on the street or even at home is an opportunity for you to experiment with a variety of new fashion styles. This includes walking around, going out, and going home.

It’s interesting to note that wearing attractive clothes makes you happier and vice versa, just like deciding what to wear in real life. Angela should dress appropriately and elegantly because the mood and emotion data she displays will change depending on what she is wearing. 

Help Angela with daily beauty routines.
Help Angela with daily beauty routines.

Combine several items, not just one: slacks, skirts, tops, accessories, shoes, and the appropriate haircut. Anyone playing this game who has girlfriends or is artistically inclined will undoubtedly find love.

1.6. Makeup

It is impossible to miss the makeup stage for Angela’s attractiveness after it is finished. The cat in this game is quite gorgeous, my friend. In order to make Angela look even more attractive, let’s help her choose a gorgeous makeup look, match the color to her clothes, and then select a real hairstyle to complete the picture.

In My Talking Angela 2 Hack, Angela’s makeup is careful but not excessive. To do it, you must focus your mind. Proof that applying makeup does not always require only one click. You should think about picking out your cosmetics, applying them to the correct spot on your face, and reapplying them until they are sufficiently mature and colored. 


For instance, it takes several coats of mascara to achieve the proper curl, or several back-and-forth strokes of lipstick to achieve a consistent, glossy color. In all honesty, the lads find this process a little intimidating, while the girls find it to be a happy paradise. This game will undoubtedly be played first by my young daughter.

1.7. Additionally, Angela enjoys dancing, singing, and cooking.

The charming cat is skilled at making delightful desserts on her own, including fruit pies, sponge cakes, lollipops, mixed fruits, and other confections. She also understands how to dress beautifully, accessorize stylishly, and eat delectable meals. 

Naturally, your assistance is required at every stage of production, including picking the desired fruit, giving it a thorough flavoring, cutting each dish, thoroughly mixing, placing the cake in the oven, turning the knob, and removing the cake and ornamental decorations.

Angela’s attitude will improve significantly after each successful cake creation, much like a professional chef would. Cake-making is a complex procedure that also has many fascinating aspects. If they are young, the few times they travel with Angela will undoubtedly teach them a lot.

Additionally, Angela enjoys dancing, singing, and cooking.
Additionally, Angela enjoys dancing, singing, and cooking.

A busy day is coming to a close. Angela needs to unwind with some soothing music, either at home or in a comfortable bar. You can freely manage Angela to move her feet rhythmically and to relax her body at each musical note by selecting any song, letting your soul follow its melody, and doing so. a pleasant and beautiful evening spent being joyful and enjoying oneself.

2. Details of My Talking Angela 2 MOD APK.

The unofficial My Talking Angela 2 is modified in the My Talking Angela 2 Hack APK MOD. Players in the official game must pay to access some premium features. With the mod, however, you can fully utilize the game’s unlocked features without having to pay any money. The updated version has a lot of features, including:

2.1. Unlimited Cash and Diamonds.

Angela is a happy cat who enjoys singing and dancing. You should frequently take her to the ballroom so she may exercise or just have fun. Make sure to get Angela some sweets and cakes from the candy store because she also enjoys them. Additionally, Angela has a keen sense of style, so her closet is always stocked with elegant attire.

To fulfill Angela’s needs, the player must engage in all of these actions, which cost a lot of money. Fortunately, the infinite money and diamonds function in My Talking Angela 2 Hack will make playing the game simpler and more enjoyable than ever.

Unlimited Cash and Diamonds.
Unlimited Cash and Diamonds.

2.2. No advertising.

Many players will undoubtedly be dissatisfied with the intrusive commercials in the game’s official edition. Don’t worry, though; My Talking Angela 2 Mod APK has eliminated any external advertisements that interfere with your gaming.

2.3. Unlock every item.

In order to attentively care for Angela and her cat, you basically need to acquire a lot of things. There are, however, a number of products that require large sums of money, even actual cash, to unlock. The Talking Angela 2 MOD version will therefore enable you to obtain all the stuff without paying a cent.

Unlock every item.
Unlock every item.

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3. Conclusion

In general, My Talking Angela 2 Hack MOD APK is a fun and engaging game that allows players to unwind after long days of demanding work and study. You may share her delight and challenges by interacting with cat Angela frequently and keeping her happy. Angela might in a manner end up becoming your online best buddy. To use this apk mod version, download and install it on your device right away.

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