Gacha Club APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.1.0

Gacha Club APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.1.0

Updated on Wednesday, July 27th, 2022

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Gacha Club
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Gacha club art apk – cute fashion game

If you are looking for a fashion game with a new style, a unique style, then try “always and now” the new game has just been released and it is called gacha club art apk developed by the developer. release Lumie.

So what’s attractive about this chibi gacha club game? Let’s refer to an experience with through the content below of the article!

What is the game gacha club 2 apk?

What is the game gacha club 2 apk?
What is the game gacha club 2 apk?

Let’s go with to learn more about this game in detail!

Introduction to the game Gacha club

After the resounding success of Gacha Life, the developer of Lunime has launched on the game market an interesting game that is the game apk mod gacha club 2 apk.

Once again, you will be immersed in a cartoon world full of fun with extremely cute anime characters.

Now, you will not only be able to design anime characters to your liking, but also many other new things for you to discover. Let’s find out briefly with about this lovely game!


Name:gacha club

Package Name:

Publisher: Lumime

Genre: Casual

MOD Features: Unlimited Money

Version: 1.1.0

Size: 100M

Price: FREE

Requirements: Android

Create your favorite character and play the game gacha club for free

Feel free to create your own anime character
Feel free to create your own anime character

Very few games I play I can create my favorite character. appreciates this game because when we join we can create our own characters and the gameplay is also very interesting.

Play Style

Playing the game gacha club for free is still a game that belongs to the Casual genre. Participating in the game, you will also be free to create designs, wear the best clothes and also explore the magical world of all the anime characters.

There are many things that you can do in this game. Create a character that you personally like, and design a hilarious story with other imaginary friends. Let all your characters adventure to new lands or engage in battle with hordes of ferocious monsters.

Create your own anime character

The world of the game gacha club mod comes to life like never before when it has hundreds of characters for you to choose from. And to start an adventure, you will need to choose a character to be able to transform.

Personalize the character according to the styles that you secretly dream of. \

The game will also offer a larger number of custom items than Gacha Life. You can also change the character’s face to the smallest details such as eyes, nose, lips, and eye color, etc.

Choose from hundreds of trendy outfits, hairstyles, all sorts of accessories and weapons. Along with that are more than 600 interesting costumes for all of you. Do not miss!

Besides, you also have the opportunity to own hundreds of cute pets.

They can accompany you to walk down the street or help you impress any girl! And the most special thing is that these pets are not only for show, they can also stand shoulder to shoulder with you on the battlefield.

>>> how to download gacha club on computer

Advantages of the game Gacha club apk

Advantages of the game Gacha club apk
Advantages of the game Gacha club apk feels that the advantages of this game are somewhat better than many other games. So what’s special about this game, let’s find out through the content below!


Gacha club app is one of the games that owns graphics with an extremely cute chibi anime style. The design from the backgrounds to the characters and all the effects is also quite meticulous and much more beautiful than other Gacha versions. With a bright color tone, the game will make you feel like you are lost in a colorful world.

Creating fun stories 

The thing that loves most when participating in playing gacha club is that we can create funny short stories with our own characters. This game allows you to compose and also save up to 15 scenes.

You can choose all the backgrounds, backgrounds or create your own elements that best suit the content. Don’t forget to add your favorite characters and have them dialogue with each other using custom text boxes. It’s really interesting, isn’t it?


In addition to Battle Mode, participating in the mini-games only found in the game gacha club is a very effective way to relieve stress. There are a lot of minigames along with fun gameplay.

You can also play card flipping games, smashing the mouse. Dance to the excitement of Lemo & Yuni Dance, or engage in endless chases in Usagi vs Neko.

Gacha club allows you to customize the level from easy to difficult. Join and experience and also enjoy extremely relaxing moments right now.

In addition, you can see more Game My Talking Tom if you are a gamer who loves pet games!


It can be said that the beautiful gacha club is an extremely attractive game. Not only does it bring entertainment, it also stimulates the creativity of all players when they go out to be able to create cute chibi anime characters. What more are you looking forward to?

Join this in the game to be able to experience the colorful life and write your own most interesting story.

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Gacha Club v1.1.0

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