Dragon City APK + MOD (One Hit) v22.3.3

Dragon City APK + MOD (One Hit) v22.3.3

Updated on Monday, June 12th, 2023

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Dragon City
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Dragon City – Infinite APK Mod

Do you love funny dragons possessing hegemonic power? Do you want to become the master of super powerful dragons and train them to become invincible warriors? So what are you waiting for without downloading Dragon City mod apkmody.biz to your device to unleash your creativity with the dream of hegemony in the dragon city. Follow the article below of apkmody.biz to learn more about this super attractive Game APK MOD!

Introducing Dragon City Mod

Introduction to the game Dragon City Mod
Introduction to the game Dragon City Mod

Have you watched How to Train Your Dragon? After thousands of years of war, humans and dragons lived together happily and happily on a vast island. We can raise dragons like pets, train them and ride them to any part of the world.

Dragon City is a simulation game Dragon city – dragon city mod apk latest version with extremely impressive and attractive design. Entering the game, you will be given the task of nurturing, taking care of and training your Dragons. Not only that, with the feature system, you will have a really great experience with the game.

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Great features at Dragon City Game mod

  • When you complete Long Tang Thu, the Dragon collection will have more than 1000 children for you to collect, breed and develop your Dragon City mod.
  • Every week there will be the appearance of new dragons. You can own them when participating in special breeding events of the dragon islands.
  • Equip impressive dragon costumes for the dragon team you own. You get costumes through special events held or buy gold and diamond ribbons.
  • Collect unique dragons in PvP arenas with other Dragon Bosses. Winning you can climb up the leaderboard or get a warrior chest.
  • Through the tree of life, you can summon dragons to the city and experience their full skills.
  • Make your dragon team stronger or collect spells and strengthen them.
  • Unlock upgraded features such as building guardian dragons, ancient world.

Interesting things when playing the game Dragon City Mod APK

The interesting things when playing the game Dragon City Mod APK
The interesting things when playing the game Dragon City Mod APK

Super attractive dragon island building gameplay

Entering the Dragon City (Dragon City mod), your main task is to build and develop your dragon island. A beautiful island in the sky. You can optionally decorate the island, destroy trees or stones to expand the area of ​​the island.

In the Dragon City hack, there will be 15 elements divided into different Dragon types: Water, earth, fire, electricity, ice, leaves, wind, light, magic, darkness, tame, ancient, legendary , warrior and metal. Each type will have different habitats, you need to create the most favorable living environment for your dragon to develop.

Dragon collection with more than 500 different species

Your dragon collection is called the Dragon Book. Currently, Dragon Book mod in the game has more than 500 different types of dragons and this number is not the default, but the publisher will continuously update weekly, making the number of them increase. There is no story about dragons or why we need to build an army of dragons, but the feeling when you get a rare dragon egg and wait for it to hatch is wonderful.

Each dragon species will have different evolutionary processes. When you raise them to the required level, they will evolve and enhance their special skill stats. After evolving, your dragon is greatly enhanced with stats and unlocks a special skill. Besides, do not forget to equip them with gems through the Rune feature. Join the battle to collect gold and diamonds to open more dragons for your own collection!

Create rare dragons

Especially in dragon city mod apk 2022, you can combine 2 dragon species together to create new rare dragons that have the attributes of both their parents. It is a way for you to own special dragons with many skills for yourself. Then you will train them to participate in the arena. In addition to normal elements, in dragon city mod 2022, there are many rare elements such as legend, darkness, light and legend… Complete the Dragon Book collection and become a dragon trainer.

PvP arena for the strongest dragons

After you reach the required level, the game allows you to participate in the PvP arena. There you will bring the strongest dragons in your dragon city mod apk to fight with other players’ dragons or the game’s AI. You need to practice to own a stronger dragon with full features and techniques. When your dragon wins, you will receive a lot of valuable rewards.

In each match with the opponent, you are allowed to use up to 3 dragons. When choosing your squad, you should rely on the element of the opponent’s dragons. To win, rely on the opponent’s dragon element to bring out the strongest dragons, with the best ability to deal with the enemy. Also, don’t forget to use the orbs in each match, you can see how your dragons are strengthened.

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Wrap up

Dragon city mod apk 2022 tạo ra những chú rồng quý hiếm
Dragon city mod apk 2022 tạo ra những chú rồng quý hiếm

So apkmody.biz has finished sharing the game Dragon City Mod APK Full (Onehit) 22.3.3 for Android phones already. During the download process, if you have trouble, don’t hesitate to comment below for apkmody.biz for support. Don’t forget to visit apkmody.biz often to update information and other games that apkmody.biz shares. Have fun playing the game, see you guys in the next game apkmody.biz introduce


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