Asian Cooking Games APK + MOD (Unlimited Gems) v1.42.0

Asian Cooking Games APK + MOD (Unlimited Gems) v1.42.0

Updated on Saturday, June 3rd, 2023

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Asian Cooking Games
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Role-playing a famous master chef in the hit cooking game – Asian Cooking Games

“Cooking game fever” is covering the gaming community around the world. Not only seizing the opportunity when the number of downloaders increases to get rich, the game publishers also invest in upgrading and releasing more versions of the same genre, satisfying the needs and preferences of people. Some of the comments is Asian Cooking Games APK MOD – a famous culinary game with the top number of players in the world.

With the vivid, eye-catching and classic Asian food images, Asian Cooking Games has captured the hearts of millions of Asian food and culture lovers.

1 The overview of Asian Cooking Games

Asian Cooking Games Apk Mod is a cooking game that has attracted a lot of players since its launch, released by TheAppGuruz with the main theme of famous dishes in Asian cuisine.

1.1. The idea of the game

In Asian Cooking Games, you will play as a talented chef with superior cooking ability, serving customers who come to your restaurant.

In addition to learning and gaining experience to become the number one chef, you also have to improvise to handle situations that occur in the restaurant, from the smallest things such as receiving orders from guests, preparing dishes for customers to make your cooking dairy on your own. 

The idea of the game
The idea of the game

Customers may give you a hard time, or want you to make highly complex dishes. Therefore, you must be mentally ready to deal with bad situations (for example, a large number of guests, a large number of dishes,…)

1.2. Enjoying a feast of Asian delicacies through the small screen

One of the ways to spread the image of the country is through food. Korea is famous for kimchi, Japan has sushi, or Vietnam has bread, all the flavors, images or ways of making those dishes will be combined in this classic cooking game.

In addition to the famous and difficult dishes to prepare, Asian Cooking Games also has dishes commonly found in daily meals, making you feel familiar and comfortable when playing the game.

1.3. Making your own dishes and create your cooking diary 

Your job is to manage time skillfully, so that customers do not have to wait too long after ordering. Guest satisfaction through food is the factor that helps you get closer to the title of master chef.

Making your own dishes and create your cooking diary
Making your own dishes and create your cooking diary

One point that makes Asian Cooking Games apk mod more attractive is the ability to create a cookbook based on the chef’s daily cooking experience. To be able to remember all the recipes is not easy, so taking notes and having your own cookbook is an absolute necessity.

2 Tips to playing Asian Cooking Games to become a master chef

The recipe to become a talented chef in Asian Cooking Games apk mod is not simple. The difficulty of the game also increases with each level and requires players to know how to manage their time well.

  • First, you need to learn how to cook all the dishes that guests most frequently order, keeping an eye on the time when guests arrive at the restaurant to prepare the signature meal by the hour. Speed ​​up making the dishes you know the recipe for, then the difficult ones.
The tips to playing Asian Cooking Games to become a master chef
The tips to playing Asian Cooking Games to become a master chef
  • Do not skip any dishes, whether simple or difficult to prepare.
  • Do not underestimate the customer’s attitude.
  • Open your eyes to overview the amount of work, thereby learning how to arrange the work order properly, without missing customers or their requirements.

3 Downloading and installing Asian Cooking Games on your device

Using your mobile device, access the number 1 application store in Vietnam or type the name Asian Cooking Games apk mod on the google search bar to get the earliest search results. Then follow these steps to download and install the game:

Downloading and installing Asian Cooking Games on your device
Downloading and installing Asian Cooking Games on your device

Step 1: Carefully read the game information on the website, select download to proceed with the installation;

Step 2: Find the game file in the device folder manager. When the installation window appears, choose YES;

Step 3: The installation process will take a few seconds. Meanwhile, you can reread the game content and instructions;

Step 4: Installation is finished. You click on the game icon that appears on the screen, log in (or register) to experience the full game.

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4 What is special about playing Asian Cooking Games version at

Asian Cooking Games apk mod is the original version released and updated according to the publisher version of TheAppGuruz. The outstanding advantage when you play games downloaded from the app store is the unlimited money feature. Even if your wallet is exhausted, you can still buy ingredients and help your character become a master chef.

What is special about playing Asian Cooking Games version at
What is special about playing Asian Cooking Games version at

Another point is the graphics and sound of the game. The image of a banquet of Asian dishes will directly make your stomach rumble. The sound of cooking, the whisper of the diners, the bell for the bill,… all blend in with the busy rhythm of the chef character in the game.

And of course, you can easily create a chef’s manual without worrying about the costs. It’s great, isn’t it?

5 Conclusion

Asian Cooking Games apk mod is considered the Asian culinary wave, making many cooking game lovers’ hearts flutter. With the difficulty increasing with each level, the variety in the menu, players will experience the hard feeling of being a chef in a restaurant. Besides, you will also experience how to create a dish, practice patience with customers, and go through the steps to become a super chef. This journey will be arduous and encounter many obstacles, but you do not give up.

If you are a food lover, you want to challenge yourself with a game that requires both thinking and speed, download Asian Cooking Games now at

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Asian Cooking Games v1.42.0

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