Google Earth APK v9.155.0.2

Google Earth APK v9.155.0.2

Updated on Sunday, July 24th, 2022

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Google Earth
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Download Google Earth APK – Earth Simulator: 3D World Map

The Earth contains many mysteries that humans have not yet discovered. To help people have an overview and feel free to learn and update more knowledge. Google has released the Google Earth APK tool, an Earth simulation application. Allow people to freely explore and learn whenever you want.

Download google earth apk simulates the earth with actual images taken from satellites. Now, with just a smartphone, you can visit anywhere in the world. Join to learn more about this application.

What is Google Earth APK ios?

What is Google Earth APK ios?
What is Google Earth APK ios?

Google Earth allows you to explore the entire world from above with satellite images, 3D buildings in hundreds of cities and landscapes in 3D format. You can also zoom to your house or anywhere you like then use the 360° mode to see the whole picture. See the world from a new perspective with tours right on your mobile device.

April 22 is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. On this occasion, Google encourages everyone to use google earth apk ios to see the beautiful earth together and discover the most unique things that nature gives us. Thereby contributing to raising awareness about environmental protection as well as preserving our green planet.

Google Earth is a computer program that presents a 3D map of the entire earth through satellite image data. This program was first launched in 2001 by Keyhole Company – USA and then acquired by Google in October 2004. Since then, this program has been named Google Earth APK.

As the name suggests, Google Earth (Google Earth) gives users a real-world experience of our planet right in the Chrome web browser via , or through the Google Earth mobile App. phone. This application is suitable for all audiences and groups of users, from organizations, people who love to explore, love to travel to science lovers, even children.

4 main features of the latest Google Earth APK application

Explore landmarks with info cards
Explore landmarks with info cards

1. 3D map with world landmarks

UNESCO uses the latest google earth apk application to mark and provide information with panoramic 3D images so that you can admire 30 UNESCO world cultural heritages.

2. Share Podcasts with friends easily

Google Earth makes it easy for you to share Podcasts with your friends or loved ones.

3. Explore landmarks with info cards

You will experience exploring places and regions around the world with google earth apk appvn. Just enter the location information card, immediately you will be taken to the exact location you want.

You can use Google Earth, go to Search, enter “UNESCO World Heritages”. Please select any heritage in the list on the right or click on the drop of water at the corresponding location on the map (if you know where the heritage is located) to start learning.

With Google Earth, parents can become tour guides taking their kids around the world. Or if you already have the purpose of traveling somewhere, please go to the Search section to indicate that place to find out more information.

And if you don’t know where to go, click on the dice box icon “Move to any position” right on the toolbar on the left side of the screen, you and your family can close your eyes. and open your eyes to see what land in the world google earth apk android 10 has taken you to and explore.

With the distance measurement feature, people can answer their own questions about geography such as “how far from your house to New York?”. Explore the distances between places, the size of the areas, or find out how long it takes to walk, ride a motorbike or fly to the places you dream of visiting.

4. Create your exploration with Voyager of google earth apk

See the world from a new perspective with Voyager guided tours by BBC Earth, NASA, National Geographic and others.

Voyager feature is one of the attractive features of google earth apk You select this feature by clicking Voyager in the toolbar on the left side of the screen. If Google Earth gives you a bird’s-eye view of the earth, the Google Earth Voyager feature is like an “earth library” possessing a massive resource of programs introducing tours and games. , quizzes and interactive tutorials that bring to life knowledge about our planet.

You are curious and love science, you will love stories about the earth’s strata or the history of the most intense tsunamis and tropical storms, the story of Ten thousand years of volcanoes, rainforests and the most exotic lakes in the world, the depths of the oceans and the temperature points of the earth’s surface.

As a quiz game, Google Earth APK Voyager has stimulated children’s curiosity and natural science exploration, challenging knowledge with puzzles, from biology to the cries of animals , to adult questions like “what do you know about the history of the sphinxes in Egypt?”.

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Google Earth APK is a great earth simulation application.
Google Earth APK is a great earth simulation application.

Google Earth APK is a great earth simulation application. You can view landmarks through the app’s 3D map and explore more landmarks with info cards. What are you waiting for, do not download google earth apk android 4.4 at to experience.

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