Douyin APK v19.4.0

Douyin APK v19.4.0

Updated on Tuesday, June 13th, 2023

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Download Douyin APK – HOT Chinese TikTok APP

Douyin APK is a short video social networking site that is extremely popular with young Chinese. This app or the Chinese TikTok is being chosen by many young people right now because you can instantly follow all the Chinese Idols, great trending videos and millions of interesting things about Chinese culture. . This article, will share with you the information about this Douyin application version through the outline in the following article, please refer to it now!!!

About Douyin APK –

About app douyin apk
About app douyin apk

You are a lover of Chinese culture and even Chinese Idols with great reputation, but do not know where is the convergence of all the things you need. Don’t worry will recommend that you download douyin APK for samsung that will definitely not let you down.

Find out what is Douyin APK –

Douyin APK aka TikTok China – an app apk that operates exclusively in the Chinese domestic market. It is the first generation before the world famous TikTok version was released. This is a video social networking site with the ability to create and edit videos to share with everyone. In addition, you can also comment on any video.

General Information about Douyin China APK –

  • Name: Douyin.
  • Publisher: Douyin.
  • Category: Entertainment.
  • Version: 19.4.0.
  • Size: 44M.
  • Price: Free.
  • Requirements: Android OS.

Why you should own in your device Douyin APK

This is China’s Tiktok, a social network exclusively for the Chinese market. In Vietnam, we have Tiktok. Douyin China and Tiktok Vietnam are both posted with completely different content. More users will love using Douyin APK for a few reasons:

  • Douyin China has attractive content, many attractive videos, often creating a Trend for all countries using Tiktok.
  • Douyin’s security is very high. Every video posted will have to go through the censorship of the Chinese government. If you post inappropriate content, the video will be removed immediately.
  • There are many attractive effects.
  • Follow Douyin accounts of Chinese artists, singers, Idols easily.
  • Very entertaining.

What you will experience when coming to Douyin APK –

Discover many cool features of app douyin apk
Discover many cool features of app douyin apk

Using Douyin, whether it is the old version or the Latest version of China, you will experience a lot of cool and interesting features. Specifically, the system is as follows:

Update the latest information from the Idol

Douyin APK is a video social networking site, where people will often share many different aspects of life such as: Food, art, fashion, travel, entertainment or history, … It is a collection of many different sources of valuable and valuable information from many places.

More specifically, when using the Chinese Douyin application, you can follow your idols right away through the Follow feature. All the latest videos and activities of idols will be updated and sent to you. Through it you can understand the latest trends today.

Create, edit videos to share with everyone

It is similar to TikTok that will support users to create and edit extremely impressive videos. TikTok Douyin China will provide a variety of filters, effects, and collage styles to let you build the most unique and attractive short video.

Not only that, on this video social networking platform there is a huge music store. You can use the tracks exclusively and completely free of charge. At the same time, participate in interactions and exchanges with the community through comments, or likes before videos.

Online shopping is extremely simple with Douyin APK Chinese Tiktok

Another outstanding feature of this platform is supporting users to shop online. It will suggest products that have passed the analysis of intelligent AI. It will predict and send you products that you are interested in or are in need of. Then you can completely buy online right on the application without having to go through any other software.

The douyin apk download interface for android (TikTok China) MOD is intuitive, simple, easy to use with just a few gentle touches, you can buy the product you want in a short time. Not only that, its products are also very diverse with many attractive promotions. Hurry up and grab the opportunity to own the best items right away!

How to register for an account to download Douyin APK China 

How to register douyin apk account is extremely simple
How to register douyin apk account is extremely simple

You want to create an account to join the Chinese TikTok app. It’s very simple, you just need to follow the detailed instructions from as follows:

  • Step 1: Open the douyin apk MOD download application on your phone, then a notification will appear and click “Allow”.
  • Step 2: At the main interface of the application, you will click on the instructions on the picture to register for an account.
  • Step 3: Select the country code +84, then enter your phone number and click as shown to register.
  • Step 4: Wait for the system to send a confirmation code to your phone and then enter the code and press “Confirm”.
  • Step 5: Proceed to fill in your personal information in frame number 3. First is Full name, then will be your date of birth and finally gender. When finished, click “Update information” in box 4 as shown.
  • Step 6: So you have registered an account, now you can click the plus icon to create a video and share it with everyone!


Douyin APK is an App rated very entertaining by This will be a place for you to entertain, relieve stress after hours of studying and working extremely well! We hope you have moments of fun experience as well as more understanding about TikTok China with the information that – we have shared!!!

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