Shadow Fight 3 APK + MOD (Freeze Enemies) v1.28.2

Shadow Fight 3 APK + MOD (Freeze Enemies) v1.28.2

Updated on Friday, July 29th, 2022

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Shadow Fight 3
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Android 4.4

Download Shadow Fight 3 Hack MOD APK – Freeze the Enemy

Shadow Fight 3 Hack is the next part of the fighting game apk mod Shadow Fight with promising experiences that will be no less interesting than the previous version, Shadow Fight 2. Let’s learn more about the game. and learn about shadow fight 3 hack 52 max level download with new features through sharing from in the following article!

About Shadow Fight 3 Hack –

About Shadow Fight 3 Hack
About Shadow Fight 3 Hack

What is Shadow Fight 3 Hack – Learn with once shared with you the Shadow Fight 2 MOD game, this time it will be a more attractive Shadow Fight 3 Hack version with a lot of interesting innovations for players.

Shadow fight 3 mod unlimited money apk mody what’s new

In this version, the player will be the hero who will end the war with the forces of darkness. To be able to put an end to it, players must learn 3 different ways of fighting: fencing, boxing and street martial arts. During the course of the mission, the player will have to collect weapons to fight the strongest warriors.

Shadow Fight 3 is divided into 3 factions, creating a big war including: The shadow faction, the side of the warriors Than Binh Hoi and the faction of the court. Each faction will have its own purpose. The three factions will bring 3 different fighting styles. This has made the game much more interesting for players to experience

Details of Shadow Fight 3’s MOD feature

In the MOD version of Shadow Fight shared by provides a lot of great features for players such as:

  • MOD unlimited money.
  • MOD Unlimited Diamonds.
  • Shadow Fight 3 Hack Max Level from 52 to 99.
  • MOD Full Menu.
  • MOD Freeze (immobilize enemies).
  • Onehit only with the 9999 syntax, to return to normal, press 0.
  • Damage is customized at will.

What makes Shadow fight 3 apk 1.9.21 hack so HOT –

Very familiar fighting style
Very familiar fighting style will combine for you the elements that created a Shadow fight 3 apk 1.9.21 hack with the current HOT level through the following outline.

Very familiar fighting style

Just like every other game in this genre, you’ll press buttons and use a stick to control and unleash a variety of attacks.

From the flying kicks and punches to the powerful knockdowns. Even better, you can also acquire new skills throughout the game.

Remember to fight really hard, because the opponent may knock the weapon out of your hand. And if the weapon falls out of your hand, you will have to fight completely empty-handed – unless you summon the forces of darkness to help.

Many equipment for characters

In Shadow Fight 3, you will have the opportunity to use a lot of different weapons and equipment.

Enhance your character further with dangerous-looking items like the Bane-style mask from Batman, or weapons like: double swords, daggers and nunchaku.

The weapon and character you choose will play a role in determining your own unique fighting style.

There are a lot of very powerful legendary equipment that is a reward when you win in difficult levels. You can collect, use and upgrade as well as combine equipment to create a dream battle set.

The game world is large, with many challenges

Hack shadow fight 3 unlimited money will revolve around the power struggle of 3 factions Legion, Dynasty and even Heralds.

The Legion’s Shadow Squad can control Shadow Energy, a powerful source of energy. If fully charged, your character will be able to use Shadow Form to increase speed, strength and unlock the mighty Shadow Ability pack. Do not rush to rejoice because the opponent can also find the power of darkness.

Once you’ve chosen the faction you want to join, start training. As a newcomer to Shadow Squad, you will have to face off against the Emperor’s minions with your own moves and weapons to become a legendary shadow warrior.

The graphics are all completely new

If before, in Shadow Fight 2, our characters would only have a mysterious black color, now they have regained their shape. Characters are back in full color on a brand new blockbuster 3D graphics.

Shadow fight 3 mod infinite money has raised the fighting game genre to a new level when applying extremely advanced design technology to this game, giving players extremely beautiful graphics. eye and quality, creating an unbelievably vivid and realistic world.

The game’s graphics will be completely refreshed from the character system, battle map to the character equipment system.

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>> Shadow fight 3 hack tutorial

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How to fix problems installing Shadow Fight 3 Hack APK MOD –

How to fix problems installing Shadow Fight 3 Hack
How to fix problems installing Shadow Fight 3 Hack

During the process, if you have problems downloading Shadow Fight 3 Hack. So will guide you how to fix it as follows:

  • Step 1: Open the Zarchiver application, then select Android > data > com.nekki.shadowfight > files > gamedata > User.

Drag and find the file named “client_settings.json“, then delete this file.

  • Step 2: A message will appear, click “Yes”.
  • Step 3: Open the game again and enjoy the game.

Wrap up 

Shadow Fight 3 Hack is much more attractive than the previous version of Shadow Fight 2 that has been shared to you by This version not only has beautiful design graphics, but also the character system, items, and tasks are also much more interesting. Hope our sharing in the above article helps you successfully install and MOD the game to enjoy a great experience!!!

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Shadow Fight 3 v1.28.2

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