Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v2.00

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas APK + MOD (Unlimited Money) v2.00

Updated on Monday, June 12th, 2023

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
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Game Grand Theft V2.00
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GTA San – City Robbery Mission

Action role-playing games were born with many advantages and different ways to play. But it’s almost impossible to beat the GTA San series from publisher Rockstar. Typically Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas MOD APK (Unlimited Money) – A game that successfully portrays people’s lives and the negative side of a chaotic society.

Introducing Grand Theft Auto: GTA San Andreas MOD APK

About the game gta san Mod APK
About the game gta san Mod APK

GTA San MOD – Chaos, crime, an underworld and order that needs to be restored.

GTA san APK mody is the most popular GTA game at the moment. This game has exploited the context from the 90s of the last century, where gangsters broke all the rules in San Andreas. Therefore, players will have really dark moments right from the first experience of the game. Up to now, this game has been available on many different platforms such as PC, PS2, Xbox and mobile. If you love this game, you can download the game via and immerse yourself in the criminal world or restore order to the city as you like.

Background – Crime City San Andreas

The context of the game originates from the state of San Andreas – USA. This is a fantasy land on an island with three bustling cities. Players will start their journey in Los Santos – which is inspired by the city of Los Angeles. Next, your task is to expand the operating area to San Fierro, built as a prototype of the modern city of San Francisco. And finally, you will buy the city of Las Ventura, which has grown from the gambling capital Las Vegas to become the most powerful person on this island.

Plot Summary

In 1987, Carl “CJ” Johnson fled the city of Los Santos, abandoning a life of dishonesty after witnessing his brothers being murdered. He moved to Liberty to start a new life.

Five years later, he received word that his mother had been murdered, his family was broken, and his friends were all in danger. Returning home to attend the funeral, CJ is threatened by two policemen who will slander him about the murders if he does not help them complete the illegal missions. The situation forced him to become a leader of San Andreas, form gangs, control the entire street and find the culprit who killed his mother.

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The attraction of GTA San

What is the attraction that attracts players to GTA San game?
What is the attraction that attracts players to GTA San game?

Extremely familiar role-playing action gameplay

As one of the games apk mod in the GTA series, this game will help players get acquainted with the plot through the mission system. Gradually, you will understand more about the life of the character Carl Johnson after completing the assigned tasks. Players will start with an old bike built, if you don’t want to, you can go to the street and steel modern cars for transportation. Because gta san appvn allows you to do everything like a real tycoon.

The task system will start from easy to difficult. The initial tasks will be quite easy to understand to help you reach gta san online. At that time, it requires players to quickly and accurately judge the situation to help their character survive the shots from the enemy. Besides, the way to operate GTA San is quite similar to other action games. If you’ve played through GTA: Vice City, it won’t take you too long to access the game’s control system.

Break the rules

If you are bored with the dangers that missions bring, you can rob a car you like. Then you walk around the city to get an overview of this beautiful city. Or going to the beach and looking at sexy girls with hot bodies is also a good choice. The original GTA san allows players to break all the rules but not be too subjective in front of the police. Because they can put you in jail at any time. In general, don’t overdo it if you don’t want to get in trouble.

Eye-catching 3D graphics

GTA San graphics in 3D format with sharp details. Images such as buildings, cars, beaches or city spaces… are meticulously crafted in the style of real-life locations. Thanks to that, players can experience the game vividly and always be fascinated by the extremely familiar gameplay. So the image quality in this game really impresses with How about you? Do you like the graphics quality of this game?

The interesting points of GTA San MOD APK on Android

Sharp vivid graphics bring an extremely realistic experience when playing gta san
Sharp vivid graphics bring an extremely realistic experience when playing gta san

In GTA: San Andreas gives players a lot of new features.

– Remastered graphics have higher resolution. Thanks to that, the improvement of the light on the phone screen is better. Not only that, improving the character model and having a richer color palette than before.

– You can control dual analog with a full camera and it is easier to control the movement of the character.

– Give gamers 3 different control schemes. Also provides a customizable controller with contextual options. You just need to click on the display button to be able to customize it as you like when playing.

– Adjust the graphics settings to give a better experience when playing on the phone.


If you are a lover of action role-playing, adventure games and especially the GTA series of publisher Rockstar, you should experience GTA San. This game gives players a visual and vivid look at America’s darkest times as well as the surface that is supposed to be at its peak. Let’s re-experience with the unique moments of this great street robbery game.

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Game Grand Theft V2.00

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