Talking Puppy APK + MOD (Unlimited Coins) v1.73

Talking Puppy APK + MOD (Unlimited Coins) v1.73

Updated on Wednesday, September 7th, 2022

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Talking Puppy
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77 MB
Android 4.4 wifi_off Can be used offline

What is a Talking Puppy Game? The easiest way to download and play

Dog is an animal that is extremely close to humans because of its close and lovely characteristics. They have gradually become very close friends and have always been with people from time immemorial. Therefore, pet simulation games like Talking Puppy are becoming more and more popular among players. So what is the Talking Puppy Game? Instructions to download and play Talking Puppy apk mod simplest

1 About Talking Puppy game

Coming to Talking Puppy, players will experience becoming the owner of a lovely dog. One day the player will receive a mysterious gift box. And an extremely cute little dog was sent. You will play the role of nurturing and caring like a dog in real life.

Talking Puppy is a scaled 1:1 version of a real-life dog, so even if you don’t have a dog, you can still fully love and take care of the virtual puppy in the game. The player can even dress the dog, brush or brush his teeth, scratch his belly … all the things in real life, players can do with their virtual dog easily.

Talking Puppy is a pet-raising simulation game
Talking Puppy is a pet-raising simulation game

Moreover, players can also unlock new features when the dog grows up or reaches a certain level of love, can take them for a walk, teach them to eat, play the piano and teach them how to dance… Both are one of the many interesting features that the publisher added to give players the most authentic experience possible. The graphics are also extremely lovely, promising to bring the most enjoyable and relaxing experience.

2 Instructions for playing Talking Puppy

In Talking Puppy Apk Mod, the interaction between the player and his dog is done through manipulation and words. The player will give commands or sayings and the dog will learn and repeat them. With this special feature, Talking Puppy becomes more lively and interesting.

When interacting together for a long time, the bond between the owner and the dog will be enhanced. There are many players who have rated that Talking Puppy is one of the best games. If you are a pet lover, you should not miss this game. This is an experience quite similar to raising a real dog in real life.

2.1. Refurbishment for the interior of the house

Players should refurbish the interior of the house because this is the space where the dog lives and plays. In addition to the interior available when new to Talking Puppy. Players can change any furniture in different rooms. But players have to spend money to unlock this feature.

Instructions for playing Talking Puppy
Instructions for playing Talking Puppy

Depending on the level, the player can unlock different sets of furniture in the house such as changing the TV, refrigerator, bed, even toilet into something new and more beautiful. If you do not like the set, the player can completely mix many types and colors together. Be creative in your own way to create the most special home. Your dog will jump with joy when the house is renovated and more beautiful.

2.2. The dog’s items and appearance

From the foods that are out of the supermarket, drugs help improve performance and mood. As far as the look of the dog. All of that, players can change to their liking.

Please add food in the kitchen if it is lacking. Because the dog may be hungry and not want to play. And if you don’t have time, you should buy potions for it. Because when drinking, the dog’s status will be pushed to the highest level. In addition, players can change their pet’s new appearance. Like changing skin color, species or funny patterns on the dog.

2.3. Care and nurture

The dog in Talking Puppy is a virtual dog, but it also needs to be met with essential needs. And the player’s task is to do those things. Provide food, water, help your dog do other activities.

Accordingly, these actions will change the dog’s appearance. If the player takes good care of it, over time your puppy will gradually become an adult dog. And it will also form a habit of living according to the time that the player has trained for it. Please complete all of them with the love and responsibility of an owner for his pet.

Instructions for playing Talking Puppy
Instructions for playing Talking Puppy

2.4. Help your pet complete the tasks

In Talking Puppy food is not provided for free. Players need to spend some money to buy them. So help your pet complete the tasks. For example, participating in mini-games in the game. There are some very attractive and popular mini games like fireman, circus worker. When the dog completes all the tasks, the player will receive handsome rewards. That money will help players comfortably spend on many different purposes.

3 The easiest way to download Talking Puppy for phones and computers

3.1. On the computer:

Players can play this Talking Puppy on PC through BlueStacks emulator software. This is currently the most popular Android emulator software.

  • Step 1: First you need to download and install BlueStacks on your computer HERE
  • Step 2: After you have downloaded and installed Bluestack successfully. You need to finish logging in to Google and go to PlayStore
  • Step 3: Type search Talking Puppy on the search bar. Then click to install Talking Puppy game in the list of displayed results
  • Step 4: After completing the installation of Talking Puppy. You can click the Modern Combat Versus icon at the main screen and join the game

>>>Also you can refer to Game Raft Survival: Ocean Nomad a mobile survival game featuring gameplay that is similar to other games in the genre. You’ll need to use your knowledge and survival skills to find everything when you first start the game

The easiest way to download Talking Puppy
The easiest way to download Talking Puppy

3.2. On Android phone

In addition to playing Talking Puppy on your computer, you can also download and play this game on your phone. Here is the most detailed guide to install Talking Puppy apk mod on android phones

  • Step 1: Open the browser on your phone and search the website
  • Step 2: Then you type in the search bar games apk mod Talking Puppy 
  • Step 3: Wait a few minutes to finish downloading the file. Then on the download folder select Talking Puppy
  • Step 4: Right after that, your phone interface will show you whether you want to install it or not. You click “yes” to download and join the game

4 Conclusion

Having a pet is for the satisfaction of hobbies and passions. So it must bring you joy. Coming to Talking Puppy, you will have the same experience as raising a real dog in real life. Take a walk together, go to the park and enjoy the fun. Download Talking Puppy to experience the feeling of petting and extremely interesting activities revolving around this game.

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Talking Puppy v1.73

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