Incredibox APK v0.5.7

Incredibox APK v0.5.7

Updated on Monday, June 12th, 2023

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If you enjoy music and want to make your own tunes, you should not overlook the Incredibox APK. Many distinctive features in the game assist players in developing the correct voice and speech to make their own incredibly appealing music. Let’s look at everything there is to know about the Incredibox APK,including how to play and download it to your device, in today’s article.

1 Introduce about Incredibox

If you search for the “Incredibox” game on Youtube, you’ll get music with tens of millions of views and searches. So Far So Good, a French publisher, has created this music game. The game was first released in 2011 on the website and a few years ago, versions for the Android operating systems were created.

Introduce about Incredibox
Introduce about Incredibox

2 Why should you play Incredibox Apk?

There are numerous games on the market today that allow users to make their own music. However, due to its amazing and crucial features, Incredibox APK remains the most worthwhile game to play.

2.1. Competition

When playing the APK MOD Game, you can join a composition and compete against players from all over the world. The owner of the best and most original music will be recognized and given a commendable prize. This is a fantastic feature that allows gamers to have more fun while playing the game.

2.2. Unique

Incredibox APK is a game with unique features. Currently, the game has 8 music genres for you to choose from.

  • Alpha: The first musical version of the Flash game expresses your creativity through the game’s unique tunes.
  • Little Miss: Hip-hop music inspired this theme.
  • Sunrise: is a pop music-inspired theme.
  • Love: French house music inspired this theme.
  • Brazil: Music from Brazil
  • Zinda: Japanese music has influenced me.
  • Indian music has influenced life.
  • Cyberpunk culture inspired dystopia.

These one-of-a-kind sounds will make your own music a snap.

Create unique music with impressive tunes with the Incredibox APK.
Create unique music with impressive tunes with the Incredibox APK.

2.3. No advertisements

The most important factor for gamers to consider while playing the game is whether or not advertising programs occur frequently. Incredibox APK v9 is the update that removes all advertisements from the game. 

As a result, you won’t have to be concerned if you’re writing music and are stopped by advertisements, which causes you to lose inspiration. This is a very interesting experience that is normally only available in officially released game versions. Incredibox APK MOD can also help you create your own unique music.

2.4. Accessible and easy control

The control operation in the Incredibox APK MOD is praised for its simplicity and ease of use. Even if you are a new player, you can easily join and find the right effects for the music you are creating.

2.5. Save the mixture and share it with others

When you’re finished with your draft, save it and share it with your friends and family. They will assist you in making comments and continuing to improve to make the music more unique.

Incredibox APK, in particular, has been linked to many social networking platforms, allowing you to easily connect and share with your friends list.

That song could make it into the top 50 of the game’s hit songs based on the number of likes and views. The title of the song contains information about the author and their country. When people visit your playlist, they can hear and enjoy your song. 

Share your music with everyone.
Share your music with everyone.

You can also save your music videos and upload them to YouTube or other popular social networks such as Facebook or Tik Tok. Many of Incredibox’s songs have accumulated up to 10 million views on YouTube. Do you wish to break this record with your musical ability?

2.6. More Features

Incredibox APK, in addition to the simple gameplay described above, includes a number of other features. These features will aid players in completing challenges.

The game will provide new costumes to players in order to add variety and match each musical melody. To achieve consistency and unity, each song will require its own costume. True top-tier music will be born from the game’s resonance and your musical talent.

3 How do I play Incredibox APK MOD?

This is a game in which you drag and drop your own unique icons to make your own beatbox. You will be assigned to an eight-member beatboxing team in the game. Your mission is to drag and drop the icons from the bottom of the screen into any beatboxer. 

It is very simple to play Incredibox APK MOD v9.
It is very simple to play Incredibox APK MOD v9.

They’ll play the same song over and over again. Then, by merging the songs in various ways, you’ll come up with a unique piece of music. Tap the beatboxer to get rid of a tune. At this time, he will be replaced with a beatboxer who does not have a song.

You’ll unlock different melodies and music styles as you complete a song, making it more fascinating and diverse. You should listen to all of the tunes to see which one best fits the song you’re writing. In addition, the game provides you with various clothing for your character. You can also remix popular songs with Incredibox. You can start working on your remix right now!

4 How to download and install the Incredibox Apk MOD?

Many young people are looking for Incredibox, a music composition app that is incredibly easy to use compared to other apps. Incredibox may be installed on both Android devices at the moment.

  • Incredibox APK MOD download for Android

The APK file for Incredibox may be downloaded for free from the URL provided in this post.

Incredibox apk is a download file for Android phones that requires at least 137MB of free space on your device’s memory for the newest version.

The version of the Incredibox app on Appmobi is updated on a regular basis.

Instructions on how to download Incredibox APK MOD android
Instructions on how to download Incredibox APK MOD android
  • Install Incredibox APK MOD on your device.

Users can go to the App Store and search for the app’s name before downloading it to their device.

You’ll need at least 161.7 MB of RAM and 9.0 or higher to run the operating system.

If you enjoy music, this is a terrific software to use to create your own original compositions.

Furthermore, if you are a YouTube or Tik Tok video creator, you can use this excellent music without fear of copyright difficulties.


Incredibox APK MOD is a visually appealing music composition game. All of their fantastic features will help you find the most appealing and unique music. Let’s get started on making a music product for yourself right now.


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