Animation Throwdown APK v1.123.0

Animation Throwdown APK v1.123.0

Updated on Friday, August 19th, 2022

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Animation Throwdown
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Animation Throwdown: Roleplaying your favorite character with an attractive battle of wits game

Are you a fan of characters from the Fox Digital universe? Are you passionate about battle of wits games with many tough confrontations? You want to embody and see your favorite characters appear on your screen. Good news for you, Animation Throwdown APK MOD is available at

Being from the publisher Kongregate in 2016, this game has become one of the mobile games appealing to countless players. Vivid graphics of famous cartoon characters in Family Guy, King of the Hill, American Dad,… Animation Throwdown quickly covered players around the world. Let’s find out what is special about this game.

1 Overview of Animation Throwdown

As a game released for free on mobile apps, since its first launch, Animation Throwdown apk mody has received the attention and download of many people in the gaming community. With a variety of role-playing features, players can use many cards to bring their victory for themselve.

1.1. Animation Throwdown inspiration

Animation Throwdown apk mod is inspired by characters from famous animated series owned by Fox Digital such as Family Guy, King of the Hill, Futurama,… 

Animation Throwdown inspiration
Animation Throwdown inspiration

At that time, players will hold the cards that have power from low to high. On each card, there will be a power point on it. You need to combine the cards with the image of the characters, containing many power points to create new stronger cards to win against the opponent.

1.2. Unique gameplay

At the beginning of the game, Animation Throwdown apk mod players will choose their favorite character to incarnate. From that character, the player continues the quest, building his own deck with outstanding strength. 

However, for starters, the cards are all the same level. By tactics and experience accumulated through each game, players can gradually level up, collecting for themselves a collection according to their preferences.

1.3. Depending on your favorite cartoon character to unleash your power

This tactic can be called a way of making the enemy wonder. For example, your deck contains a lot of characters that the opponent likes. Using psychological attacks, combining many cards of the same level, then creating the strongest warrior to defeat the other opponent.

Depending on your favorite cartoon character to unleash your power
Depending on your favorite cartoon character to unleash your power

Often, many experienced players find ways to create unique combos which have strong attacks, suppress opponents to win quickly. Players then can use the winning points to buy new cards, contributing to the next match.

2 How to play Animation Throwdown apk mod

The gameplay of Animation Throwdown apk mod is quite simple. First you download the game to your device at, complete the installation and choose to register or log in. Next, role-play by depending on your favorite cartoon characters.

How to play Animation Throwdown apk mod
How to play Animation Throwdown apk mod

There are two ways to make a match in this app apk mod:

  • Single battle: For the beginner, a guide will appear on the main screen, detailing how to play Animation Throwdown apk mod. To experienced players, they will be required to do daily tasks to ensure the engagement with the game, accumulate points to level up. If the main task is to confront other players, the difficulty of the game is also higher and in the final round, players will receive a score and reward corresponding to what they performed in that game.
  • Team Battle: This way of playing allows up to 50 players to compete together, using all their abilities and strongest cards to win the final victory after countless tough matches. Against the opponent is an AI software, which owns the data of the opponent groups’ decks.

3 Download and setup Animation Throwdown apk mod to your device

Download the Animation Throwdown apk mod at the biggest mobile app store in Vietnam, to receive many gifts and exciting experiences.

Download and setup Animation Throwdown apk mod to your device
Download and setup Animation Throwdown apk mod to your device

Following these steps to download and install Animation Throwdown easily:

Step 1: Visiting the website, typing the Games apk mody name to search faster;

Step 2: At the game introduction page, clicking download, waiting for a moment;

Step 3: After downloading the file, finding the file in the folder manager, or opening the smartphone’s download history to proceed with the installation;

Step 4: Selecting the game file, continuing to wait a few seconds until the Animation Throwdown apk mod logo appears on your phone screen;

Step 5: Clicking on the logo to launch the game. And the last thing is to enjoy the mind match that the game brings.

>>> Also you can refer to Game Solitaire TriPeaks is a mobile phone game that is based on the traditional card game of Solitaire. To play, players must shuffle the deck, deal 28 cards into 7 columns at random, and maintain the basic Solitaire gameplay. Despite being a straightforward strategy game, it still calls for considerable calculation and thought on the part of the players.

4 The advantages of playing Animation Throwdown apk mod at

Animation Throwdown apk mod version at is the latest version of Kongregate Inc, fully integrated with features from adding the latest Ricky Spanish hero, fixing bugs during operation, updating new ranks in most adventure quests, or giving away attractive new card packs to users.

If you have more than 25 cards, you can create your own stockpile, arranging as many card combos as possible. These combos are tactics for you to finish off the opponent, bringing you accumulated points as well as rewards in your favor.

The advantages of playing Animation Throwdown apk mod at
The advantages of playing Animation Throwdown apk mod at

Some advantages to attract players of Animation Throwdown apk mod at are:

  • Owning animated characters from popular FOX series;
  • 25 mind-bending games designed at locations featured in the film;
  • Players can push their limits by collecting and combining as many power decks as possible;
  • Players come from all over the world. This is your chance to socialize and learn a lot of new languages;
  • The animated graphics are sharp, vivid, the sound is catchy, making players unable to take their eyes off.

5 Conclusion

Although it belongs to the series of struggle card games, with missions lasting many matches, Animation Throwdown apk mod still maintains its status as a game with a high number of people every year. Not only owning countless characters from famous animated movies, Animation Throwdown gives players laughter and relaxing moments.

Accessing and downloading Animation Throwdown apk mod at app store today to get the best deals and experience.

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